horror movies

Rainy evenings call for horror movie binge-watching

November 16th, 2018 / Nightmare Toys / 0 comments

You can hear the rain water cascading against your roof shingles. Glancing between the curtains, a gust of wind lifts the maroon-hued leaves off the ground like an acrobat awkwardly lifting their partner during some sort of freak sideshow and all while the skeleton-like tree branches tap, tap, tap against your mirror-like window on a […]

saw movie franchise

A behind the scenes look at the Saw movie franchise

November 9th, 2018 / Nightmare Toys / 0 comments

Horror lovers everywhere have latched onto the thrilling escapades of the Saw movie franchise, which reveal the motives of the infamous Jigsaw killer. Perhaps this set of films have developed an overwhelming popularity because they’re rather unique. A sociopathic killer who forces his victims through a series of mechanical traps as a means to torture […]

horror movie franchises

What were the best horror movie franchises of all time?

November 2nd, 2018 / Nightmare Toys / 0 comments

How do you determine what makes a horror movie franchise so successful? Certainly, box office numbers are a reasonable inclusion, but would you also consider the sheer cult following of the films? Would the number of sequels be a fair addition, or unfair because sometimes sequels never do the original franchise justice? Although there are […]

horror movies

The ultimate Halloween binge-watch movie guide

October 26th, 2018 / Nightmare Toys / 0 comments

Whether you start ticking horror movies off you must-watch list when the first leaf hits the ground or you wait until Halloween night to squeeze in all your favorite spooky flicks, you can agree that there is never a shortage of films with the power to raise your spirits. Nevertheless, it’s time to grab yourself […]

Halloween party supplies

Everything you need for a spook-tacular ghoul party

October 19th, 2018 / Nightmare Toys / 0 comments

With the days leading up to All Hallows’ Eve hanging on by a thread, it’s the perfect opportunity to throw a ghoulish get together with all your otherworldly friends and family. Now, as an individual who is extensively invested in organizing the most repulsive, ghastly gathering, you will need some eerie-sistable Halloween party supplies and […]

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Disguise yourself with the most otherworldly Halloween costumes

October 12th, 2018 / Nightmare Toys / 0 comments

By now, all the true horror aficionados and supernatural fanatics have already chosen their Halloween costumes for an evening of devilish haunting, but for the ghastly oddballs that have waited until the final hour to cape themselves in spook-tacular jumpsuits, here are some of our darkest ideas for some wicked inspiration. Dress up as the […]

the walking dead

The Walking Dead season 9: What can you expect from the new series?

October 5th, 2018 / Nightmare Toys / 0 comments

It’s been an incredibly long wait for all The Walking Dead fans that have been anticipating what will happen following the season finale battle between Rick and Negan. Will Carl’s dreams of a better world be upheld? How long will the Alexandrians and the Hilltop spare Negan’s life? Can Negan’s actions ever be redeemed? Will […]

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Fall in love with these spooky plushies

September 28th, 2018 / Nightmare Toys / 0 comments

The ominous shades of pumpkin orange and crimson red leaves are one of the true indications that autumn has taken over. Chilling breezes and light wind crack the whimsical branches of surrounding trees, leaving behind a skeletal-like structure. For horror-lovers, the foggy, dark evenings and cool, almost eerie temperatures make fall the most exciting season […]

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First day of fall must-haves

September 21st, 2018 / Nightmare Toys / 0 comments

Autumn is the time of year where leaves fade from a bright yellow to a scarlet red before eventually falling to the ground and coating it like a rusted pathway. Temperatures cool, days become shorter and at times there is delicate mist that lingers amidst the naked trees with an airy breeze swaying them from […]

Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies

A behind the scenes look into the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre Film

September 14th, 2018 / Nightmare Toys / 0 comments

As if the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies weren’t terrifying enough, this American horror franchise is actually loosely based on the Wisconsin serial killer, Ed Gein. A strange, psychologically, unstable man who was raised under extreme biblical teachings and kept rather hidden away on his family’s secluded farm. Much like the famous Leatherface, Gein kept the […]