Are you looking for ways to safely celebrate Halloween during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Halloween hasn’t ghosted you this year, it just looks a little different. Nevertheless, candy is still hitting the shelves and ghouls are shopping online amid the pandemic for the perfect demonic disguise to celebrate their favorite holiday in style. That’s right! While commemorating the occasion may be scarier than usual with the virus and all, there are still tons of ways that you can get your spook on. 

Decorate your home and outdoor spaces to the max

While many ghouls are delighted to buy horror decor online and put it up on display year-round, others only become empowered to decorate as the proximity to Halloween approaches. So, if you’re on the haunt for a way to lift your spirits this spooky season, consider decking out your crypt with ornamental home decor and even allow your chilling furnishings to creepily seep out and festoon your front porch. After all, ‘tis your favorite time of year! With everything from gruesome props and signs to menacing wall decor and horror-tastic pillow covers, we’ve got you covered for adornments this Halloween. 

Host a virtual costume party

The origins of costume-wearing come from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, which was held annually on October 31st. Aside from lighting bonfires, people would also disguise themselves to ward off evil spirits and supernatural beings that were allowed to roam the earth that one day. Now, Halloween has become the perfect excuse to dress up and transform ourselves into some of our most beloved villains and characters. Needless to say, whether your garb is scary, funny, or sexy, it deserves some quintessential attention. Thus, hosting a virtual Halloween-themed party would allow attendees to showcase their costumes from the safety of their homes and celebrate remotely in spooky style.

Stay inside and binge-watch horror movies

Whether you prefer to watch your favorite cringe-worthy flicks from the cozy comforts of your living room or are lucky enough to have a high-end projector to help create the ultimate backyard setup, having a Halloween horror movie marathon is one of the best ways to spend the spookiest days of the year! Choose from classic films like the 1979 version of The Amityville Horror, The Sixth Sense, and The Little Shop of Horrors, and if you need something else to get yourself into the spirit, buy some horror decor online to better accompany your experience. 

Organize a grueling scavenger hunt in your home

If you’re good at creating riddles, why not heighten your devilish charm to new scary levels and send your favorite ghouls on a scavenger hunt? Whether you need to buy some horror decor online or you’re already equipped for the challenge, decorate themed rooms throughout your home, hiding candy, toys, and other creepy prizes and create a fang-tastic haunted house experience, dressed to the nines. 

What other activities will be keeping you busy this All Hallow’s Eve? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

How to select the ultimate Halloween costume

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While most of our readers celebrate the spooky season year-round, for many lovers of the holidays, it starts October 1st. So, since Halloween is now officially just around the corner, it’s time for you to cultivate that perfect costume that dislodges the right number of chills and thrills. Never fear, if you’re the type of ghoul who’s trying to keep within a budget but is still wanting to come up with a creative, original costume idea, never fear. Simply look into a crystal ball, or easily read the following blog for some dreadful ideas that will help you select an eerie-sistable disguise.  

Decide on what type of look you’re going for

Selecting the perfect Halloween ensemble can be a difficult decision, especially with the power to buy horror costumes online and in-store. Nevertheless, the easiest way to narrow down your list of ghastly apparel choices is by determining which category your disguise will fall under. Will your Halloween costume be sexy? Scary? Funny? Cute? With the chance to hide behind a spooktastic persona for a day, it’s important to choose a garb that you’ll love and even better, something that’s unique! In finding your own style, ponder what you wear daily and what’s most comfortable for you. This alone should help you to decide what type of getup would best compliment you. 

What colors do you enjoy wearing?

While most horror fans find black to be a satisfying shade to flaunt, some prefer the added vibrance that can go alongside shopping for the ultimate costume. So, before you buy horror costumes online, it’s best to determine the types of colors you take pleasure in wearing and select an idea around that. For example, if you favor shades of black, gray, or white, perhaps an antihero or villain such as Dracula, Darth Vader, or Beetlejuice would appease your appetite for an otherworldly horror costume. Whereas, those who adore more lively shades, like reds, oranges, and yellows, should consider being a clown, a superhero, or a pumpkin. It’s almost Halloween, which means anything goes at Nightmare Toys

Consider adding to your previous costumes 

Have you worn a fearsome costume that has haunted your memories, even years later? Well, if you preserved this chilling garb, a couple of elements may be able to be used to create something new and devilishly dark. Not only will this save you money that can be spent adding to your horror decor collection but it will also allow you to relive what you loved about your past costume. 

Other things to consider before you buy a horror costume online

Aside from the primary deciding factors above, you should also consider the following before you splurge and place your costume order.

  • Check the weather if you plan on spending time outdoors in your costume.
  • If you’ve considered a group costume, ensure that your members have committed to the idea before placing your order. 
  • While it’s fun to represent a costume from another culture, be sure what you wearing won’t be considered appropriation. 
  • Look for sales. Surprisingly, many online retailers use this time of year to clear out older styles to make room for popular, new ones. 

Whether you’re on the haunt for adult costumes or a costume for your child and dog to wear this Halloween, be sure to peruse our assorted selection of creep-tastic garbs! 

What thrills you the most about hunting for the perfect Halloween costume? Drop a comment below to share with other readers.

The latest guide to ghastly horror collectibles that are available for pre-order

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While Nightmare Toy’s possesses a large selection of horror action figures, toys, household decor, and more available right now for purchase, further pre-order items have been culled and curated to bring fans first-hand access to some of the most frightening mementos on the market. So, if you’re a genre admirer who adorns pre-purchasing an exciting collectible and awaiting its arrival, consider perusing our unforgettable pre-orders category to find the horror token you never knew you needed! 

A variety of uncanny masks 

Whether you buy horror masks online as additions to your ever-growing collection or you find solace in their ability to provide an eerie-sistable disguisement, all you need to know is that our pre-order section is currently stacked full of an extraordinary number of ghoulish masks, most of which will be shipped directly to you on September 30, 2020, and beyond. 

While you’re able to buy horror masks online that identify with a single ominous character from a beloved movie, we also offer some items that are a part of a vast collection. For example, fans of the original Scooby-Doo series, “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!?”, can purchase one or all of the infamous masked monsters, including The Creeper, Ghost Clown, Mr. Hyde, Charlie the Robot, Wolfman, and Big Bad Werewolf. On the other hand, if you prefer some pre-order masks that exhibit spookier, more superhuman qualities, you may enjoy our lineup of face coverings from the film, “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”, including an unearthly, Harold the Scarecrow mask, The Big Toe mask, and The Pale Lady mask. All these haunting disguises and more are available under our vast pre-orders section! 

An abundance of horror dolls and action figures

Diversity is one of the reasons that collectors take such pride in their unique compilations! So, if you’re the type of horror hobbyist who searches the web for a muster of exclusive items, the first place you should look is the pre-order’s section of

Filled with haunting reminders of some of your most cherished villains and characters, this category selection is home to a vast assortment of horror dolls and action figures, including some officially licensed Child’s Play memorabilia Bride of Chucky, Tiffany Doll, Seed of Chucky, Chucky Doll, and Seed of Chucky, Glen Doll — and the ultimate assemblage of Toony Terror figurines by NECA. So, regardless of whether you’re adding to or kickstarting your horror collection, pre-orders are the perfect centerpiece of your horror keepsakes.  

Which pre-order item are you most excited for? Drop a comment below to compare with other readers.

Which masks in horror cinema are the most memorable?

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Since the start of the pandemic, wearing masks has become the new normal, which was already part of the orderly routine of some of our favorite horror villains. While non-medical face masks are helping the world to slow the spread of COVID-19, we’re pretty certain that none of these face coverings are as spooktacular and memorable as those in horror cinema. Read below to find out how three of the most cherished masked villains got their claws on their emblematic facial coverings.   

Jason Voorhees’ hockey mask

Before Jason acquired his iconic goaltender’s mask, the first installment (1980) and Part II (1982) he wore a burlap sack over his head that possessed a single eyehole. However, having lost his battle in Part III (1982), and his “mask”, after his struggle against victims Paul Holt and Ginny Field, Jason was forced to upgrade to a new look to cover his mauled face. He stole a Detroit Red Wings hockey mask which possessed a red arrowhead triangle between the eye holes and two red triangles on either side of the nose, pointing upwards diagonally towards the eyes. Later, that same mask would gain a diagonal crack above the left eye hole from the brunt force of an ax thrown by Chris Higgins. 

Another interpretation surfaced in the reboot version of Friday the 13th (2009), showing that the Camp Crystal Lake mass murderer acquired his hockey mask from the character Donnie, who tore off Jason’s burlap sack. The enraged sociopath killed him and shortly after, found a Detroit Red Wings hockey mask inside a nearby crate, tried it on, and looked into the mirror. It mimicked the exact mask from Part III, although it was dingier with dirt and appeared to be more worn-out and faded than the original

Whether you’re an admirer of the Friday the 13th franchise or simply a diehard fan of the sport of hockey, there’s no denying that Jason’s iconic mask is among the most memorable and often purchased by the supporters who buy horror masks online!  

Michael Myers’ white mask

Halloween franchise buffs know that Michael Myers murders his teenage sister Judith on Halloween night in 1963. However, many forget that his iconic white mask isn’t used until he escapes Smith’s Grove Sanitarium 15-years-later. While his first slaying was orchestrated behind a funny clown mask with greenish-blue eyeshadow and a bright red nose, cheeks, and chin, his future massacres would be conducted using the time-honored expressionless, featureless, white mask

In the original film of the series (1978), Michael escapes the mental institution to return to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois. Upon his breakout, Michael stole some Halloween masks, some rope, and a knife from Nichol’s Hardware Store, the same shop where his mom had purchased his clown costume all those years ago. 

While Michael continues to wear the same style of mask throughout the franchise, each film has a slightly different version to fit the actor wearing it. 

The hauntingly blank mask mimics Captain Kirk’s death mask from Star Trek, although, slightly altered to create an ominous look for the killer. Those who buy horror masks online have the choice between which “The Shape” mask they order, dependent upon their collection and personal taste towards the cherished movie. 

Ghostfaces’ scream mask 

While the identity of Ghostface varies between the eight sociopaths within the franchise, the mask is a symbol for the town of Woodsboro, and horror fans everywhere. 

The earliest film of the Scream franchise was released in 1996, 5 years after the “Ghostface”  or “The Peanut-Eyed Ghost” costume first gained popularity among consumers as a Halloween ensemble. Consisting of a rubber white mask with black eyes, nose, and mouth, and a black, cloth-like material that is used as a hooded-robe with faux-tatters to drape over the arms and trim of the outfit, the novelty costume was easily purchasable and super common, creating the possibility for anyone to be the killer during the Woodsboro slayings. 

Since Ghostface is rarely depicted as speaking, the personality and physical attributes are universal among killers who wear the costume, such as the ritualistic cleaning of the knife after each kill, the slashing of the throat of victims, the almost superhuman strength, and the rare grunt and groans when he/she is injured. 

How about you? Have you ever concealed your identity behind the mask of this taunting villain? 

Which of the above three masks has been most memorable for you? Drop a comment below to share with our other readers. 

Practical horror-inspired merchandise that won’t just sit on your shelves

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gothic and horror doll images

Accumulation of collectibles often leads to clutter as you struggle to find the right amount of space to display your collection for maximum enjoyment. Although acquiring horror collectibles has remained one of your favorite engrained hobbies, it may be time to start a stockpile of practical, functional items that have everyday use. Here are some options that you can purchase on

Creep it real in these horror threads

What collectible items can you get the most use out of? Clothing, of course! So, if practicality is something you’re considering on the hunt for your next horror purchase, perhaps you can buy some vibrant horror clothing online that will slay your ever-growing collection?  

Black is always guaranteed to bring out some of our most chilling features and often the shade is considered to be the element to embrace the darker side. Keeping that in mind, it can be challenging to find devilish attire in just any department store, so it’s always best to buy horror clothing online to ensure that your daily disguises are better suited to your ghastly personality. With a wide selection of attire catering to obsessed horror fans, you’re given a choice of goodies, including some frightful dresses, hats, leggings, socks, and both men’s and women’s t-shirts and accessories

Hide and go shriek with these horror glasses

While there are many beneficial aspects of owning a wide variety of glassware, one of the best things is the practicality for everyday use. While horror glasses would technically sit on a shelf, the cupboard housing your glasses is bound to get opened multiple times a day to quench your thirst and keep hydrated. So, with that being said, why not ensure that your glassware collection exclaims your gruesome interests?

Look no further, ghouls! If you need some hair-raising and conventional drinking glasses, we’ve got a dangerously awesome selection that includes depictions of Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

If you’ve got it, haunt it, with some horror jewelry and patches 

Part of what makes the horror community so fang-tastic is the rich vibrance of personality that animates from those who choose to flaunt their stuff, and with so many horror collectibles available to embellish your identity, it’s difficult to be selective when it comes to horror merchandise. However, items that can be used daily are the most sensible to stock up on, which is why we recommend grabbing hold of some awe-inspiring jewelry or a few stitch-worthy patches that will bring your adornment of the horror genre to the attention of your peers. 

What is your favorite type of horror-inspired collectible? Drop a comment below to start a conversation.

The creepy mascot of the Saw franchise and why horror fans adore it

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While many characters, foes, and villains have earned their horror spotlight, very few props have managed to rise to the higher ranks of darkness. That being said, Billy the Puppet is as important to the Saw franchise as the antihero himself and its role as gamemaster makes it a crucial part of the delivery of disturbing news. 

Who is Billy the Puppet? 

Billy the Puppet is a machine-driven doll that was used as a chilling prop throughout each film within the Saw franchise. Its popularity has allowed it to join ranks of the horror genre’s famous serial killers because of its threatening appearance and hellish laugh that was quickly considered a memorable element of the brand. Needless to say, the Jigsaw killer, John Kramer, transcribed his rules and restrictions behind each deadly game and uses Billy the Puppet as his personal informant to relay the details to captured victims. By use of a tape recording and the prop’s robotic movements, Billy the Puppet can move, speak, and get your horror-loving heart racing!

Why do horror fans love it?

Franchise aficionados are obsessed with Billy the Puppet and the horror collectibles that resemble it because of: 

  • The unique joint effort in combining the features of a clown with a ventriloquist dummy — pale white face with a protruding brow and checks with vibrant red spirals painted across them with a mouth that’s operated and affixed with a string. 
  • The demonic look — red lips that form a grin, with black eyes featuring devilish red irises.
  • The classic outfit — the mechanical puppet wears a black tuxedo with a white shirt and gloves while also embellishing a red bow tie, shoes, and handkerchief. I guess you could say he’s better dressed than most evildoers in the genre.
  • The uncanny realism — Although Billy the Puppet is a prop used by Kramer, his eerie embellishments and recurring appearances make him appear livelier and authentic than the man behind the strings. Fans also can replicate Billy the Puppet horror collectibles by cloaking their bodies in thrilling, hair-raising costumes.  

Why do you collect Billy the Puppet horror collectibles? Drop a comment below to compare with other fans! 

Eerie ensembles for the ultimate horror fan

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Since there are very few hand-me-downs that can offer the same unnerving excitement as Nightmare Toys’ otherworldly, custom garments, why feel forced to share your closet space with dull-inspired fashions meant for the common folk? Since ghouls like yourself always welcome all things strange and superstitious, when it comes to acquiring wicked threads, we understand that your devilish spirit is drawn to apparel that can embellish your devotion to time-honored chillers, thrillers, killers, slashers, and cult classic horrors. In fact, dressing for the part shouldn’t mean you’re inspired to sport rotten cotton, but instead, cloak your skin in some high-quality horror clothing that’s as terrifying as the popular morbid flicks you worship. So, get used to some dark and mysterious attention because these ghastly garments are bound to freak out the general public! 

Gruesome threads for men of the macabre 

What you choose to wear is not only a reflection of your unique personality, but it also has the power to command an amount of respect within your social circles. So, since you’re the type of ghoul who has been engulfed by your love for the horror scene, it’s important to own a variety of high-quality horror clothing to be able to strangle any poor sense of style. That being said, what would be considered to be one person’s worst nightmare is another’s demonic dream and with so many horror t-shirts to choose from your friends will quickly become green with envy at where you have acquired your wicked threads. 

If your obsession with dark clothing often intrudes on your mind then you’ll love our variety of tees and pullovers. Favorites include officially licensed gear portraying Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the martian leader from Mars Attacks, and even Art the Clown from The Terrifier. The best part is that if you enjoy grim replicas you can also own costume-styled shirts that mimic garments from famous films. Talk about maximum spine chills!   

Hair-raising apparel for women of the macabre 

Ladies! While you can likely slip into any of the grim horror tees above, there are also some delicate threads that are designed to fit each of your intricate shapes and curves, not to mention some grisly gowns you can wear amid the nicer weather. Nevertheless, there’s no need to scream when Kreepsville666 can have you covered from skull to toe. 

While adding a few items to your online shopping cart and checking them out for delivery is a simple process, selecting which apparel times make the cut can be a challenge. So, why not delight your spirit by selecting a product or two from each chilling category? The horror shirts section contains frightful options sewn with both long and short sleeves, and when paired with some spooktastic leggings, you’re ready for your daily worship!

Do you have any high-quality horror clothing in your wardrobes? Drop a photo below to share your assemblage with other fans.

What horror fans can do while stuck at home

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Sitting around the house not knowing what to do is not only unproductive, but boring. So, instead of aimlessly staring into the abyss of your bedroom ceiling, how about combating boredom, horror style? That’s right! Just because you can’t attend trivia night at the pub, doesn’t mean you can’t effectively make use of your extra time. 

Re-organize your horror collectibles

If you’re one of the many people hunkering down at home, chances are that you’ve probably already started some form of home organization to pass the time. So, while decluttering and cleaning is a great way for you to tune out the outside world, it’s also handy in maximizing your at-home efficiency, giving you ample time that’s needed to disinfect surfaces and find better means of showing off your keepsake collection. While horror collectibles are durable, many action figures, dolls, and masks possess small, removable pieces or minuscule nooks and crannies that build up with dust and debris over time. This means that as a collector, it’s your job to ensure that your memorabilia is properly taken care of, regardless of whether your items are in storage or on display. Take the time to bring all of your horror collectibles down from the shelves, give them a good wipe, and consider rearranging their position to give other relics a chance for prominence. Re-organizing can be fun and chances are you’ll free up more room for future horror collectible purchases

Re-watch your favorite classic films

Whether you prefer science fiction horror, slashers, or paranormal encounters, you can start living the pop-culture dream by binge-watching a few of your most beloved movie installments. Not only does this give you something to look forward to, but it also allows you to revisit why you love this film genre in the first place! Guts, gore, and ghouls are bound to spark some grisly excitement during these difficult times. Don’t own any time-honored installments? Shop our wide selection of VHS, DVD, and blu rays and discover some flicks you didn’t even know existed. 

Write your own horror movie or comic 

One of the most beneficial things about having extra time is the ability to dedicate those minutes towards creative projects that you’ve pushed aside in the past. Now is your opportunity to let those juices flow! While writing a horror movie or creating a spooktacular comic may present a challenge, you’ve likely watched and read enough to know plots, characters, and influences that chill the spine and grind the teeth. We recommend reading some horror movie scripts or even your favorite hair-raising paperbacks to dig for added, grueling inspiration. 

Compare front-running with your friends

While you shouldn’t rush to attend gatherings with your peers, there are other ways that you can safely keep in touch. After all, social distancing rules do encourage talking over the phone or through various video chat apps as an easy, reliable platform to boost conversation during the pandemic. So, if you’re running out of things to touch base on, why not enliven a debate by deliberating over the most bloodcurdling foes? Pennywise, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and more! Every horror fan has their reasons for loving these devilish anti-heroes. 

How are you spending your time at home? Drop a comment below if you have suggestions that will pass the time. 


3 Horror Collectible Brands that Are Eerie-Sistably Awesome

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It wouldn’t be unheard of if you were the type of collector that embraced your favorite, big horror franchise icons by prominently displaying their immortalized toy forms. In fact, many different companies have already invested in this idea because horror collectibles are beautiful in their own heinous ways. So, if you’re a fan of the macabre, and enjoy the devilishly adorned details that go into every product, then it’s worth checking out any keepsakes that are manufactured by the following brands. 

Kreepsville 666

Horror collectibles that contain a Kreepsville 666 product tag is known for being chillingly unique and are guaranteed to turn some heads and pop out some eyeballs right from their sockets. Established as the original scare-wear, Kreepsville 666 manufactures items ranging from horror punk psychobilly goth clothing and accessories to officially licensed products by Elvira, Mars Attacks, and Vampira. In fact, most of our men’s and women’s t-shirts, handbags, beach towels, jewelry, and alluringly painted shot glasses are made by this fang-tastic horror brand. Since they sport an assortment of enchanting shades in red, black, and green, these trademarked products that feature the emblem of Kreepsville 666 are considered to be a rite of passage for horror lovers who are hoping to make an imprint by way of their wardrobe. 

Mezco Toys 

If you’re on the haunt for the most otherworldly horror collectibles to fill your bookshelves and displays than Mezco Toys is the brand that has got the goodies that are worth a look! With everything from action figures to small trinkets from movies, comics, and other pop culture inspirations, this toy company possesses a wide assortment of horror collectibles based on all your frightening favorites. One of the trendiest, cult hits in their product lineup includes a variety of Living Dead Dolls, which are based on both contemporary and classic horror movie characters and villains. One:12 Collective is another product lineup that’s known for its intricate detail and delightfully dark realism. Get yourself some Mezco Toys horror collectibles today and join the ranks of a chilling connoisseur.  


NECA, also known as the National Entertainment Collectibles Association, is one of the largest wholesale manufacturers of licensed horror merchandise. Featuring everything from popular flicks like Aliens and Godzilla to Terminators, Marvel, and DC Comics figures. However, while their keepsakes are a noteworthy addition to any horror lover’s collection, what makes them special is the attention to detail that goes into their highly poseable figurines. With iconic horror relics that are adorned around the world, you’ll be guaranteed to find the most unique addition to your ever-growing collection when you browse the world of NECA. 

Have you ever bought any horror collectibles from the above three brands? Drop a comment below to share your purchase with our readers. 


3 spooky gift ideas for your bloody Valentine

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Whether you’d kill to be his boo or you’ve got your eyes peeled on her, chances are that your Valentine’s Day will be a zombie love story — loving up all the brain, maybe some of the body. So, if you’re hoping to spark that flame and spend this February 14th watching all the dumb people get murdered in the best horror flicks, you’ll need to get your claws on a grim gift that will eat their heart out. Well, maybe not literally! That being said, if you’re absolutely bewitched by a special someone and if they’re a connoisseur of all thing’s horror like yourself, give them adding to their compiled collection that’s both exclusive and uncommon. 

Frightening Funko POP!s are full of surprises 

Although Funko POP! vinyl figures are small, they’re also mighty and even better, they depict all your favorite licensed characters from the most gruesome horror franchises. Recognizable for their over-sized heads and piercing eyes, these creep-tastic impersonators will extend your fandom to a whole new level and if you choose to gift them to your bloody valentine this year, they will likely make their head spin with excitement. Choose from front-running foes like Pinhead, Beetlejuice, and Michael Myers or admire heroes like Jack Skellington, Daryl Dixon or Coraline with her cat buddy. So, which frightening Funko POP! would your beloved devour? 

Gift tees that please!

Some horror lovers are all about practicality which means that instead of buying your valentine a prop that’s bound to sit on a shelf, you can present them with a horrifying tee allowing them to cape themselves in the comfort of some heart-throbbing characters. So, since what we wear is a reflection of our personalities, allow your ghoul friend to embellish The Terrifier, The Shape or Godzilla in their everyday attire. After all, they would kill to look this great! 

Awe them with a Chucky Good Guy Doll

If you often say, “you’re a doll”, to your treasured valentine, then the perfect present may exist and since the love you possess for your significant other cuts deep, give them something extra special on February 14th. When it comes to horror collectibles, none are more popular than the officially licensed, one-to-one scale Child’s Play 2, Chucky Good Guy Doll! Featuring an eerie-sistably accurate portrayal of the killer villain, this amazing product is a gift that’s on track to get you the ultimate boo-ty call. So, since he or she brings out the devil in you, ensure that they have a vile Valentine’s Day.  

Also, check out this chilling link to find the perfect horror V-day card.

We’re crazy about you too, so please leave a comment and let us know what your favorite horror-themed item was above! 

All the costume essentials your dark soul can bare

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Since Halloween is just around the corner, it’s time to awaken your inner demons to select a spine-chilling horror costume for all your forthcoming frightful festivities. So, since it’s hauntingly possible that you’re stuck on the decision to dress up as a repulsive creature or a startling entity, as long as your unearthly spirit is bathed in darkness, Nightmare Toys has a costume that’s bound to make you cackle with ghoulish delight.

Scary horror costumes for sale

There are so many spooktacular options for horror lovers looking to achieve a scare factor. After all, how often can you dress menacingly insane, go out in public and passersby won’t even bat an eye? As ghastly as that is, how do you decide which scary costume to play devilish dress-up with?

While clowns are usually associated with cheap thrills, the American Horror Story’s Twisty the Clown costume is something nightmares are made from. Featuring a one-size-fits-all, white-puffed suit with red and yellow poms and a vibrant trim, you’ll be ready to get your creep on. Just don’t forget to grab yourself the mask of the dreaded carnival freak, with an intense special effect making the mouthpiece removable to expose the grim extent of his deformity.

If clowning around isn’t your style, how about “puppeting” around instead? Drape the apparel of the terrifying Saw Pilly Puppet costume and start informing your peers about the rules and instructions of their deadly games.

Funny horror costumes for sale  

Why is the rum always gone by the time you make your way to your ghoulish gathering? Well, that’s probably because you opted to dress as a pirate this Halloween and you’re taking your role as captain super seriously! Although if you’re the type of person who struggles to remember the basics of pirate lingo, maybe you’d prefer to break the ice at your shindig dressed as an inflatable pteranodon? You’ll look roarsome when you spread your wings for hugs and high fives.

Sexy horror costumes for sale

While the Halloween season is one of the best times to dress in gruesome costumes, it’s also the finest time of year to flaunt a sexy-inspired costume as well. Ladies, if a seductive nurse or provocative cat doesn’t make your costume cut, why not consider the charming allure of a Day of the Dead Senorita costume or simply pull your hair back into pigtails and dress up as a desired schoolgirl, outfitted as Wednesday Addams? Gentlemen, you can try to woe all the women in your Iron Man or gladiator costume ensembles.

Iconic horror costumes for sale

It doesn’t get more iconic than getting the opportunity to dress up as your favorite horror character, so why not take advantage of the next month by slowly preparing and adding to an out-of-this-world look? Walk the walk and talk the talk outfitted as the poltergeist, Beetlejuice! You can also choose to resemble Adam or Barbara rather than the comedic ghost.

Although, for those who want to cross the hair-raising paths between gruesome and time-honoring, perhaps you’d prefer to rock the dreams of party-goers everywhere spiffed up as Freddy Krueger himself. Don’t forget to add the mask and glove to finish off your killer costume!  

What horror costume with you be haunting and flaunting this upcoming Halloween. Drop a comment or a photo below to share.

Get back to school ready, horror style

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There’s nothing more alarmingly frightening than when the bloodcurdling back to school countdown begins. With a few chilling weeks that will dissipate as quickly and mysteriously as a deadly apparition, it’s about time that you got your ghoulish spirit prepped for the learning ahead. After all, once summer comes to end and the fog of routine eerily floats in from a place of darkness, you’ll find yourself swept up with despair at the thought of being chained down to your otherworldly desk. So, how about turning this grim occasion into just another element of your hair-raising haunt with the ultimate horror collectibles for school?

Horror lunch boxes  

The afterlife is never far out of reach when you have the right horror collectibles to keep your cold heart pumping. So, whether you’re the type of horror aficionado that relishes in an opportunity to carry the contents of your frightful feast in an eerie-sistable container or you simply want to keep the blood and organs of your victims fresh between each horrifying lecture, you’ll absolutely love our wide selection of horror lunch boxes. Cape your midday meal in a grueling tin tote that’s sure to give you some frightened stares.

Horror pens

Whether you want to rewrite some devilish content in order to revise the dreadful Necronomicon Journal or you simply want a school-appropriate weapon to defend yourself from your grim classmates, a gruesome horror pen topper is the perfect element to add to your back-to-school supply list. Take a stab at your homework and kill your class assignments with a classic horror villain pen topper, featuring Freddy Krueger, Chucky, Jason Voorhees or Leatherface. If slashers don’t turn your horror crank how about popping the 25th anniversary, Nightmare Before Christmas character onto your beloved pen for inspiration. Let Jack, Sally, Zero or Oogie Boogie be your academic demigods throughout the peak of your morbid semester.   

Horror keychains 

There’s nothing more unique, yet strangely otherworldly than possessing a delightful collection of horror keychains. Whether you hang them on your backpack or use them as locker decor, these devilish must-haves provide just the right amount of spook to your spine-chilling school day. Select from a variety of horror collectibles featuring all the petrifying specters of the genre. Clip-on the demonic spirit of The Nun, a bloodthirsty Pennywise or a crazed Reagan keychain, manically contorted by unhallowed possession as well as a selection of figural Gremlins and your favorite, novelty characters from the Five Nights at Freddy’s horror game.

Horror clothing

Cape your ghoulish spirit with a conglomerate of out-of-this-world fashion. Dominate the intimate, revolting circles of your school with a spiritual sense of style including, dresses, leggings, t-shirts and accessories that reflect your innermost darkness. Cape your body with monstrous ensembles and terrifying threads of all shapes and sizes. After all, horror collectibles aren’t the only way to climb the popularity ladders at your school! 

Which sickening horror collectible will you use to chill off your horror spirit come September? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

Horror collectibles that will fit snuggly into an Easter basket

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While Easter is a commemorate day in spring for those who’re of Christian faith, it’s also a time for vibrant family feasts, an intense hunt for colorful chocolate and of course, the unwrapping of all the menacing goodies found within your Easter basket. Now, even though you’re all grown up and know that the Easter bunny is nothing more than an old wives’ tale, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take pleasure in gifting horror collectibles to a few superstitious loved ones. So, behold the ultimate chilling memorabilia to stuff into the Easter basket of all your cherished ghouls.

A frightful horror t-shirt

When it comes to finding the perfect gift, nothing is more practical than a horror t-shirt. After all, black looks good on everyone. So, not only will the rest of your family be eye-balling whoever received your fang-tastic present but the receiver will also be ecstatic that they got something other than chocolate for once. Regardless of whether your gift recipient is a huge Elvira fan or they simply enjoy the dark Puppet Master franchise you’ll be sure to hear some screams of excitement when they find a devilish horror t-shirt amongst the chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and black and orange crinkle paper in their Easter basket.

An adorable horror POP!

If you’re looking for cute horror collectibles that encompass the delightful nature of the Easter bunny than an adorable horror POP! would be the foolproof gift to toss into some Easter baskets. The members of this keepsake collection of action figures are dressed-up to appeal slightly less ghastly than their horrifying counterparts, but just as detailed nonetheless. So, regardless of whether you’re looking for a gift for an older family member or a special little one, a POP! Is an egg-cellent gift for anyone who’s dabbled in the gruesome horror genre.

A cuddlesome horror plush

Most people have fond memories of receiving soft, snuggly stuffed animals in their Easter baskets when they were young, so allow your loved ones to relive their childhood with a cute, caressible horror plush. Stare into the button-stitched eyes of a Coraline plushie, egg-spose the secrets of Derry with a creep-tastic Pennywise plush and allow your gift recipient to annoy your family members with their best-voiced interpretation when they get their hands on a cuddly Beetlejuice stuffy.

Which horror collectibles will you be hiding amongst the chocolate this Easter? Tell us in the comments section below.

Disguise yourself with the most otherworldly Halloween costumes

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halloween costumes

By now, all the true horror aficionados and supernatural fanatics have already chosen their Halloween costumes for an evening of devilish haunting, but for the ghastly oddballs that have waited until the final hour to cape themselves in spook-tacular jumpsuits, here are some of our darkest ideas for some wicked inspiration.

Dress up as the Addams family

Tantalize your love for the macabre and bloodcurdling torture by cloaking yourself in a casket, dressed as a member from the Addams family of course. Arrive to your haunting solo, or draft a group of hair-raising beings like yourself, wearing the grim attire of your favorite Addams family character. Sociopaths can have style after all. Bundle up in Gomaz Addams classy, striped garb, memorize mortals clothed in Morticia Addams black satin gown, creep around in the hooded robe of Uncle Fester or simply show off your sadistic personality dressed as Wednesday Addams.

Dress up as a superhero or villain

Although slipping on a superhero outfit won’t give you any superpowers, these Halloween costumes are always fun to drape on for an evening of unnerving festivities. The best part is the whole family can arrive decked out as a super squad. The Batgirl Deluxe Adult Costume is eerie-sistably awesome, complete with a cape and a dark, black mask, while the Batman Dark Knight Adult Deluxe Costume exhibits a more mysterious sense of fashion. The kids can even join in on the fun with batman-inspired costumes fit for newborns, toddlers and little youngsters.

As for the dark side you can masquerade around dressed like Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn, the notorious master jedi Darth Vader or the vulgar serial killer Captain Spaulding.

Dress up as a caveman

You can never go wrong adorning yourself as a caveman or cavewoman. After all, who doesn’t love wearing the comfy, robe-like garb of our fire-wielding ancestors? Yet, Halloween costumes are supposed to possess a sense of uniqueness as well. Show up to your frightening celebratory event dressed up like the comical, primitive characters from Bedrock. Pair up as Barney and Betty Rubble or go the more classic route and dress up as Fred and Wilma Flintstone! YABA-DABA-DOO!

What’s your favorite Halloween costume from our above suggestions? Tell us in the comments section below.   



First day of fall must-haves

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horror accessories

Autumn is the time of year where leaves fade from a bright yellow to a scarlet red before eventually falling to the ground and coating it like a rusted pathway. Temperatures cool, days become shorter and at times there is delicate mist that lingers amidst the naked trees with an airy breeze swaying them from side-to-side. In other words, autumn is the most spook-tacular time of year. There is no better way to celebrate the arrival of the autumnal equinox (September 22) then by grabbing yourself some ghoulish goodies and starting a countdown to the most treasured day of the year for horror fanatics. Here are some horror accessories that you surely need before the last leaf hits the ground.

Horror accessories for you

Now that sweater weather is finally here it’s time to say goodbye to your daisy dukes and say hello to the undying comfort of spandex leggings. You could just be boring and buy yourself a couple neutral colors to pair with all your autumn outfits, or you could be extraordinary with a few gothic style leggings that truly embellish your ghoulish personality. Offered in a variety of styles and colors, all of our collection comes in thrilling, demonic-inspired prints such as skulls, crossbones, the devil, bats and spiders weaving a ghastly web. You’ll go simply batty for these glamorous horror accessories.

Horror accessories needed for the perfect night in

By this time of year, we’re sure you have already caped your crypt with some gruesome decor, but there are always a few handy horror accessories that you could use when summer fades to fall. The crisp, cool temperatures of season, combined with the inevitable rainy evenings makes it the perfect opportunity to enjoy binge-watching your favorite horror films. Perhaps you’ll start your movie marathon off with the cult classic, Carrie (1976), and build up your bloodthirsty tolerance to set your eyes upon the popular, Children of the Corn. Needless to say, these spook-tacular thrillers will have you feeling the chills, so you absolutely must stick with your eerie evening theme by snuggling up with your very own fleecy horror blanket. After all, Freddy Krueger can’t hurt you if you’re too scared to fall asleep. Even hold your favorite tasty snacks in a frightening coffin candy bowl and if the dampened evening knocks out your power, or if you simply want to set a more chilling mood, light up the darkness with some black, bleeding candles. What is there to miss about summer? Absolutely nothing.

Which horror accessories appeal to your grim nature? Tell us in the comments section below.

Must-have back to school essentials for horror lovers

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horror school supplies

It’s almost that dreadful time of year once again where you wave goodbye to your boo-tiful summer vacation and say hello to the frightening shackles that will secure your body and mind to a desk for the next ten months. You can try to escape the alarming factor that back to school is right around the corner or you can accept the horrifying reality that you will soon join your fellow classmates as a corpse-like zombie staring at the chalkboard. Needless to say, grabbing yourself some horror school supplies should be at the top of the list to avoid your grim insanity.

You’ll need a new lunch box

Let’s face it, the best part about going back to school is all the ghoulish goodies you get to stuff your face with. Is it just me, or is the pantry always stocked full of extra delightful snacks once it’s time to start the school year? Keep your hands free and your treats all for yourself by hiding them away in a Human Organ Gen 2 Fun Box Tin Tote. This retro styled lunch box will truly have you taking your role as a zombified student seriously, with the words “human organ for transplant” boldly placed. Standing approximately 8” wide, 7” tall and 4” deep, this lunch box should be the top item on your list of horror school supplies. After all, haven’t you always wanted to be properly prepared for the unnerving start of a zombie apocalypse?

How about a spooky t-shirt to wear for you school picture?

Dress-up with a little business in the front to impress the parents, but a little party in the back to impress peers. This stylish Kreepsville 666 Cleave Me Alone Cardigan attempts to cloak your horror-obsessed spirit, but nothing can contain your ghoulish personally. Featuring subtle, embellished meat cleavers in place of buttons on the front, your mom will finally get the boo-tiful school photo she has always dreamt of. Yet, when your turn around it will send a chill up her spine to see a skeletal hand resting around your head and the two devilishly large meat cleavers soaked in blood across your back. You tried. What a chilling prank!

Coffee, coffee and more coffee

Back to school isn’t just about the kids. After all, teachers still need to brace the alarming fate that they will need to awaken from their crypt and get back into the boring routine. Nothing will quite wake up your corpse-like body better than a dark, black cup of coffee. Join your zombie students and embrace the dawn of the dead with a mug that was inspired by the 1978 classic horror film. Now that’s some dead-ication!

Which back to school horror supplies will be on your list? Tell us in the comments section below.


Gift ideas for Pennywise fans

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Pennywise Red Ballon Gift

If only one character exemplified coulrophobia (fear of clowns), it’s Pennywise. Of all the personas this cosmic shape-shifting entity takes – Bob Gray, leper, werewolf, iconic Dracula, and Frankenstein’s Monster – the clown is undeniably creepy (and still beats the giant spider, which is next for inducing shivers)! Stephen King’s 1986 book IT gave way to an incredible horror story, with an unforgettable villain that Tim Curry chillingly portrayed in the 1990 TV mini-series and Bill Skarsgård etched into our minds in the 2017 theatrical blockbuster. For fans of the Dancing Clown, we have plenty of delightful Pennywise gifts to satisfy dark collectible hearts and to pacify us until 2019’s “IT: Chapter Two,” which will probably bring more fantastic memorabilia!

Revisit the first adaptation

Critics of the TV adaptation often cite slow pacing and lackluster special effects, but honestly, for a two-part small-screen miniseries based on a 1,000+ page book, it’s pretty damn good. It’s a who’s who of late 1980s’ names and genre fave Tim Curry, fabulous as “Rocky Horror’s” Dr. Frank-N-Furter and Legend’s “Darkness” outdoes himself. Tie a red balloon to this first version of IT, make up a popcorn and candy bowl, and watch this classic with your Pennywise geek.

Who doesn’t love dress-up?

Whether reserved for parties or at-home movie bingeing, why not give your beloved the ability to emulate their favorite killer clown? Curry’s and Skarsgård’s versions were distinctively different looking, but we have costumery for both! For those that favor Curry’s Pennywise with the retro outfit and fire-engine red hair, consider the men’s wig with attached headpiece, and the deluxe costume, available in sizes small to large. Or think about how cool it would be to combine the pennywise hoodie, with zip-up hood, available in adult x-small to x-large, with Rubies’ Pennywise make-up kit so your guy or girl can double the striking effects!

Skarsgård’s Pennywise was older looking, more in tune with the clown’s centuries-old history of terrorizing Derry. The Pennywise ¾ adult mask is latex artistry, detailed with synthetic tufted orange hair and the angular shape that mimics the actor’s face. In sizes standard to x-large, the cinematic grand heritage costume gives your geek the full length off-white suit, complete with ruffles and red accents!

Give them their own pennywise to play with!

Your intended will shriek in evil clownish glee when they unwrap their Pennywise gifts and see one or more of these awesome figurines! The 10” articulated living dead doll Pennywise comes with a red balloon (sic!) and looks exactly like the 1990 character, while Funko’s 8” SuperCute Plush indeed makes the 2017 interpretation amazingly adhorrible! Just as screamingly dark and cool are our selections of smaller versions, including POP!’s Stephen King’s 1990 replica and 2017 Pennywise with Boat, the VYNL 3 3/4” Georgie and Pennywise Set, and the novelty Dorbz’ TV Pennywise. As additional fun, periodically surprise your Pennywise lover with a POP! Movies: IT Bill, Stanley, Richie, Mike, Beverly, Eddie, and Ben, so they can play up their own scenes!

You can also shop:  Pennywise Christmas stocking & pennywise pocket pop keychain

Which of these Pennywise gifts do you intend on purchasing for the IT fan in your life?

Stand Out with These Horror Necklaces

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horror necklaces

Who doesn’t love a little flash and glitter… or blood specks to highlight their skin and outfits? Jewelry is always a fun fashion accessory for stylish ghouls, and there are several horror necklaces that are sure to make your neckline pop (in a good way, not a cinematic burst through the breastbone moment). Perfect for any occasion, to either treat yourself to, or lavish a significant other with, consider the following statement pieces:

Bloody Diamantes

It’s amazing what the right touch of color can bring to a sparkly replication of a weapon. Both the bloody cleaver and the bloody knife get their point (heh!) across, and feature a cute little “blood” drop bead for that extra special touch. With a pair of spattered crossbones or a red-splashed cleaver slide in your hair, you’re sure to turn heads. Be the center of attention, rightly so, and show off your dark yet delightful self.

Skull and Bone Symbolism

Maybe you connect with bad-ass Goddess Kali. Maybe you love the movie “Catacombs.” Maybe you’re just that cool. Regardless, you are the Queen of the party, with this skull necklace, either by itself, or layered with a darker contrast, five little heads on each, staring back at your admirers. Match them with glow in the dark skeleton hand hair clips, or as with the abovementioned jewelry, go the bloody route, with sanguine dripped skeletal hands around your neck and mini hands in your tresses. By the way, all of these look awesome with a devilish V-shoulder top patterned with all sorts of impish symbols.

Zombie Killer

Sweaters always present a classic look, and you know you’ll rock the “Cleave Me Alone” cardigan, especially with a Daryl Dixon-inspired twine of Walker Ears above the collar. This look works whether you’re chilling at the coffee shop and writing your murder manuscript, ghost hunting in the woods, or shopping for your kid’s birthday party. If, however, your tastes run more cannibalistic, pull out pigtails with little green brains or pink cerebrums that complement all of the horror necklaces and craft a unique take on what it means to be “cutting-edge.”

How do you like to wear your horror? Tell us in the comments section below.

Start the New Year in Style with These Rockin’ Tees

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horror t-shirts

Set the tone for an awesome year with clothes that reflect your exquisite taste for the unique, strange, and spooky. Made with 100% cotton or poly cotton blends, these horror T-shirts are ideal for any occasion, be it casual gallivanting, lounging at home, or layering under stuffy office wear.


Nobody else embodies campy and vampy like the Mistress of the Dark does, so show off your sexy geeky side wearing her delicious image. Ladies, shake your own American Horror Hostess shimmy with a V-neck shoulder tee emblazoned with Elvira’s sultry lounging pose. Or choose from eye-catching sleeveless designs that add some leopard print or glittery angel wing flair. Cassandra Peterson’s iconic alter ego also looks great on men, whether demon-winged, as a “go-go ghoul” or as a presidential candidate, the latter design equally terrific in a women’s beater tank.


Pay homage to another devilish pin-up, Maila Nurmi, infamously known as Vampira. Consider the cocktail imagery, so cool it had to be made both as a women’s V-neck tee, and as a men’s classic tee. There’s also the guys’ enchanting print of her holding a skull, and the gals’ sleeveless Horror Queen of spook-a-thons, whose description perfectly sums up Vampira’s classic place in the genre.

Tales from the Crypt

Quintessential EC Comics’ reading and horror anthology TV viewing, Tales from the Crypt, also makes for great wardrobe staples. These horror T-shirts for men feature glow in the dark details that make the officially licensed screen printing all the more chillingly delightful. Choose between the monstrous grey wolf, creepy creature hands, or ghoulish dream date, or just get all of them to make three times the eye-catching impression!

Full Moon

Enhance your shirt collection with designs echoing three of Charles Band’s memorable cinematic productions. Between the unforgettable toilet pop-up scene from Ghoulies, the evil little poses of Demonic Toys, and Tommy Chong immortalized as the owner of Eebee, the Evil Bong, you’ll definitely be in stand-out style. Even better, all are unisex, and have the Full Moon Features logo on the left sleeve!

Nightmare Toys

There’s eloquence in simplicity, hence a soft, smooth black tee with our name and logo. It’s available in sizes, Small through XXX-Large, for men and women, and is a perfect something to treat your awesome self to. Share your love for all things frightful and appreciation for small niche businesses with this snazzy, comfy shirt!

Did any of these horror T-shirts catch your eye? Tell us which one(s) you plan on adding to your wardrobe by commenting below.

Tired of the Same Old Boring Holiday Dresses? Rock These Instead!

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Tired of the Same Old Boring Holiday Dresses? Rock These Instead!

With the holiday season in front of us, it can be hard to find party dresses that are not sparkly or otherwise Christmas-themed. While this time of year means there will be a lot of parties going on, it does not mean that you have to wear the same old boring outfits as everyone else. So, if you’d rather stay true to your style and stand out from the crowd, try these horror dresses instead.

Devil Made Me Do It Skater Dress

Devil Made Me Do It Skater red Dress

This dress is a beautiful vibrant red, with a design more interesting than the typical skull motif, as it features devil faces, tridents, and pentacles, among others. With three-quarter length sleeves and a flared mini-skirt, it’s easy to move in. If you’re likely to be outside and cold, you could combine it with the matching leggings, or contrast it with these crossbone leggings if you’re worried about too much red all at once (is that a thing that people worry about? Well, just in case it is, you’ve got options). This is a great dress to choose when you want to stand out, and put your love of horror on full display.

Spiderweb White Skater Dress

Black Spiderweb White Skater Horro Dress

With a simple and classic design, this spiderweb dress is a great choice if you’d like to show your individuality without standing out too much at the office holiday bash. Or, if you don’t feel like fitting in at all, for something even more unique, you can accessorize with some pretty cool jewelry, not to mention matching leggings (which are also subtle but beautifully different). Featuring three-quarter length sleeves, a sweetheart neckline, and an eye-catching spider-skull on the chest, this horror dress is beautifully distinctive and sure to catch eyes everywhere.

Thursdays Poison Flare Dress

horror dresses

At first glance, this dress might look ordinary from the back but get a bit closer, and you’ll notice the unique spider web collar. From the front, the collar is on full display, combined with skull buttons down the front, and ‘Poison’ written on the chest. This dress combines some fun elements, with skulls and spiders working together to make a great design. You could add a final element of bats, with a pop of color, if you’d like some extra coverage in winter weather. A classic style and shape with a one-of-a-kind design, this dress is sure to be noticed, no matter where you go, making sure that your uniqueness is unmistakable.

What are some of your favorite holiday looks? Share them with us in the comments section below!