Slay the start of fall with these horror must-haves

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Autumn vibes evoke excitement in horror fans as the season is often associated with all things dark and spooky. While true aficionados find ways to keep their year-long love of horror alive, the majority get most excited during the September

What separates Nightmare Toys from other online horror shops?

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Convenience is the main reason that people shop for the things that we love online, and most of the time, the ease of finding truthful reviews to ensure the quality of their desired purchase. That said, aside from no sales

4 horror movie releases to look forward to this month

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As we creep into September we can all agree that the unofficial start of the spooky season has commenced, and with Halloween just around the corner, the movie industry is bustling with releases to get fans into the spirit. If

Check out the rarest horror collectibles of all time

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For horror fans, nothing is more satisfying than expanding your collection to include more than just the genre’s iconic villains, and while many toy company manufacturers are producing top-notch products, none are as valuable as the four items below. 


4 things you didn’t know about the cult classic “Ghoulies”

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When compared to modern-day movies, it’s hard for cult classics to stand up against the techniques that liven films today. Needless to say, Ghoulies holds a prominent place as one of the best so-bad-it’s-good horror movies ever made. Since the

Road trippin’ this summer? Check out these horror movies before you travel

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A road trip can be one of the most exciting elements of summer, but it’s easy for your vacation to take a horrific turn for the worst. That being said, some of the best flicks of the genre are about

Common horror movie tropes that always offer a good scare

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Whether you read our blog on the haunt for new horror movie merchandise or you simply enjoy the gruesome topics we highlight, this week we’ve decided to dissect the genre in search of the tropes we all love. Continue reading

Why do horror collectibles make great gifts?

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Many occasions arise annually where we give gifts to re-confirm or establish our connection with our loved ones. Upon opening those said gifts, the recipients will often reflect on their relationship with the giver before communicating their feelings and appreciation

Have you caught a glimpse of our horror collectibles available right now for pre-order?

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While our website is often compared to a black abyss that’s filled with ghastly and gruesome treasures, sometimes we haven’t managed to get our claws on the most ghoulish horror movie collectibles. That’s why we offer the ability to snag

4 horror films to avoid watching before a camping trip

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Getting out into nature is always a highlight of the summer, but if the horror genre has taught us anything, it’s that venturing out into a remote area of the woods is usually a recipe for a slasher, cult-like disaster.