A ghastly behind the scenes look at the Hellraiser franchise

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With ten films, a collection of books, various comic adaptations and even an assortment of creep-tastic horror collectibles, the Hellraiser franchise has kept us chained with devilish delight since 1987. That being said, aside from tearing your way through the brilliant novella, The Hellbound Heart, how many gruesome, gory facts do you really know about […]

Superhero horror? Have you heard of this radical, new sub-genre?

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While you’re probably quite familiar with many notable bogeymen lurking around in popular slasher, paranormal and supernatural horror films, you may be alarmed to learn that there is a sub-genre in the industry called superhero horror. Now, while there are regular, everyday people who under extraordinary circumstance gain superpowers, however, when it comes to superhero […]

Space Day: The perfect excuse to abduct these extraterrestrial must-haves

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While National Space Day (May 3) is usually dedicated to the extraordinary achievements, benefits and opportunities in the exploration and use of space, as a horror lover you absolutely must dedicate your first Friday of May to all your killer favorite, intergalactic franchises that have abducted your creep-tastic heart over the years. That being said, […]

Do you know any insiders about the Alien franchise?

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Whether you’re an avid fan of the original pre-21st-century installments or you enjoy the technological advancements of computer graphics and artistry, there’s no arguing that the Alien franchise is notably one of the goriest science-fiction horror series of all time. Well, there has been some recent discussion about Ridley Scott directing a prequel to the […]

Horror movies based on frightful written works

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While it’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the bloodcurdling excitement of horror movies, in our opinion, it’s equally as riveting to read a mysterious horror novel if you’re looking for a literary fright-fest. Needless to say, while many horror-ific productions actually come from unique, creatively written scripts, there are also quite a few […]

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Who are the most ruthless horror villains in the genre?

April 12th, 2019 / Nightmare Toys / 0 comments

While there are tons of notable villains who have crept their way into our horror lovin’ hearts over the year, not all these grotesque antihero’s get the same grueling recognition for their blood-curdling scares. That’s why we wanted to shed some moonlight on a few creepy mischief-makers who’re devilish, defiant and possess a rather impressing […]

Horror collectibles

Horror collectibles that will fit snuggly into an Easter basket

April 5th, 2019 / Nightmare Toys / 0 comments

While Easter is a commemorate day in spring for those who’re of Christian faith, it’s also a time for vibrant family feasts, an intense hunt for colorful chocolate and of course, the unwrapping of all the menacing goodies found within your Easter basket. Now, even though you’re all grown up and know that the Easter […]

Which iconic puppet heightens your Pupaphobia?

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While there are many thrilling reasons why people watch countless spine-chilling horror films the intoxicating element of fear is probably the most electrifying push. Phobias have a riveting way of making our hearts tremble and whether you’re addicted to that gripping feeling or it leaves you feeling unpleasant, the reality is that the horror genre […]

What’s your favorite horror sub-genre?

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While last month you may have torn your way through our eerie-sistable blog submission entitled, “What type of horror fan are you? this gruesome go-around we wanted to shed light on some hair-raising specters that may have enchantingly been missed. So, now that your eyes are peeled back into their sockets, join us on the […]

You wouldn’t want to SPRING into these 4 horror movie icons

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What is it that’s so absolutely chilling and alarming about the dark facade behind our favorite horror movie icons? Is it their damaging upbringing that makes us feel a connection to them? Is it the menacing terror that’s bestowed upon their victims that hooks us? Or is it this shrill element of fear that gets […]