Fifth Predator film in the works

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While there wasn’t much excitement in 2020, the end of one of the most gruesome years in modern history brought about an exciting announcement for horror lovers, there will be another film added to the Predator franchise! 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg is said to take the reins for the upcoming fifth installment, the first under the Disney banner. 

What’s the release date?

Trachtenberg was chosen to helm this film because of his keen eye for sci-fi, having worked on it for the past four years. While it’s too early to say exactly when the new Predator installment will be released due to delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic, optimistically, the director expects its arrival on the big screen within the next year or two. 

What do we know about the cast and plot? 

Sorry, folks. There are no cast details that we can offer, but there are rumors that the new installment will be completely unrelated to the 2018 sequel, The Predator, which ended with the creation of a Predator-killing suit. That being said, there’s some hearsay down the pipeline saying that the film-to-come will be a prequel, set in the past before settlers stole the Native Americans’ land. Who knows? Maybe the fifth time will be a charm for this popular horror franchise?

Predator-inspired horror collectibles to grab while you want

If there’s one thing that gets fans pumped for an upcoming film or TV series it’s the compilation of fearsome keepsakes filling their shelves. 

At, we have a wide assortment of Predator horror collectibles including, Funko POP! Movies: Predator Assassin, the Ultimate Armored Lost Predator from Predator 2, and a snuggly unmasked Predator plush. All of these Predator horror collectibles and more can yours. Is there really any better way to wait out the release of the new movie? 

Which of the previous four Predator films is your favorite? Drop a comment below to compare with other fans.

Happy New Year! Ring in 2021 with some of our new horror collectibles

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While many people strive to make big changes with each new year, others feel more inclined to become better versions of themselves. So, if you’re the type of ghoul who enjoys grabbing hold of exclusive, officially licensed horror memorabilia, then you should continue reading the following blog to see what 2021 has brought to our online store

Fill your horror shelves with some Mego collectibles

For those who are unfamiliar, The Mego Corporation is an American toy company that was first founded in 1954. Known for producing officially licensed products, including lineups that feature superheroes and celebrities, this brand has recently shifted its attention to 8-inch-scale dolls, some with interchangeable bodies and various points of articulation. Lucky for you we have an assortment of horror-themed Mego figures, including a Chucky Figure from Child’s Play, Leatherface Figure from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Kanamit Figure from The Twilight Zone, Regan Figure from The Exorcist, and even some that are a tad more contemporary, like Harold the Scarecrow Figure from the recent film, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Mego horror collectibles are small but mighty and feature a realistic representation of some of your favorite friends and foes. So, if you’re on the haunt for a life-like figure of some of the most ghastly characters in the genre, consider looking through our vast Mego horror collection to find some new keepsake additions.  

Are you a fan of Scooby Doo or the rest of Mystery Inc.? 

Since this popular cartoon follows The Gang and their investigations into strange occurrences, we consider the Scooby Doo franchise to be equally as spooky and supernatural as others within the genre. While you might be inclined to select your favorite character based on appearance or personality, we recommend grabbing hold of the entire set of Mezco Toys’ Scooby Doo Build-A-Figures. After all, you have to collect the fashion-loving Daphne Blake, the clue deciphering Velma Dinkley, the appetite-driven Shaggy Rogers, and leader of the crew Fred Jones to receive the four exclusive pieces that will allow you build your very own Scooby Doo 8” figure. 

Fans of the franchise should also have a look at our wide selection of Scooby Doo collectibles, including face masks and costumes. 

Are you in need of some other miscellaneous knick-knacks? 

It can be hard to justify spending habits, especially after the holidays, but if you’re itching for some new horror collectibles that won’t break the bank, we’ve got a selection of must-haves that are ripe for the taking. 

While horrornaments are most popular around the holidays, many of our customers hang them around their homes year-round. Enjoy two new additions to our horrornament collection ICP Hatchet Man and ICP Shaggy 2 Dope. For those who prefer a shiny new adornment to sit prominently on their shelves, we just got our claws on the brand-new King Kong on Skull Island 7” Action Figure, fully loaded with multiple attachments. Also, never fear if you are a collector of items that are less flashy, we also have access to spooktacular products like a collection of Gremlins Plush Bag Clips and even a nifty Jason Voorhees Pewter Keychain

Did any of the above horror collectibles spark joy? Let us know in the comments section below.  


Are you ready for the most creepy holiday traditions from around the world?

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People around the world celebrate Christmas in very different ways and while locally we may take a more jolly and cheery approach, abroad there are a few darker traditions. Horror fans, rejoice! Here are some of the odd, unusual, and a tad bit creepy holiday figures that are a part of Christmas practices in other parts of the world. 

Germany and Austria’s Krampus

While the western world continues to blackmail children into behaving year-round with the promise of presents under their holiday tree, the people of central Europe prefer to scare their little ones into good behavior by creating the legend of a half-goat, half-demon monster who punishes ill-mannered children at Christmastime. Krampus is the devilish companion of St. Nicholas whose name derives from the German word, Krampen, which translates to “claw”. Said to be the son of a Norse goddess, Hel, Krampus is often portrayed holding chains, bells, and a bundle of sticks, which he uses to beat the naughty children with before carrying them down to the underworld. 

If you’re a fan of buying horror collectibles online as a means of growing your compilation of spooky keepsakes, be sure to add some Krampus memorabilia to top it off. 

Iceland’s Yule Cat 

Also known as Jolakotturinn, the Yule Cat stems from a traditional, Icelandic legend where a monstrous, prowling cat devours any child who has not received new clothes as a gift before Christmas day arrives. Also, naughty children who have not helped out with chores would be forced to face the Yule Cat when it turns up on Christmas Eve to eat their dinner and quite possibly, them!

Eastern Europe’s Christmas spiders

Thought to be a folk story that stems from Ukrainian tradition, many eastern European cultures will put spider-web ornaments on their Christmas trees. Thought to bring good luck, the legend speaks of an impoverished widow and her children who tended to a tree as it grew year-round in hopes they would be able to use it as their holiday tree in December. Unfortunately, they would not be able to afford it, and instead, spent Christmas Eve crying themselves to sleep. The spiders heard their cry and spent all night weaving their webs on the Christmas tree and when the morning sunlight hit the webs, they turned into silver and gold so that the widow and her children were never poor again. 

Finally, a culture that worships the good in our favorite creepy crawlies. For those who want to start carrying out this awesome tradition, you can buy some DIY cobwebs and spider horror collectibles online and use them for Christmas 2021! 

Japan’s Santa Kuroshu

The holiday season is celebrated very differently in Japan, with the entity of Santa Claus going by the name, Santa Kuroshu. According to legend, this version of St. Nick has eyes on the back of his head to keep closer tabs on naughty children. The people of Japan also choose to avoid the color red on Christmas, as it’s often associated with death and grieving. 

While we don’t sell any replicas of Santa Kuroshu, you can buy other horror collectibles online that are similar including The Misfits 8” Holiday Fiend Figure and the Silent Night, Deadly Night 8” Clothed Billy Figure

Which of the above Christmas traditions is your favorite? Drop a comment below to let us know what you intend to celebrate in the seasons to come. 


4 horror-themed Christmas movies to watch this holiday season

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Some people believe that Christmas and horror don’t belong together, but there are four unique films that when combined, make Creepmas possible. So, if you’re on the haunt for the ultimate movie list this season, slay bells and all, why not satisfy your fix to have some holiday cheer and spooktacular jump-scares? 

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

Can you believe that this classic movie has been on the holiday must-watch list for almost four decades? Following the story of a traumatized young boy who witnesses his parents murdered by a man disguised as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, the plot commences with his subsequent upbringing in an abusive Catholic orphanage. Becoming the very thing he feared most, Billy flashes back to his traumatic childhood moment and sets off on a killing spree that would even make Michael Myers a little jealous.

Gremlins (1984)

This timeless story about a Christmas present gone wrong is still as popular as it was in the ‘80s, perfectly combining an element of horror with holiday cheer and loveable monsters. The plot sequence follows a father’s journey to find a last-minute holiday present, unaware of its malevolent tendencies, he gifts it to his son, who unleashes a horde of mischievous, miniature, green monsters that tear through the small town of Kingston Falls. This American comedy horror film has also spawned into an annual holiday tradition, with a variety of horror collectibles commemorating its success!   

Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

As the only movie to successfully bridge the gap between Halloween and Christmas, this time-honored, stand-alone classic is a favorite among horror fans and Yuletide fans alike. After being sucked into Christmastown, Jack Skellington becomes fascinated and inflated by what he finds behind the festive holiday door and attempts to mimic Christmas, horror style. Upon realizing the error of his ways, he overcomes his identity crisis and reaffirms himself as the Pumpkin King!

Did you know that all the best Nightmare Before Christmas horror collectibles are up for grabs right now on

Krampus (2015)

Commonly thought of as the anti-christ of Christmas, Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic figure who is often represented as a half-goat, half-demon. During the holiday season, this devilish entity takes it upon himself to punish those who have misbehaved (coal is the least of your worries). The plot of the flick centers around a family who convenes for the holidays, but end up fighting, prompting the young protagonist to lose his enthusiasm for the festive season. Unwittingly, he summons the Yuletide monster who comes to chastise the non-believers. What a great way to celebrate a pandemic Christmas! 

Are you already a huge fan of the film in question? Grab a few Krampus horror collectibles and add them to your ever-growing holiday mementos. 

Did we miss any holiday classics? Drop some names in the comments section below. 


Deck your halls with demonic darkness

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If it’s a silent night in your crypt and you’re on the haunt for things to keep you busy while spending more time at home this holiday season, why not decorate, horror style? Start by decking the halls with bloody corpses because horror is something that should always present in your home! Then, hang some deranged and deeply demonic horrornaments on your decomposing tree and consider some of the following horror figures and collectibles while decking the halls and your darkest nooks.  

Purchase some snuggly soft, decorative horror blankets 

Shop with confidence this holiday season with spooktacular access to a wide selection of officially-licensed horror blankets. Whether you need a cozy throw blanket that matches the pattern of your bedding, an authentic tree skirt, or you prefer something devilish covering your living room couch, brands Black Cult Craft and Entertainment Earth have the ultimate frightful offerings to suit your horror-loving needs. Design your every day with a comforter featuring Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Freddy Fazbear. Also, for those that prefer the velvety touch of a soft horror towel, we recommend Ghostbusters, Gremlins, or Chainsaw Clark Griswald for something unique and cozy. 

Add some horror pillows to the mix

In keeping up with the cozy theme you will also want to grab hold of an assortment of hair-raising horror pillows to give your crypt the ultimate “decking”. Instead of hanging holiday lights, let your love of horror shine through with the Peek A Boo Witch Light Up Pillow or the Light Up Pillow Skull Candle. Does your crypt already have enough vibrance? Instead, order some decorative pillows in the shape of a cartoon version or The Count or The Raven from the Edgar Allen Poe poem. For those who already own some medium-sized throw pillows, grab some classic covers featuring the faces of the pillar villains behind the horror genre.     

Opt for living dead dolls instead of nutcrackers, Santas and snowmen 

While gruesome horror figures aren’t hard to come by, ones that embellish a true sense of realism can be challenging to find, which is why we carry a wide variety of exclusively unique living dead dolls. Let’s be honest, there are a variety of frightful-looking figurines that are already put out for the holidays, so why not replace these uninspiring items with some decor that will haunt your dreams? Or some horror figures that will have you questioning what goes bump in the night. After all, there are some many genre favorites to choose from in this grim collection. 

Popular choices include The Series 34 set and the Chucky and Tiffany 2-pack. Also, be sure to get your name on the pre-order list for the official Elvira Mistress of the Dark Living Dead Doll to add to your ever-growing horror figure’s collection.   

Hang up some bloody hockey masks in place of holiday stockings

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have some Jason Voorhees’ hockey masks hung by the chimney with care instead of the same boring, run-of-the-mill holiday stockings? While you can’t stuff them full of seasonal gifts, you can enjoy the evolution of freaky face coverings since the first Friday the 13th franchise film! 

How do you plan to adorn your crypt this holiday season? Drop some comments below to inspire other readers.

Last-minute stocking stuffers for your ghouls

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Are you on the haunt for some fun and useful stocking stuffer ideas? Since it’s challenging to work within a certain price or size limitation, here are some small, budget-friendly suggestions! After all, if you’re one of the many shoppers who are still struggling to check off items needed for the ghouls on your holiday list, we recommend purchasing chilling memorabilia that’s bound to excite their cold, black hearts.

Gift some spooktacular horror magnets

Magnets are the perfect, underrated gift for everyone to enjoy! They’re surprisingly practical because of their size, which makes them easy to place into the darkest depths of any sized holiday stocking. So, whether your recipient wants to hang some photos on their fridge or simply create an adorning display by mingling their magnets together, you can rest assured that they will love how much thought you put into their gift. While you could just as easily purchase a boring, run-of-the-mill magnet, why not opt for one that’s also classified as a horror collectible? If there are ghouls in your life that love the genre just as much as you do, chances are they would also adore a couple of chilling horror-themed magnets! Choose from a collection of cute, horror foam magnets featuring the visage of Jason Voorhees, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, and Freddy Krueger. And if you want a grim, more realistic magnet, consider gifting a Halloween II Poster Pumpkin Magnet or an Evil Ash Magnet, as seen on Evil Dead 2. 

Surprise your loved ones with some POP! horror collectibles

We aren’t just suggesting POP! horror collectibles because these items will fit snugly into a stocking, but more so because they are some of our best-selling products. Start by priming your gift recipient to find out which horror films and TV series they love, and then shop our selection to find them a POP! that will make a great addition to their horror collection. Since we even carry some of the most unique options on the market, expect to find a variety of horror collectibles that aren’t as easy to find, like Coraline’s Mr. Bobinsky POP!, Five Nights at Freddy’s Pig Patch, and Little Shop of Horrors’ Orin Scivello.   

Top if off with keychains, patches, and pen toppers

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly item to pair with another gift or a cheaper option to fulfill your secret Santa price limit, the following horror collectibles are small, but mighty, and are guaranteed to have your ghouls smiling from ear to ear. Enjoy perusing our collection of keychains, patches, and pen toppers to find the perfect extension to your horror-themed, holiday present! Made from the top horror collectible companies in the country, these keepsake items are high-quality and are the spitting image of some of the genre’s most adorned villains. 

Which of the above stocking stuffer categories featured the best selection? Please let us know which we need to expand on in the comments section below.

How to prepare for the holiday season, horror style

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While the COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on many celebrations and events this year, there’s no need to get grinchy about any changes to the holidays. In fact, since the state of the world is beyond our control (aside from washing our hands and masking up), we do possess the authority to commemorate this season a little differently. So, why not cast a little spookiness on your festivities by referring to the day as Creepmas or Hexmas this holiday season? Lift your gruesome spirit and decorate your crypt with killer Krampas decor and more when you buy horror collections online from Nightmare Toys

Deck the halls with some horror-inspired stockings and tree ornaments 

Traditionally, most people are drawn to decorating their homes in the theme of Santa, reindeer, and elements from the wintry landscape of the North Pole. However, others like their holiday season a little darker and are more likely to steer away from conventional adornments, which is why you can buy horror collectibles online that are perfect for the occasion. With an abundance of Horror Christmas Stocking depicting murderous villains and a keepsake collection of horror-naments for your festive tree, you’ll be well on your way to hosting the ultimate haunted holiday season! 

Light up the darkness with some devilish candles

Horror fan or not, everyone enjoys the faint flicker exhibited by a slow-melting candle. Aside from creating a sense of intimacy by casting its glow onto the surrounding areas, the soft lighting also welcomes the presence of spooktacular shadows and boosted household scents. So, whether you’re planning to awake the dead during a seance or simply revive your senses, candles are the perfect festive addition. 

Count the number of days with a frightful surprise

Advent calendars have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, with a variety of non-chocolate alternatives such as beer, wine, tools, and even beauty products. Nevertheless, what if we told you that you could have a ghastly countdown of your own for the 13 days leading up to Christmas morning? That’s right! Beloved horror brand FUNKO has brought the darkness to this holiday tradition by creating a fang-tastic advent calendar for horror lovers. So, rather than buy an assortment of horror collectibles online, be surprised with some petrifying action figure minis molded after your favorite characters and foes. 

Are there any other ways that you prepare for the holiday season? Spooky or not, drop a comment below to share with our readers. 


Which horror masterpieces possess the most memorable opening scenes?

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American film director, producer, actor, screenwriter, and composer John Carpenter once said that “you can slow things down, lull people into a false sense of security, and then smack them in the face with it,” or “kick it into gear straight away let’s go!” Many memorable horror movies are built on the backs of their opening scenes and while some favorites are open to public opinion, others are bound to pin to your seats every time that you watch them. So, continue reading to discover Nightmare Toy’s three genre favorites!

Jaws (1975) 

Most horror fans have had the opportunity to watch this man vs. nature film, but can you remember the pivotal details of the opening scene and what makes it so great? In our opinion, this sequence sets the tone for the entire cinematic experience! While filmmakers in the ‘70s didn’t have the same technologies as we do today, they were able to create an illusion using an underwater pulley system. Actress and stuntwoman Susan Blacklinie was attached to the pulleys using hooks beneath the water, with drivers that pulled her to and fro to mimic the motions of a real-life great white shark attack. Not only was this scene innovative for its time but director Steven Spielberg employed an effective predator’s-eye view to put film-watchers inside the mind of the hungry shark. As a direct lift from the bestselling book by Peter Benchley, this movie’s opening spectacle leaves fans reaching for their right feet. 

Whether your favorite character was Chief Martin Brody or young oceanographer Matt Hooper, there are a variety of horror action figures and collectibles representing the cast of this time-honored film. 

Scream (1996) 

Since Ghostface has become one of the most popular horror icons of all time, it’s only fair that the first installment gained a rightful place nestled in the library of horror masterpieces. That being said, as a meta-horror ‘90s hit, Scream follows the narrative of a group of teenagers who get plucked off by a mysteriously masked killer, one by one. But, what’s even scarier than Ghostface’s getup is the game of twisted horror trivia that’s orchestrated before each gruesome murder. After all, the nerve-shattering opening scene paves way for an anti-hero storyline, one where the character barely escapes the clutches of her murderer. However, Wes Craven is known for changing things up and who would have thought that the killer would already be inside the house? Now, that was an opening scene that was meant to be re-watched time and time again!

“What’s your favorite scary movie?” Enjoy access to a wide assortment of Ghostface horror action figures and collectibles on our spooktacular website.

IT (2017)

While many aficionados of the horror genre will argue that the new film can’t beat the original, the movie IT grossed over $327 million worldwide, against a production budget of $35 million, making it the highest-grossing horror installment of all time. So, there’s no arguing that the introductory scene where we meet Pennywise in the sewer is both grim and memorable. Since the contemporary version doesn’t mirror the original entirely, its revival merely adds to the hype of the franchise, enabling a higher production of horror action figures that resemble the fearsome, dancing clown

Which of the above horror masterpieces are you the biggest fan of? Drop a comment in the section below to compare it to other readers. 


How to embrace every element of the spooky season

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Changing leaves and crisp, cool air shouldn’t be the only indicators telling you that Halloween is on its way. In fact, if you haven’t sought after where to buy horror collectibles in Las Vegas and beyond, you clearly aren’t unwinding and embracing the spirit of the season to its fullest. So, hang on tight, ghouls as we dive into some of the best, devilish activities for embellishing the most dreadful holiday of the year. 

Catch up on your favorite horror movies

Whether you feel safe enough to attend a local theatre showing of some time-honored flicks or you possess an assorted collection of horror and Halloween-themed films at your disposal, nothing quite rings in the spooky season like a few candle-lit evenings spent watching some terrifying classics. 

While many horror aficionados revel in the idea of blood and gore, others want to enjoy the weeks leading up to Halloween with their families. So, be entertained by our suggested list of movies featuring some of your most beloved foes.

Horror movies for adults: 

Horror movies for kids:

Listen to some festive tunes

Although the holiday season is better known for its joyful hymns, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be chipper when listening to the classic soundtracks from the spooky season. So, why not create the ultimate Halloween tune playlist on YouTube and crank up your speakers to the likes of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and “The Monster Mash”? 

Get decorating

If you haven’t already, it’s time for you to start placing some spider webs and boo-tiful window decals in and around your crypt. Other items such as tombstones, pumpkin lights, and monsters on a stake are fun, inviting decorations that can be left until closer to Halloween to ensure that they aren’t stolen from the grounds of your haunted house. 

Whether you stick to a theme or aim to create a ghostly graveyard, once mid-October hits, your house should be like something straight out of a horror movie. So, regardless if you currently own tubs full of Halloween decor, you’re probably wondering where to buy more horror collectibles in Las Vegas and beyond, which is why Nightmare Toys has you covered. If you don’t live locally, our online website is available for your purchasing needs 24/7, offering prompt, global shipping options. It’s okay, you can scream!

What else do you do to celebrate the spooky season? Drop some suggestions for other readers below. 


Are you looking for ways to safely celebrate Halloween during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Halloween hasn’t ghosted you this year, it just looks a little different. Nevertheless, candy is still hitting the shelves and ghouls are shopping online amid the pandemic for the perfect demonic disguise to celebrate their favorite holiday in style. That’s right! While commemorating the occasion may be scarier than usual with the virus and all, there are still tons of ways that you can get your spook on. 

Decorate your home and outdoor spaces to the max

While many ghouls are delighted to buy horror decor online and put it up on display year-round, others only become empowered to decorate as the proximity to Halloween approaches. So, if you’re on the haunt for a way to lift your spirits this spooky season, consider decking out your crypt with ornamental home decor and even allow your chilling furnishings to creepily seep out and festoon your front porch. After all, ‘tis your favorite time of year! With everything from gruesome props and signs to menacing wall decor and horror-tastic pillow covers, we’ve got you covered for adornments this Halloween. 

Host a virtual costume party

The origins of costume-wearing come from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, which was held annually on October 31st. Aside from lighting bonfires, people would also disguise themselves to ward off evil spirits and supernatural beings that were allowed to roam the earth that one day. Now, Halloween has become the perfect excuse to dress up and transform ourselves into some of our most beloved villains and characters. Needless to say, whether your garb is scary, funny, or sexy, it deserves some quintessential attention. Thus, hosting a virtual Halloween-themed party would allow attendees to showcase their costumes from the safety of their homes and celebrate remotely in spooky style.

Stay inside and binge-watch horror movies

Whether you prefer to watch your favorite cringe-worthy flicks from the cozy comforts of your living room or are lucky enough to have a high-end projector to help create the ultimate backyard setup, having a Halloween horror movie marathon is one of the best ways to spend the spookiest days of the year! Choose from classic films like the 1979 version of The Amityville Horror, The Sixth Sense, and The Little Shop of Horrors, and if you need something else to get yourself into the spirit, buy some horror decor online to better accompany your experience. 

Organize a grueling scavenger hunt in your home

If you’re good at creating riddles, why not heighten your devilish charm to new scary levels and send your favorite ghouls on a scavenger hunt? Whether you need to buy some horror decor online or you’re already equipped for the challenge, decorate themed rooms throughout your home, hiding candy, toys, and other creepy prizes and create a fang-tastic haunted house experience, dressed to the nines. 

What other activities will be keeping you busy this All Hallow’s Eve? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

How to select the ultimate Halloween costume

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While most of our readers celebrate the spooky season year-round, for many lovers of the holidays, it starts October 1st. So, since Halloween is now officially just around the corner, it’s time for you to cultivate that perfect costume that dislodges the right number of chills and thrills. Never fear, if you’re the type of ghoul who’s trying to keep within a budget but is still wanting to come up with a creative, original costume idea, never fear. Simply look into a crystal ball, or easily read the following blog for some dreadful ideas that will help you select an eerie-sistable disguise.  

Decide on what type of look you’re going for

Selecting the perfect Halloween ensemble can be a difficult decision, especially with the power to buy horror costumes online and in-store. Nevertheless, the easiest way to narrow down your list of ghastly apparel choices is by determining which category your disguise will fall under. Will your Halloween costume be sexy? Scary? Funny? Cute? With the chance to hide behind a spooktastic persona for a day, it’s important to choose a garb that you’ll love and even better, something that’s unique! In finding your own style, ponder what you wear daily and what’s most comfortable for you. This alone should help you to decide what type of getup would best compliment you. 

What colors do you enjoy wearing?

While most horror fans find black to be a satisfying shade to flaunt, some prefer the added vibrance that can go alongside shopping for the ultimate costume. So, before you buy horror costumes online, it’s best to determine the types of colors you take pleasure in wearing and select an idea around that. For example, if you favor shades of black, gray, or white, perhaps an antihero or villain such as Dracula, Darth Vader, or Beetlejuice would appease your appetite for an otherworldly horror costume. Whereas, those who adore more lively shades, like reds, oranges, and yellows, should consider being a clown, a superhero, or a pumpkin. It’s almost Halloween, which means anything goes at Nightmare Toys

Consider adding to your previous costumes 

Have you worn a fearsome costume that has haunted your memories, even years later? Well, if you preserved this chilling garb, a couple of elements may be able to be used to create something new and devilishly dark. Not only will this save you money that can be spent adding to your horror decor collection but it will also allow you to relive what you loved about your past costume. 

Other things to consider before you buy a horror costume online

Aside from the primary deciding factors above, you should also consider the following before you splurge and place your costume order.

  • Check the weather if you plan on spending time outdoors in your costume.
  • If you’ve considered a group costume, ensure that your members have committed to the idea before placing your order. 
  • While it’s fun to represent a costume from another culture, be sure what you wearing won’t be considered appropriation. 
  • Look for sales. Surprisingly, many online retailers use this time of year to clear out older styles to make room for popular, new ones. 

Whether you’re on the haunt for adult costumes or a costume for your child and dog to wear this Halloween, be sure to peruse our assorted selection of creep-tastic garbs! 

What thrills you the most about hunting for the perfect Halloween costume? Drop a comment below to share with other readers.

The latest guide to ghastly horror collectibles that are available for pre-order

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While Nightmare Toy’s possesses a large selection of horror action figures, toys, household decor, and more available right now for purchase, further pre-order items have been culled and curated to bring fans first-hand access to some of the most frightening mementos on the market. So, if you’re a genre admirer who adorns pre-purchasing an exciting collectible and awaiting its arrival, consider perusing our unforgettable pre-orders category to find the horror token you never knew you needed! 

A variety of uncanny masks 

Whether you buy horror masks online as additions to your ever-growing collection or you find solace in their ability to provide an eerie-sistable disguisement, all you need to know is that our pre-order section is currently stacked full of an extraordinary number of ghoulish masks, most of which will be shipped directly to you on September 30, 2020, and beyond. 

While you’re able to buy horror masks online that identify with a single ominous character from a beloved movie, we also offer some items that are a part of a vast collection. For example, fans of the original Scooby-Doo series, “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!?”, can purchase one or all of the infamous masked monsters, including The Creeper, Ghost Clown, Mr. Hyde, Charlie the Robot, Wolfman, and Big Bad Werewolf. On the other hand, if you prefer some pre-order masks that exhibit spookier, more superhuman qualities, you may enjoy our lineup of face coverings from the film, “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”, including an unearthly, Harold the Scarecrow mask, The Big Toe mask, and The Pale Lady mask. All these haunting disguises and more are available under our vast pre-orders section! 

An abundance of horror dolls and action figures

Diversity is one of the reasons that collectors take such pride in their unique compilations! So, if you’re the type of horror hobbyist who searches the web for a muster of exclusive items, the first place you should look is the pre-order’s section of

Filled with haunting reminders of some of your most cherished villains and characters, this category selection is home to a vast assortment of horror dolls and action figures, including some officially licensed Child’s Play memorabilia Bride of Chucky, Tiffany Doll, Seed of Chucky, Chucky Doll, and Seed of Chucky, Glen Doll — and the ultimate assemblage of Toony Terror figurines by NECA. So, regardless of whether you’re adding to or kickstarting your horror collection, pre-orders are the perfect centerpiece of your horror keepsakes.  

Which pre-order item are you most excited for? Drop a comment below to compare with other readers.

Why are so many horror movies set in the ‘80s?

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Many time-honored horror franchises have been killin’ it since the ‘80s, including Halloween, Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare On Elm Street, but have you ever wondered why the genre’s modern movies and TV series also remain trapped in the past? Maybe it’s the absence of cell phones and social media that encourage villains to continue to terrorize this fond decade, but we’re invested in getting to the bottom of this period of favoritism! 

Nostalgia for fans

Whether you lived through the vibrance of the ‘80s or your childhood was strongly influenced by the decade, it’s easy to become consumed by sentimental longing for something from our pasts; especially if this nostalgia brings you happiness. The entire style that hung over the decade, from the culmination of music, movies, and games, defined the pop culture of the time and there’s no arguing that films who manage to open this time capsule transport the audience to a simpler time where bold colors and permed hair were the trending styles and Walkmans, along with cable TV, were the epitome of technology. Even the small, suburban neighborhoods where everyone knew each other are part of the plot sequences that would build upon this false sense of security, a facade that slasher films love! After all, no one locks their doors or expects anything to happen in these tiny, boring communities. 

So, whether it’s a classic franchise that’s stuck in time or a new wave of horror embracing the decade, it’s clear there’s a reason you can buy horror collectibles online featuring friends and foes from the ‘80s. 

A connection to historic events

Some of the popularity that stems from the 1980s can be blamed on nostalgia and the desire for a seemingly simpler time, however, more often than not, it’s based on the interest of the historical events that occurred during the decade. There were many real-life serial killers, such as Richard Ramirez (The Night Stalker), Jeffrey Dahmer (The Cannibal Killer), and Joseph Christopher (The Midtown Slasher) and rumors of satanic cults and ritual abuse. So, in a way, the lack of modern computer technology spread the fear of real-life horror, which film and TV series later utilized to develop insane plots. Now, we buy horror collectibles online to idolize the historic events of the decade by adding action figures or plush to our home’s decor

Are there any other reasons that horror movies may still be utilizing the power of the ‘80s? Drop a comment below to contribute to the conversation.

Grab hold of some next-level horror merchandise for school or the office

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Regardless of whether you’re able to safely return to in-person lectures, a socially distant office space, or will continue studying and working from home in the coming weeks, there are loads of devilish accessories that make the “new normal” bearable. That’s right! Hurry on over to Nightmare Toys to see what grim collectibles best suit your horror-ific style and which ones you wouldn’t be caught dead with.  

Buy horror collectibles online for school

While it’s unlikely that you attend a school that openly conducts exorcisms and demon conjuring demonstrations, that doesn’t mean that you can’t express your beloved interests among your instructors and peers. In fact, it’s all the more reason to buy some horror collectibles online to make class hair-raisingly inviting this fall.  

Are you ready to add some grim elements to your post-secondary lectures? There are quite a few items at that will help you to summon new instruction to mind, including the most eerie-sistable pen toppers on the market. Choose from some dangerously popular characters on TV, like the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, or dive deeper in the realm of horror with a topper that looks exactly like Freddy Krueger. Now, if ghoulish writing utensils aren’t enough to ignite the devilish desire inside you, perhaps you’re in need of a new novel that can be later re-purposed as reference material for an upcoming paper? After all, learning is far easier when you can enhance your environment with some supernatural musings! 

Buy horror collectibles online for work 

All work and no play can make anyone go crazy and regardless of whether your office has recently come out of quarantine, or you simply want to revamp your at-home workspace, the addition of some thrillingly dark specters are the perfect physical elements to reward your darkened spirit. Below are some that we suggest. 

Everyone possesses a set of keys and the only way to ensure they are easy to find (unless you have a skeleton key, of course) is to latch on an alluring keychain that can be spotted from afar. Consider a horror keychain to be a useful element of your horror collection, as well as a subtle keepsake that has an important function. If that doesn’t cut it, what other horror collectibles should acquire a rightful place on your desk? 

Eating and drinking are probably some of the most important activities we do while on the clock, so why no assure that your beverage containers and serving ware reflect your apparitious interests? Indulge in a cup of coffee as black as your heart and eat the flesh of your favorite fruits from a lunch kit that puts a typical brown bag to shame. 

What other accessories or supernatural memorabilia belongs in your study and work lives? Drop a comment below to inspire other collectors.

Your Guide to Building the Ultimate Horror Collection

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There’s never been a better time to start or add to a horror collection. We live in an age where keepsakes aren’t just based on our favorite slasher villains, they are life-like replicas that envision a respective design from an assortment of plot sequences from their time-honored films or shows. It’s quite chilling! So, in keeping with the excitement of buying horror collectibles online, here’s your guide to building the most gruesome collection of grim goodies. 

Collect items that bring you joy 

While it may seem like an obvious sentiment, many horror hobbyists will purchase prominent action figures or devilish living dead dolls simply because they’re popular. However, it would be a grand mistake to fill your crypt full of merchandise that doesn’t make you happy. So, since there are so many horror collectibles that are available to buy online, the only true investment would be horror items that encourage a cackle and bring out the charm of your adorning display.  

Memorabilia holds great value 

Whether you’re just starting to build your horror collection or you’re a seasoned shopper on, when you’re looking to buy new horror collectibles online, aside from your desires, you should also consider grabbing hold of items that possess the potential to go up in value. While there’s a huge chance you won’t be selling your horror collection for years to come (or at all), there’s nothing wrong with collecting items that are considered exclusive this could mean that the relic was hand-painted, signed by a famous horror figure, or simply part of an exclusive series where limited quantities are available. The best part is that speciality horror collectibles aren’t as hard to come by as you may think, and if you’re looking to get your hands on a keepsake that’s bound to skyrocket in price, be sure to peruse our pre-orders category

Preservation is key 

If you want to join the ranks of serious collectors, then it’s important for you to keep your horror masks, plush, and props in a safe place. Those who’re hoping to keep the original packaging in mint-condition should consider purchasing a display case to keep dust and grubby hands away from your investment! After all, reselling items at a later date will be restrictive if the horror collectibles are damaged, decreasing their value dramatically. 

Remember to have fun

If obtaining horror memorabilia for your ever-growing collection has become a cost-consuming chore rather than a treasure hunt, chances are you aren’t chasing the right relics. Be sure to invest in demonic products that you’re proud to put on display, and as long as you’re still having fun searching for these eerie-sistable keepsakes, then continue to grow your horror collection until it bursts at the seams. 

What other elements have you considered as you’ve built the ghastly backbone of your horror collection? Drop a comment below to share with other readers.

Practical horror-inspired merchandise that won’t just sit on your shelves

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gothic and horror doll images

Accumulation of collectibles often leads to clutter as you struggle to find the right amount of space to display your collection for maximum enjoyment. Although acquiring horror collectibles has remained one of your favorite engrained hobbies, it may be time to start a stockpile of practical, functional items that have everyday use. Here are some options that you can purchase on

Creep it real in these horror threads

What collectible items can you get the most use out of? Clothing, of course! So, if practicality is something you’re considering on the hunt for your next horror purchase, perhaps you can buy some vibrant horror clothing online that will slay your ever-growing collection?  

Black is always guaranteed to bring out some of our most chilling features and often the shade is considered to be the element to embrace the darker side. Keeping that in mind, it can be challenging to find devilish attire in just any department store, so it’s always best to buy horror clothing online to ensure that your daily disguises are better suited to your ghastly personality. With a wide selection of attire catering to obsessed horror fans, you’re given a choice of goodies, including some frightful dresses, hats, leggings, socks, and both men’s and women’s t-shirts and accessories

Hide and go shriek with these horror glasses

While there are many beneficial aspects of owning a wide variety of glassware, one of the best things is the practicality for everyday use. While horror glasses would technically sit on a shelf, the cupboard housing your glasses is bound to get opened multiple times a day to quench your thirst and keep hydrated. So, with that being said, why not ensure that your glassware collection exclaims your gruesome interests?

Look no further, ghouls! If you need some hair-raising and conventional drinking glasses, we’ve got a dangerously awesome selection that includes depictions of Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

If you’ve got it, haunt it, with some horror jewelry and patches 

Part of what makes the horror community so fang-tastic is the rich vibrance of personality that animates from those who choose to flaunt their stuff, and with so many horror collectibles available to embellish your identity, it’s difficult to be selective when it comes to horror merchandise. However, items that can be used daily are the most sensible to stock up on, which is why we recommend grabbing hold of some awe-inspiring jewelry or a few stitch-worthy patches that will bring your adornment of the horror genre to the attention of your peers. 

What is your favorite type of horror-inspired collectible? Drop a comment below to start a conversation.

Check out these new, spine-chilling horror collectible arrivals

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How do you tame the fire burning inside that’s telling you to shop? You vanquish the heat by purchasing some officially licensed horror collectibles and attire, of course! With an ongoing selection of horror-inspired merchandise up for grabs, it’s surprisingly easy to find yourself curled in a ball, clawing at the screen in anticipation. So, instead of only wanting to own an exciting selection of new arrivals from Nightmare Toys, take charge by adding some gruesome mementos to your online shopping cart or creating a Wishlist for a later purchase date. 

Check out the mischievous selection of horror friend and foe magnets 

While some fans of the devilish genre enjoy collecting larger forms of memorabilia, there are simpler folk who prefer to add small tokens of darkness to their compilation of officially licensed horror collectibles. So, if you’re the type of devotee who searches for meager goodies, you’ll be happy to learn that we have an assemblage of foam horror magnets waiting for a prominent place on your fridge or magnetic to-do board! 

Do you prefer to honor slashers and maliciously playful antagonists? Then grab a trick-or-treat keepsake Pennywise 3D Foam Magnet, Jason 3D Foam Magnet, Freddy 3D Foam Magnet, Beetlejuice 3D Foam Magnet, and even the comical threesome Lock, Shock and Barrel 3D Foam Magnet. Favor something with fewer ties to supernatural forces? How about a Sally 3D Foam Magnet, Zero 3D Foam Magnet, or an IT Georgie 3D Foam Magnet with his arm still fully intact? Your icebox is about to get even more chilling with the addition of these officially licensed horror collectible merchandise! 

Get inspired by some fearsome beanies and bags that will slay your horror look

While it may be enough for you to cape your home with horror-inspired decor, real collectors know that the only way to truly adorn the genre is by dressing head-to-toe in black, bloodcurdling accessories. Lucky for you, we’ve just received a spine-chilling shipment of horror beanies and crossbody bags that are bound to delight the demon who’s been occupying your soul!

Blackcraft Cult Clothing Company is an insanely wicked brand that’s dedicated to embracing the darker fashions, and with so many options to choose from you’ll be torn by the thought of singling out just one item to worship all summer long! So, why not grab hold of a few fashionable horror staples that you can idolize in the coming months?

New headwear accessories include the Blackcraft Bobble Beanie, Unholy Red Beanie, and the more daring Satan Is My Daddy Beanie. However, if a new tote or purse is your immediate future, choose from the Serpentine and Never Trust collections that include access to a devilish wristlet, crossbody, and coffin-shaped backpack

Happy shopping, ghouls!        

Which of the above new arrivals delight your inner horror fan more? Shop a vibrant selection of officially licensed horror collectibles and wears at! 


3 ways to save on your Nightmare Toys’ order

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While Halloween pop-up stores are all the craze these days, Nightmare Toys offers a slightly different business model — we’re a year-long, physical store-front that houses a wide collection of horror accessories, decor, and other popular merchandise — because for some, horror isn’t a season, it’s a lifestyle. So, if you’re the type of year-round aficionado who celebrates all things spooky all the time, then you will likely be interested in these three ways that you can save on your purchases from

Obtain free shipping on your order 

It’s absolutely fang-tastic that Nightmare Toys offers free shipping on domestic orders of $100 or more because when you’re perusing through the website looking to buy horror collectibles online, it’s pretty easy to fill up your shopping cart with an alarming amount of memorabilia and devilish home decor. The best part is that US shoppers will also gain access to a selection of carriers — FedEx, UPS, and USPS — which will ensure that your standard shipping service is prompt. For international shoppers, unfortunately, shipping rates will apply, but delivery will still be speedy and you’ll be able to track your package and set updates to your email. Welcome to the world of hair-raising, first-rate service!

Join the mailing list

When you join the gruesome list of the damned, you’re rewarded instantly with a 5% off coupon to use towards your first order. Aside from gaining an immediate incentive to buy some horror collectibles online, you’re also acquiring the insider scoop as to which new arrivals and ghastly pre-orders are being welcomed onto the website. Securing your email is like awakening your crystal ball, enabling you to foresee upcoming promotional offers, site-wide sales, and even when a beloved product you’ve wanted becomes back in stock! While newsletters are sure to make buying horror collectibles online the ultimate ghoulish experience, for those who are bizarre and obsessed with horror news, our blog is another entrance to some highlights on chilling horror accessories and industry announcements.  

Monitor the social feeds                                                                                                                                      

As a customer of our shop and a fan of the horror genre, there are a variety of reasons to keep up with our social feeds — we post in-depth reviews of new horror products, we upload wicked videos of our physical store in Las Vegas, and we also notify our followers when an otherworldly sale is within reach. While many people follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to learn information about our company or find details about our products, most want access to special deals and coupons or want to see if we have any promotions running. So, if you want to become an exclusive Nightmare Toys fan, be sure to get on social media and keep your eyes peeled for some unearthly deals.  

Does the above blog submission make you want to buy some horror collectibles online? Drop a comment below about your favorite Nightmare Toys purchase.

The creepy mascot of the Saw franchise and why horror fans adore it

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While many characters, foes, and villains have earned their horror spotlight, very few props have managed to rise to the higher ranks of darkness. That being said, Billy the Puppet is as important to the Saw franchise as the antihero himself and its role as gamemaster makes it a crucial part of the delivery of disturbing news. 

Who is Billy the Puppet? 

Billy the Puppet is a machine-driven doll that was used as a chilling prop throughout each film within the Saw franchise. Its popularity has allowed it to join ranks of the horror genre’s famous serial killers because of its threatening appearance and hellish laugh that was quickly considered a memorable element of the brand. Needless to say, the Jigsaw killer, John Kramer, transcribed his rules and restrictions behind each deadly game and uses Billy the Puppet as his personal informant to relay the details to captured victims. By use of a tape recording and the prop’s robotic movements, Billy the Puppet can move, speak, and get your horror-loving heart racing!

Why do horror fans love it?

Franchise aficionados are obsessed with Billy the Puppet and the horror collectibles that resemble it because of: 

  • The unique joint effort in combining the features of a clown with a ventriloquist dummy — pale white face with a protruding brow and checks with vibrant red spirals painted across them with a mouth that’s operated and affixed with a string. 
  • The demonic look — red lips that form a grin, with black eyes featuring devilish red irises.
  • The classic outfit — the mechanical puppet wears a black tuxedo with a white shirt and gloves while also embellishing a red bow tie, shoes, and handkerchief. I guess you could say he’s better dressed than most evildoers in the genre.
  • The uncanny realism — Although Billy the Puppet is a prop used by Kramer, his eerie embellishments and recurring appearances make him appear livelier and authentic than the man behind the strings. Fans also can replicate Billy the Puppet horror collectibles by cloaking their bodies in thrilling, hair-raising costumes.  

Why do you collect Billy the Puppet horror collectibles? Drop a comment below to compare with other fans! 

Slay summertime with the following morbid merchandise

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Just because most of your summer plans have been slashed and gutted, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find other ways to lay your soul to rest! In fact, many of our products are officially licensed horror merchandise, which means that while you’re on the haunt for your everyday essentials during your next ritualistic online shop, you’re also able to treat yourself to some of the most practical, summer must-haves. After all, grave goodies should be considered fundamental and indispensable for the sanity of all devout horror lovers! 

Grab a horror beach towel designed for moonlit lounging 

Since most ghouls are lesser fans of the macabre in comparison, your devoted soul may startle quite a few passersby, especially when you shake off your gruesome, horror beach towel and place it prominently in the scorching sand below. Nevertheless, if you’re lucky enough to revolt the folks who venture out to the same unnerving location, chances are they will uphold current social distancing measures and refrain from keeping too close. So, since a beach towel can also prove to be a backyard essential as well, why not vanquish your desire to be ordinary by ordering a wicked one from Whether you prefer to support the realm of classic villains like Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees or more light-hearted horror flicks like Ghostbusters and Gremlins, there’s bound to be a snug beach towel that ignites your devilish delight with warm enough fibers to keep the chill off during any moonlit loitering! 

Toast your loved ones from a safe distance 

While pretty much any season offers the perfect sentiment to enjoy a frothy beverage, it’s frightfully enchanting when you pair a cold brew with the heat from the summer sun. So, while some ghouls prefer the chill that confers against edges of a goblet made from glass, others relish in the concept of drinking their concoctions from much larger cauldrons like a decorated mug or tumbler

Quench your undying thirst and alarming love for grisly, officially licensed horror merchandise by starting a new keepsake collection. Compile your kitchen cabinets with some Universal Monsters Drinkware and if your claws prefer a more substantial sipper, enjoy the ghastly engravings presented by the most spooktacular horror mugs on the market. So, whether you plan to raise your glass, or the dead, consider adding these must-haves to your ever-growing horror collection. 

What items are you most interested in collecting for your summer specters? Drop a comment below to share with our other readers.