Pandemic allowing horror writers to re-create genre

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It’s the start of a new decade and we’re all busy exploring what it means to truly feel helpless. Before the existence of COVID-19 and the restrictions that came with it, writers and authors would develop their scripts and story plots by putting themselves into the make-believe shoes of fictional characters. Even movies and books that were based on true events required them to do a little digging for accuracy. However, with the turn of events at the start of this new decade, most of us are now able to mildly relate to the transgressions of a somewhat apocalyptic world and this may be a factor that changes the makeup of future horror installments. After all, we’ve all had a small taste of what it means to live through a pandemic!  

While the coronavirus isn’t quite the same as the blown out of proportion, zombie-like viruses that cause end-of-the-world narratives in popular horror movies, it does explore forces that are beyond societal control and reinforces the cause and belief system of the general population. Nevertheless, horror may be starting to give out new senses of comfort and suffering as 2020 continues to explore what it means to feel truly helpless and how it feels to follow the aligned rules set out by many governments without having an end in sight. So, it looks like horror could be looking inward to these real-life concerns and re-writing them to create a famous subgenre that will be remembered by the generations that lived through COVID-19. 

It’s difficult to be living at a time where things are uncertain

We’ve been living in this age of small gatherings, consistent hand-washing, and masked errand running and for the most part, we’re trusting that our lives will eventually get back to normal. But, since pandemics have a way of making us think twice about external threats like visits from a stranger and the germs of those around you, this could change the makeup of films to come because we will suffer from this warmth of familiarity. While we’re all trying to make sense of what’s going on in the world in any way that we can to keep our grip on reality, this means that we’re more open to sharing our anxieties, depressive states, and overall sense of madness with those around us. So, thank goodness for well-developed technology becoming an appendage and keeping us communicating with those outside of our social bubbles. 

On the other hand, we’re told to follow the rules and regulations that are set out by the top health authorities, and that if we’re upstanding citizens, those in charge of protecting us will do their best to keep us safe. However, horror movies have refuted this idea in the past by portraying governments as corrupt and experimental, distorting the reality of the flip side with the incompetence of those in charge of decision-making. How can one fix things without knowing how to even start making the changes? It will be interesting to look back on all we have learned when we settle into our new normal. 

New decade, new rules, and new horror memorabilia  

We expect that this decade will deal with the scariness of ineptitude because 2020 has broken down the fourth wall. How can writers go back to just depicting typical ghosts, goblins, monsters, and strangers, when we know the potential for the unexpected to lurk around the corner? After all, 2020 has become the ultimate jump scare! 

Nevertheless, spooktacular fans won’t be able to forget the classics, which makes horror memorabilia from the old normal more sought after and valuable. Get your claws on the latest and greatest horror memorabilia from and start a collection that is the envy of everyone you know!

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How to embrace every element of the spooky season

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Changing leaves and crisp, cool air shouldn’t be the only indicators telling you that Halloween is on its way. In fact, if you haven’t sought after where to buy horror collectibles in Las Vegas and beyond, you clearly aren’t unwinding and embracing the spirit of the season to its fullest. So, hang on tight, ghouls as we dive into some of the best, devilish activities for embellishing the most dreadful holiday of the year. 

Catch up on your favorite horror movies

Whether you feel safe enough to attend a local theatre showing of some time-honored flicks or you possess an assorted collection of horror and Halloween-themed films at your disposal, nothing quite rings in the spooky season like a few candle-lit evenings spent watching some terrifying classics. 

While many horror aficionados revel in the idea of blood and gore, others want to enjoy the weeks leading up to Halloween with their families. So, be entertained by our suggested list of movies featuring some of your most beloved foes.

Horror movies for adults: 

Horror movies for kids:

Listen to some festive tunes

Although the holiday season is better known for its joyful hymns, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be chipper when listening to the classic soundtracks from the spooky season. So, why not create the ultimate Halloween tune playlist on YouTube and crank up your speakers to the likes of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and “The Monster Mash”? 

Get decorating

If you haven’t already, it’s time for you to start placing some spider webs and boo-tiful window decals in and around your crypt. Other items such as tombstones, pumpkin lights, and monsters on a stake are fun, inviting decorations that can be left until closer to Halloween to ensure that they aren’t stolen from the grounds of your haunted house. 

Whether you stick to a theme or aim to create a ghostly graveyard, once mid-October hits, your house should be like something straight out of a horror movie. So, regardless if you currently own tubs full of Halloween decor, you’re probably wondering where to buy more horror collectibles in Las Vegas and beyond, which is why Nightmare Toys has you covered. If you don’t live locally, our online website is available for your purchasing needs 24/7, offering prompt, global shipping options. It’s okay, you can scream!

What else do you do to celebrate the spooky season? Drop some suggestions for other readers below. 


Which masks in horror cinema are the most memorable?

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Since the start of the pandemic, wearing masks has become the new normal, which was already part of the orderly routine of some of our favorite horror villains. While non-medical face masks are helping the world to slow the spread of COVID-19, we’re pretty certain that none of these face coverings are as spooktacular and memorable as those in horror cinema. Read below to find out how three of the most cherished masked villains got their claws on their emblematic facial coverings.   

Jason Voorhees’ hockey mask

Before Jason acquired his iconic goaltender’s mask, the first installment (1980) and Part II (1982) he wore a burlap sack over his head that possessed a single eyehole. However, having lost his battle in Part III (1982), and his “mask”, after his struggle against victims Paul Holt and Ginny Field, Jason was forced to upgrade to a new look to cover his mauled face. He stole a Detroit Red Wings hockey mask which possessed a red arrowhead triangle between the eye holes and two red triangles on either side of the nose, pointing upwards diagonally towards the eyes. Later, that same mask would gain a diagonal crack above the left eye hole from the brunt force of an ax thrown by Chris Higgins. 

Another interpretation surfaced in the reboot version of Friday the 13th (2009), showing that the Camp Crystal Lake mass murderer acquired his hockey mask from the character Donnie, who tore off Jason’s burlap sack. The enraged sociopath killed him and shortly after, found a Detroit Red Wings hockey mask inside a nearby crate, tried it on, and looked into the mirror. It mimicked the exact mask from Part III, although it was dingier with dirt and appeared to be more worn-out and faded than the original

Whether you’re an admirer of the Friday the 13th franchise or simply a diehard fan of the sport of hockey, there’s no denying that Jason’s iconic mask is among the most memorable and often purchased by the supporters who buy horror masks online!  

Michael Myers’ white mask

Halloween franchise buffs know that Michael Myers murders his teenage sister Judith on Halloween night in 1963. However, many forget that his iconic white mask isn’t used until he escapes Smith’s Grove Sanitarium 15-years-later. While his first slaying was orchestrated behind a funny clown mask with greenish-blue eyeshadow and a bright red nose, cheeks, and chin, his future massacres would be conducted using the time-honored expressionless, featureless, white mask

In the original film of the series (1978), Michael escapes the mental institution to return to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois. Upon his breakout, Michael stole some Halloween masks, some rope, and a knife from Nichol’s Hardware Store, the same shop where his mom had purchased his clown costume all those years ago. 

While Michael continues to wear the same style of mask throughout the franchise, each film has a slightly different version to fit the actor wearing it. 

The hauntingly blank mask mimics Captain Kirk’s death mask from Star Trek, although, slightly altered to create an ominous look for the killer. Those who buy horror masks online have the choice between which “The Shape” mask they order, dependent upon their collection and personal taste towards the cherished movie. 

Ghostfaces’ scream mask 

While the identity of Ghostface varies between the eight sociopaths within the franchise, the mask is a symbol for the town of Woodsboro, and horror fans everywhere. 

The earliest film of the Scream franchise was released in 1996, 5 years after the “Ghostface”  or “The Peanut-Eyed Ghost” costume first gained popularity among consumers as a Halloween ensemble. Consisting of a rubber white mask with black eyes, nose, and mouth, and a black, cloth-like material that is used as a hooded-robe with faux-tatters to drape over the arms and trim of the outfit, the novelty costume was easily purchasable and super common, creating the possibility for anyone to be the killer during the Woodsboro slayings. 

Since Ghostface is rarely depicted as speaking, the personality and physical attributes are universal among killers who wear the costume, such as the ritualistic cleaning of the knife after each kill, the slashing of the throat of victims, the almost superhuman strength, and the rare grunt and groans when he/she is injured. 

How about you? Have you ever concealed your identity behind the mask of this taunting villain? 

Which of the above three masks has been most memorable for you? Drop a comment below to share with our other readers. 

Why are so many horror movies set in the ‘80s?

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Many time-honored horror franchises have been killin’ it since the ‘80s, including Halloween, Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare On Elm Street, but have you ever wondered why the genre’s modern movies and TV series also remain trapped in the past? Maybe it’s the absence of cell phones and social media that encourage villains to continue to terrorize this fond decade, but we’re invested in getting to the bottom of this period of favoritism! 

Nostalgia for fans

Whether you lived through the vibrance of the ‘80s or your childhood was strongly influenced by the decade, it’s easy to become consumed by sentimental longing for something from our pasts; especially if this nostalgia brings you happiness. The entire style that hung over the decade, from the culmination of music, movies, and games, defined the pop culture of the time and there’s no arguing that films who manage to open this time capsule transport the audience to a simpler time where bold colors and permed hair were the trending styles and Walkmans, along with cable TV, were the epitome of technology. Even the small, suburban neighborhoods where everyone knew each other are part of the plot sequences that would build upon this false sense of security, a facade that slasher films love! After all, no one locks their doors or expects anything to happen in these tiny, boring communities. 

So, whether it’s a classic franchise that’s stuck in time or a new wave of horror embracing the decade, it’s clear there’s a reason you can buy horror collectibles online featuring friends and foes from the ‘80s. 

A connection to historic events

Some of the popularity that stems from the 1980s can be blamed on nostalgia and the desire for a seemingly simpler time, however, more often than not, it’s based on the interest of the historical events that occurred during the decade. There were many real-life serial killers, such as Richard Ramirez (The Night Stalker), Jeffrey Dahmer (The Cannibal Killer), and Joseph Christopher (The Midtown Slasher) and rumors of satanic cults and ritual abuse. So, in a way, the lack of modern computer technology spread the fear of real-life horror, which film and TV series later utilized to develop insane plots. Now, we buy horror collectibles online to idolize the historic events of the decade by adding action figures or plush to our home’s decor

Are there any other reasons that horror movies may still be utilizing the power of the ‘80s? Drop a comment below to contribute to the conversation.

Research suggests that horror flick fans are better at coping with the coronavirus pandemic

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We buy horror collectibles online and watch films about dangerous viral outbreaks to live a vicariously thrilling experience. Whether it’s because we enjoy morbid entertainment, or simply as a form of escapism, scientists believe that horror fans are better equipped to handle the current state of the world. According to a recent study, when death and disaster come knocking at our doors, we possess the special inhibition of morbid curiosity which has left us more prepared to deal with the intensities, mentally and physically, of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s dive into this interesting avenue of research!   

The study

Horror fans rejoice, an inquiry conducted by the University of Chicago entitled, “An Infectious Curiosity: Morbid Curiosity and Media Preferences During a Pandemic” found that those who adorned movies and TV that featured flesh-eating zombies, attacks by aliens, and infectious diseases that change the ways of humanity, are far better at coping in times of crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The participants of the study were gathered through the use of Prolific, an online recruitment tool that provides a diverse sample pool, high-quality data, and fair pay compared to other data collection platforms. Of the 126 participants, 62 were women, 64 were men, and their ages ranged between 18 and 73 years, with most falling between 18 and 50. The data was collected on March 22, 2020. 

The test subjects were asked to complete two questionnaires, the Morbid Curiosity Scale and a Disgust Scale-Revised, where they answered questions about their interest in coronavirus, how threatened they felt by coronavirus, and reported their current interest (compared to usual) in six different genres of film and TV shows: scary/supernatural, mystery/thriller, pandemic/virus, romance, adventure/action, and comedy. 

What was the result?

After a state of emergency was declared in mid-March by most countries worldwide, apocalyptic-type films surged in popularity as a response to the impact coronavirus has had on daily life. In that same time, borders shut down, flights ceased operations, and globally, citizens were told to stay home, unless there was a necessity to leave. However, while many people were panic buying and fearmongering, horror fans (who had previously spent time placing themselves into the perspectives of their favorite characters) were more prepared to deal with real-life emergencies and were also considered to be more resilient to in dealing with preparations and lock-down protocols. 

Participants who were more likely to buy horror collectibles online because they’re partial to the horror genre appeared less upset by the crisis than the majority, and the ones who enjoyed films and TV shows where society collapses were ranked as more resilient and able to plan in terms of mental and practical preparation because they’ve seen it done a hundred times in movies, feeling less caught off-guard. 

What are your thoughts on the above study? Drop a comment below before perusing to buy horror collectibles online and start a conversation. 


Some new horror films you may have missed post-quarantine

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Many of us miss the thrilling, pictorial experience we receive from watching a horror film on the big screen, but amid a real-life pandemic, fans are making due by buying horror movies online to watch from the safety of their crypts. Nevertheless, as devoted admirers of the genre, we understand the need to fill your soul with something kooky and refreshing, which is why we thought you would appreciate knowing about the movies that have slipped through the cracks and out into the world of horror post-quarantine. 

Black Water: Abyss 

If you missed this relaxing return to the big screen, you might want to consider renting it for a stay-at-home movie night. Inspired by true events, the first installment entitled, Black Water, was released 13-years-ago and also involved a beast and some nasty bites. However, Black Water: Abyss, follows a group of spelunkers to an uncharted caving system in the forests of Northern Australia. As a tropical storm approaches, the band of adventure-lovers are forced to abseil into the mouth of the cave to take shelter underground. Although, when the cave starts to flood, tensions amid the group arise as they find themselves lost, disoriented, and trapped in the depths of a giant, ominous cave. The cavers soon discover they aren’t the only beings displaced by the storm, as the danger mounts and hungry crocodiles pit the friends against each other in a fight for survival. 

The Wretched

Looking for a flick that pays homage to ‘80s horror? The Wretched was initially supposed to be released in May, but instead, this atmospheric chiller skyrocketed to America’s number one film by making a debut at drive-ins across the country! So, while you were busy binging a run-of-the-mill Netflix special, you could have been witnessing the malevolence of this wicked witch subgenre. The film sets the scene with a rebellious teenage boy named Ben, who’s sent to a small town for the summer to live with his Dad, post-divorce. Between working the marina and fending off the preppy locals, he discovers the neighbors next door are acting out of the ordinary, as their amnestic presence leads him to believe a sinister spirit has taken possession of their bodies and is now preying upon children to wipe away their existence. Chilling and suspenseful, there are a lot of dark corners found in the events followed by this terrifying plot sequence. 


For fans who enjoy films with a speculative and futuristic concept, there was a new science fiction horror installment that was released onto video on demand (VOD)! The movie Shifter deviated from its original release date in March due to COVID-19 but is ready to shock viewers with a supernatural experience from the comforts of their homes. The story follows the painful and gruesome side effects of an experiment gone wrong after a young woman accidentally travels through time. It pushes the boundaries of horror and sci-fi and is bound to excite the senses! Who knows? You may even find yourself buying this horror movie online to add to your ever-growing collection of grim flicks! 

Which of the above horror films are you most excited about? Drop a comment below to share with other readers. 

How knowledgeable are you about the Evil Dead franchise?

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Whether you’re apart of the original mayhem which sprang forth into all kinds of nightmarish mayhem 30-years-ago, or you only recently discovered the otherworldly film after hearing passages from the flesh-strewn book of the dead in the newest installment of the franchise, chances are some diabolical details lie unknown about the history of these feature-length classics. So, for those horror-loving maniacs looking to learn about a series of movies that revolutionized the genre, read along and join the ultimate ranks of other diehard Deadites! 

The Evil Dead wasn’t the first or only title choice

Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and some other friends were regularly making both non-horror and horror-related short films before the production of The Evil Dead which is likely one of the reasons they scraped the original title of the film. While there’s no arguing that The Evil Dead is a catchy name, some alternative headings to the cult-followed horror classic were “Book of the Dead”, “These Bitches are Witches”, “The Evil Dead Men”, “The Evil Dead Women”, “Fe-Monsters”, and “Blood Flood”. 

While many of the above names sound gruesomely cool, we think that the right name was chosen. Take a look at some of The Evil Dead horror collectibles that we have for sale right now on

The actors smoked weed during one of the 1981 scenes

While it’s safe to assume that marijuana provided the filmmakers and performers with a hint of added inspiration, the reality is that their stoned, unruly behavior proved to be too much and was scraped from the script and replaced with a scene where the actors are listening to an old recording rather than smoking a joint.  

The franchise is Stephen King and Peter Jackson approved

Fans continue to love the relentless gore and dark humor of this low-budget franchise, but most don’t know that Stephen King gave the first film his stamp of approval at the 1982 Cannes Film Festival. Aside from making $29.4 million worldwide, The Evil Dead has received a glowing review from director Peter Jackson, citing that it was one of his biggest influences — “It made me think, God I could do that… here comes a horror movie that somebody of a similar age made with a 16mm camera”. 

The 2013 Evil Dead remake contains Easter eggs for the diehard fans

Aside from accumulating a considerable amount of The Evil Dead horror collectibles, overenthusiastic admirers of the franchise flocked to theatres in 2013 to watch their favorite supernatural classic unfold before their eyes with the help of modern production technologies. Nevertheless, screenplay writers did not disappoint and included lots of hidden Easter eggs for the franchise’s biggest fans. One example was the scene where there was a deck of cards spread across the ground inside of the cabin, each card facing up represents one that character Cheryl, says before she is devilishly possessed: “Two of spades! Jack of diamonds! Jack of clubs!” 

Which movie is your favorite installment within The Evil Dead franchise? Drop a comment below to start a conversation with our other readers. 


Delight your peepers with some fun facts about Jeepers Creepers

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While most admirers of the genre possess a few Jeepers Creepers’ horror collectibles, there’s no better feeling for a gore aficionado than being the most knowledgeable fan and scoring some juicy, behind-the-scenes facts about their favorite, gruesome flicks. So, since everyone loves a winged creature that feasts on the flesh and body parts of humans, here’s your opening to learn about the intriguing elements that bring the Creeper to life. Who knows? Your Jeepers Creepers’ horror collectibles might be looking a little light after you discover these exciting details behind the bloodcurdling plot.  

The opening scene bears a striking resemblance to an episode of “Unsolved Mysteries” 

While director Victor Salva has said that the film is complete fiction, hard-core fans believe that the first 20 minutes closely resembles a 1991 episode of the TV series, Unsolved Mysteries. The show documents cold cases and paranormal phenomena to encourage the audience to provide information that may help to solve unexplained events. The specific episode in question centered around the case of Dennis DePue, a Michigan man who allegedly killed his wife in 1990 and dumped her body behind an abandoned school. 

How did the opening of Jeepers Creepers mirror the above case? Well, the eyewitness account of a couple cited on the series and the first scene has a lot in common — two people driving down the road playing license-plate name games and their pursuit by a mysterious vehicle. While individual shots from the film also resemble shots from the TV episode, the obvious differences are that the vehicle from the true account is a van rather than a truck and the derelict building was a school rather than a creepy church located along a deserted highway. 

The Creeper’s truck was really a piece of junk 

The very large, rusted 1941 Chevrolet Heavy-Duty COE (Cab Over Engine) delivery truck was as decrepit in real life as it was in the horror film. The exhaust system didn’t work, and after every take, the driver had to open the door to let out a cloud of smoke.  

The “deserted” highway wasn’t peaceful enough

The memorable movie was shot in Ocala, northern Florida, and the stretch of road that much of the filming took place on wasn’t muffled enough for Scala’s vision. So, to create the deserted ambiance the horror filmed needed, local homeowners were asked to uproot their mailboxes temporarily to allow for filming. 

The church was actually abandoned

The small chapel above the Creeper’s lair was a real abandoned church that stood at 3602 SW 110th Avenue. After the film’s success in 2001, it became a popular tourist attraction, only to mysteriously burn down a short time after.  

Which of the above Jeepers Creepers facts do you find most interesting? Drop a comment below to share with others. 


Did you know these horror films were based on true events?

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There’s nothing scarier than a horror movie that’s based on true events, with everything from known serial killers to enigmatic, metaphysical experiences making it hard for you to sleep at night. Nevertheless, since the macabre is our most beloved genre, we all possess that unnerving craving to choose a film that goes bump in the night, so why not peruse our “horror movies for sale” section and select one that will make you want to lock your doors tonight? 

The Amityville Horror (1979)

While the 1970s is famous for the rise of disco and bell-bottomed jeans, the iconic era also gave life to a pop culture flick that would forever be worshiped within the horror genre. The Amityville Horror is a tragic film that follows the tale of a gruesome mass murder in a demon-infested house filled with menacing, shadowy figures and while this book-to-movie memoir is every horror aficionado’s dream, shivers are likely sent right up the spine when fans discover that many of the details are based on true events. 

It has been said that evil lies within the walls of the colonial mansion which resides in the small town of Amityville, Long Island, New York. The estate became a massacre site after Ronald J. DeFeo Jr. murdered six members of his family in 1974, allowing the Lutz family to purchase the home at a drastically reduced price 13-months-later. Lasting only 28 days because of the unnerving paranormal activity, the Lutz’ got out like the house suggested and told the world their story about living amongst oozing walls and levitation. So, while there are still many people that question the tale’s validity, none have been able to prove the celestial phenomenon to be fake, forcing the home to re-sell five times since, way below market value. 

The Conjuring (2013)

It seems that the roaring ‘70s was the decade of macabre happenings, with yet another paranormal phenomenon that only recently manifested into a horror movie for sale on our website! Following the accounts of supernatural investigators and demonologists Lorraine and Ed Warren, this spectral franchise commences with the tale of a secluded farmhouse where evil has made its presence known. 

The inspiration for The Conjuring really took off when a case recording from the Warrens revealed the story of the Perron family and the escalated haunting that took place over their 10 years living in Harrisville, Rhode Island. The main ghost ravaging the family was Bathsheba Sherman, a farmer’s housewife that was known in local folklore to be a worshiper of the occult. However, public records also showed eight generations of suicide, rape, and recorded deaths on the property since the start of its construction. 

Do you know any other genre favorites that were based on frightful true events? Drop them down below for some ghastly conversation. 



Part 2: More filming locations from your favorite horror flicks

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If all this time in social isolation has given you anything it’s the additional time needed to enjoy all of your favorite horror movie classics. So, while you’re currently stuck at home inside the devilish darkness that you’ve created, there are still outings in your futures to look forward to. Whether it’s by the summer, fall, winter, or the afterlife, start planning your next getaway with a horror filming location in mind! If you don’t find one below that suits you, have a read through our first list of suggestions in a previous online submission

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Frank N. Furter mansion

Where: Windsor Rd., Water Oakley, Windsor, SL4 5UR, UK 

Just because this musical comedy isn’t ripe with colossally frightening moments, doesn’t mean that it lacks the blood, guts, and gore that you look for in a horror film. In fact, its cult following has led many fans down the empty stretch of road to the house that symbolizes a spooky lair of grand oddities. Nevertheless, while the real-life mansion won’t have a transvestite scientist at its gates, you’re able to spend the night at the country-British structure that was transformed into a fully functioning hotel after the film. So, guess it’s safe to say you could have a better time than newlyweds Brad and Janet! 

The Fog: Paranormal Lighthouse 

Where: Inverness, California, 94937 

Those who prefer the 1980’s classic over the version that was released in 2005 will be happy to learn that the lighthouse from the film sits at Point Reyes, with a steep, 308-step walk right down to its doors. The best part about visiting this attraction from the beloved horror feature is that the area is known for being covered in thick fog! So, be sure to visit the location between midnight and one and if eeriness ensues, remember to “get inside and lock your doors. Close your windows. There’s something in the fog.” 

Nevertheless, even though this John Carpenter installment is overshadowed by more successful franchises like Halloween, that doesn’t mean there aren’t horror movie collectibles paying homage to its undying existence. 

Hannibal: Palazzo Vecchio

Where: Piazza della Signoria, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy 

Italy is a country of architectural wonder and if you’re also devoted to the story of an infamous, cannibalistic serial killer, then a stopover in Florence is a bone-chilling must for you! The famous Piazza della Signoria is known for being home to a copy of Michelangelo’s David, but it was also once used as the filming location to a gruesome murder scene from the 2001 flick, Hannibal. Do you remember the spectacle with gastrointestinal organs on display over the railings of a grand balcony? Well, the death of Chief Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi was shot at this monumental location and the best part is that you can bring your horror movie collectibles along to reenact the time-honored performance! 

Which of the above filming locations have you added to your bucket list? Drop a comment below if there’s one that you know of that we haven’t covered. 


Hair-raising horror movie techniques that make our hearts pound

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horror movie collectibles

Obtaining horror movie collectibles galore will fill your display shelves, but the true representation of your fandom rests with your knowledge of the genre’s films. After all, with such an abundance of gruesome techniques that can be found sprinkled throughout, both dark and demonic, only a well-versed horror enthusiast will engage with the physical and psychological connections that give this industry such an unnerving scare-ability. So, behold three of our favorite horror movie techniques used time and time again to get your hearts pumping. 


Regardless of whether you feel jump-scares are a technique that’s overused or underrated, the reality is that this pioneer tactic is a well-used element within the horror film industry. While most movie-goers enjoy a cinematic experience, with a large screen and loud surround-sound, you can create the same atmosphere at home in a dark room, making each situation equally as eerie. The best part is that even though it’s easy to know when to expect in these dramatic scenes, based on the chilling acoustics and the anticipation leading up to the sequence, the sudden appearance of a murderous villain or mangled body will still have you jump right out from your seat. So, not only does this technique get your blood pumping, but it works as a cheap scare that often leads to nothing, but makes your stimulus very aware of your surroundings. Thus, this type of technique is used a lot in slasher films, such as both the Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street franchises. 


Camera angles make all the difference, as they allow us to see only the elements that the director wants us to see. Essentially, the camera reduces or strengthens the brightness of the screen, which makes it easy for filmmakers to play around with elements that make our horror-loving heart’s pump, such as accentuated shadows, the capture of mysterious encounters on screen, or an overwhelmed audience dreading the potential to have something appear. This type of framing is used a lot in paranormal films, such as The Conjuring Universe franchise. 

Mirrors and reflections

The cinema world has long since used mirrors and reflections to illuminate and visualize depth in a scene or character, so why would horror movies be any different? In fact, the horror genre has grabbed hold of this technique and used it in its raw form as a means of building suspense and as a tactic to draw the audience’s attention away from other elements in a tension-building scene. Mirrors have also been illustrations of wrongness, superstition (when cracked) and a bridge in the gap of normalcy (one character sees a face, another doesn’t). So, it’s easy to see why so many horror movie collectibles are crafted to depict classic scenes involving this visual technique, like the latest installment, IT: Chapter Two, where Pennywise is stalking the young boy in the funhouse of mirrors. Nevertheless, while reflective surfaces will only continue to be a horror technique, embellished as a prop for spooktacular scenery, they also have the power to illustrate a connection between reality and the degeneration of sanity in your favorite, time-honored characters. 

What is your horror movie that depicts one of the above classic techniques? Drop a comment below to compare with other readers. 



April horror releases that will give you the chills

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horror action figures

Just because COVID-19 has shut down movie theatres for the moment, doesn’t mean you can’t anticipate some soon-to-be-released flicks! After all, nothing can get you more excited than the apprehension of prospecting classic and there’s a chance that one of all of these installments could become horror masterpieces. So, let’s take a look at April’s gruesome lineup. 

The New Mutants (April 1, 2020)

The evolving battles between good and evil are what closely associates both Superhero movies and horror flicks, and likely is why there’s a contemporary genre that flourished mixing the two. So, if you’re one of the many fans who relish this cinematic revolution, then you may want to check out the latest installment, The New Mutants. As a part of this enduring, horror sub-genre, the film follows a group of five teen mutants who are discovering their inhuman abilities transforming into a wolf, an invulnerable capacity to propel into the air, and the ability to create fearsome illusions — while locked up and being monitored in a facility against their will. So, since this film was based on a Marvel Comic of the same name, it will be interesting to see how the action of the movie unfolds. 

The Lurker (April 14, 2020) 

It’s hard for horror fans to not feel reeled in by such a creep-tastic title, which is why instead of fighting your angst for a great horror film, why not give in to its demonic plot sequence? Although there’s yet to be some horror action figures sculpted on behalf of this installment, there’s a lot to anticipate when it comes to jump-scares and unknowing holes in the narrative. Thus, while you may think that each characters’ disappearance is simply a part of their theatre performance, you’ll soon realize that what lurks in the darkness is knocking them off one at a time. Also, this movie was inspired by some ‘80s slasher classics, which is why you should be paying tribute by admiring how it mirrors time-honored favorites. 

Antebellum (April 22, 2020)

Everyone loves a good horror drama which is why this upcoming installment is worth adding to your must-watch list. To set the scene, armed guards are monitoring the cotton fields of a 1700s plantation, and an identified object flashes across the sky. What is it? We don’t know. But, from the trailer, we can only predict that the characters are about to be haunted by an evil entity that chooses who it will prey upon. The spookiest part? The main character seems to be able to shift across spaces and time? You’ll be sleeping with one eye open after you cast your focus on this horror flick!

While you’re shopping for some new horror action figures, why not drop a comment below to tell other readers which movie you’re most excited about?

You Can Visit These 4 Filming Locations from Your Favorite Horror Movies

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While many new-age films heavily rely on special effects and computer-generated monsters, there are still some longstanding horror movies who stepped up their efforts to scare aplenty! So, if you’re ready for a road trip or if you’ll simply be in the area, why not tease your horror-loving heart by paying a visit to a filming location from some of the most devilishly chilling classics? Yes, they do really exist! 

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Elm Street house

Where: 1428 N Genesee Ave, Los Angeles, California 90046

Are there any Freddy Krueger fans out there? Well, you’ll be alarmed to learn that the house first introduced as Nancy Thompson’s family home in the ‘84 original film, which continued its use in the seven installments that followed, is a real place that’s located in Los Angeles, California. While its current condition isn’t something out of one of your nightmares, this vibrant filming location looks identical from the street view, featuring the iconic blood-red door and green roof shingles. While you may be disheartened by the fact that the 1428 residence doesn’t reside on Elm Street, you will shriek with excitement when you catch a glimpse at the home where Freddy started his murderous rampage. 

Halloween: Michael Myers’ house 

Where: North of 1000 Mission St, South Pasadena, California, on the east side of Meridian Ave

Your horror movie props and Michael Myers’ memorabilia could have a fun photo shooting opportunity outside of this haunting movie location. Just a short drive away from the Elm Street house resides the residence where your favorite boogeyman committed his first act of murder. As one of the most recognizable locations in the franchise, the Myers’ house is a Chiropractic Center and unless you’re seeking adjustments from one of the doctors, dedicated fans will have to sneak a peek of the building from across the street. 

The Shining: Overlook Hotel

Where: 27500 E Timberline Road, Government Camp, Oregon, 97028

Unlike the two above filming locations, The Timberline Lodge in Northern Oregon is open to the public and since its distinct architecture was used as the exterior image for the infamous Overlook Hotel, it’s worth a pilgrimage up Mt. Hood to have a look and snap a shot! Horror aficionados flock to the lodge to set their sights on this Stephen King masterpiece, in fact, this vibrant ski resort has become quite the pop culture phenomenon, with staff welcoming fans to enjoy the full “Shining” experience. So, bring your horror movie props and plan your visit around one of the hotel’s Shining-themed parties, where the Grady Twins can be seen roaming the halls! 

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The gas station 

Where: 1073 TX-304, Bastrop, Texas 78602 

Another popular spot that embraces the hype of being a horror movie filming location is the gas-station-barbecue-joint that was featured in the cult classic, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. “We Slaughter Barbecue” was once an abandoned, road-side gas station and after the hit film grossed over 30 million, entrepreneurs purchased the property and turned it into a horror-themed restaurant full of Leatherface memorabilia and other horror movie props. Those looking for the ultimate frightful experience can even stay in some spooktacular cabins out behind the station! So, come for the food and stay for the horror-ific experience.

Will you be making a trip to visit any of the above horror movie filming locations? Drop a comment below to let us know which ones you will be visiting. 

Horror movie date night? Which films are premiering this month?

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If you and your favorite ghoul are looking for the perfect date night movie packed with all the scary elements, then you’ll want to head to the closest cinema to check out some of the best horror movies of 2020. March has a terror-ific combo of diversified horror, with everything from imprisonment and torture to chilling monsters, so, you’re bound to find a bloodcurdling film that will tantalize your otherworldly desires. After all, only the pitch-black darkness of a movie theatre can frighten the most seasoned horror lover. 

Beneath Us (March 6, 2020) 

Hitting the big screens today is the slasher-torture film, Beneath Us, which depicts controversial themes such as immigration and white supremacy. Nevertheless, this genre installment follows a group of construction worker’s worst nightmares, as four undocumented immigrants fight for their lives after being imprisoned underground by the rich couple who hired them. Claustrophobia, entrapment, and prevailing colonial attitudes are just a few themes that are flagged amidst this movie’s plot sequence. 

The Hunt (March 13, 2020) 

Are you familiar with the 1924 short story, “The Most Dangerous Game”? Well, this exciting action-horror is loosely based on the same social upheaval elitist businessmen and women hunting lower-class citizens for sport. Nevertheless, while The Hunt is a film that mirrors the conspiracy theory enveloped around big-game hunting, it also addresses issue-oriented politics in America, such as the great divide between the wealthy and the impoverished. While this cinematic feature wouldn’t usually make our must-watch, horror movie list, it’s a sick, murder fantasy that glorifies violence to the max, so why not? 

A Quiet Place Part II (March 20, 2020)

Projected to be one of the best horror movies of 2020, A Quiet Place Part II follows the deadly events of the prequel, the gripping horror that made it clear that if they hear you, they hunt you. So, it’s safe to say that fans can expect to find the same silent chills in this second, fearsome installment. If you remember, the end of the first film signified that the monster’s weakness was high-frequency sound, so it appears that the new feature will focus on the events following and how the Abbott family will be forced to face the terrors of the unknown, including unforeseen horrors of this new, dystopic world. 

Will you be checking any of the above horror films from your March must-watch list? Drop a comment below to start a conversation.

Did you know these grueling details about the predator storyline?

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Diehard fans have presumably watched all Predator installments a few times over and although this franchise is rife with questions, shrouding mystery on supernatural possibilities, the series continues to pump out science fiction sequences to slot into the never-ending, science fiction timeline. Nevertheless, with six films spanning over 30 years, it can be easy to get lost by some aspects of the greatest race of hunters, so, grip your Predator action figures tightly as we’re about to clear up some complicated elements of this popular film franchise. 

What exactly is a Predator? 

Also known as the Yautja or Hish-Qu-Ten, Predators are a race of extraterrestrial creatures that enjoy hunting for sport and come well-equipped with elaborate armor that’s designed to help them track their prey. While these supernatural warriors possess a strong desire to kill, they often bypass non-threatening victims and instead opt for ones with skilled strength so that each skull added to their human trophy collection comes with a twisted sense of honor. While they typically hunt in packs of three, Predators have the power to turn invisible during combat and their helmet is designed to see heat signatures that are far away from their visual spectrum. 

Where do they come from? 

While there isn’t a lot that’s known about the origin of Predators, since they possess a tribe mentality (hunting in packs), it’s believed that these creatures likely have a system of hierarchy and culture. So, even though we don’t know which planet or world they originated in, we do know that this species has a warrior class that hunts, suggesting that it’s for honor or even some sort of political power — removes the mask to show respect and self-destructs to eliminate the trace of a failed hunt. 

The franchise’s take on what pyramids were for

The 2004 installment, Alien vs. Predator revealed that the Predator species arrived in ancient Egypt first and helped the people to construct the wondrous pyramids. Believing they were gods, in exchange, the people provided human sacrifices to the warrior species and used their bodies to grow implanted embryos of the subspecies, Xenomorphs — created by Predators as worthwhile prey. So, hungry for the hunt, every 100 years henceforth, Predators have returned to Earth to hunt and battle these beings. This installment, arguably, provides the largest glimpse into their culture, implying that humans who manage to slaughter a Predator are seen as heroic and are offered weapons as trophies for their successful kills. 

Predators are evolving

The 2018 installment, The Predators, reveals that these intelligent warriors are quickly evolving to genetically enhanced hunters, which means that through the collection of human DNA and chromosomes from other animal species, they have successfully created Predator hybrids in hopes of starting a ground-level war.  

Despite the franchise being placed on hold after the disappointment of the latest film, the series is still very alive and well, with numerous Predator action figures and relics making their way into keepsake collections. 

Which of the six Predator flicks haunts your nightmares? Drop a comment below to start a conversation.


The most chilling content in your favorite horror films

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best horror films

For those who don’t know, Easter eggs are hidden messages, characters, images or sounds that hold some of a film’s best-kept secrets and since they’re sprinkled in the least obvious places, they often encourage fans to re-watch the movies to hunt them down and interpret their meanings. So, if you’re a horror fan who enjoys combing through some of the most spooktacular scenes of the genre, then chances are the examples below are already on your radar, but if you’re someone who undeniably gets caught up in the hype of the chilling plot sequences, then you may have missed these clever cornerstones to some of the best horror films of all time. Needless to say, did you want to join our Easter egg hunt? 

The Exorcist (1973)

Just because this ‘70s classic is almost 50-years-old, doesn’t mean that it holds less of a place among other horror masterpieces. In fact, the effects are considered to be monumental for their time and paved the way for decades of inspiration for the best horror films! That being said, this demonic franchise has a few Easter eggs tucked away for the fan’s enjoyment. Director William Friedkin added subliminal sounds and images to the final cut of the movie to assist in keeping the audience on edge, even after they left the theatre. The vibrations of heavy machines operating and the resonance of buzzing bees were a couple of examples of what he used to trigger the unconscious fight-or-flight mechanisms of the human psyche. Also, frightening faces of evil beings were hidden throughout the entire film — too fast for the naked eye to spot, but prominent enough when the movie was placed on pause. So, if you’re a fan of this unnerving film, it’s worth orchestrating a re-watch to see what sounds and images you’re able to spot! Shop: Regan exorcist figure.

Saw (2004)

Many of the best horror films ever made focus on setting the scene to stir up terror among their audiences, whereas Saw shifted the spotlight onto other elements such as blood, gore, and the dispersal of fearsome clues. Nevertheless, the ending of the flick remains one of the most shocking plots in horror history, but if audiences paid attention in the first place, the hidden Easter eggs could have given away many of the story’s mysterious details. For example, do you remember the scene where John Kramer (Jigsaw) is brought to the hospital where Dr. Gordon works? Well, if you look closely at the frame, there is a sketchbook next to Kramer’s bed that shows the inner workings of an image closely resembling the infamous reverse beartrap contraption. Who knew this crafty serial killer had all the evidence to his plans right under our noses? 

IT: Chapter One (2017) 

While the king of horror has adapted many feature films, miniseries, television series, and comic books from his suspenseful, fiction novels, IT is arguably one of the most well-known, and terrifying, in the horror genre. Pennywise the dancing clown has a new look in his latest adaptation and this diabolical creature’s embellishments are not easy to forget. In fact, one of the Easter eggs in the first installment of the two-part movie is that he possesses this creepy ability to change his eye colour at will. While there are many features about Pennywise that make your skin crawl, his power to adjust his eye colour is part of his convincing, friendly nature since yellow would likely be associated as “evil”, blue represents just the amount of comfort Pennywise needs to convince his prey to inch a little bit closer! 

What are the best horror films containing otherworldly Easter eggs that you can name? Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 


How Did Freddy Krueger Become the Feared Killer We Know and Love?

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Freddy Krueger toys

Happy Valentine’s Day, ghouls! Since no one says “I love you” quite like Freddy Krueger, and because you’re all fans of things dark and demonic, why don’t we use this blog submission to explain some of the backstories of the man of your dreams? After all, with so many elements of the ‘80s having been left where they belong, in the past, this Wes Craven killer has managed to slay his way into the prominence of the mainstream horror audience, and let’s face, into our hearts for quite some time. So, hold onto your hats (Freddy fedora hat), and your Freddy Krueger toys,  because this relentless murderer has been through quite the wild ride! 

He is the son of 100 maniacs 

Freddy Krueger’s birth mom wasn’t revealed until the 1987 film, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, where Amanda Krueger (better known as Sister Mary Helena) found herself the victim of a horrifying mix-up. The nun worked at Hathaway House, an asylum for the criminally insane, and a few days before Christmas in 1941, she was locked inside the building alone for the holiday weekend. The high-security hospital was left unattended, so by the time she was found, she had already suffered at the hands of the inmates and was pregnant. Hence, the son of 100 maniacs. 

He had a troublesome childhood 

Now, if you were adopted out at birth and given to a deranged alcoholic, you might have considered your childhood to be somewhat of a nightmare in itself. So, understandably, Freddy was a psychologically disturbed kid, murdering the class hamster and often cutting himself with a razor blade. Needless to say, he underwent full-killer metamorphosis when he jammed that same razor blade into the eye socket of his abusive, adopted father. 

He was a family man 

Overcoming his horrible upbringing, Freddy started his young adult life marrying a woman named Loretta and starting a family. They had a daughter together named, Katherine. However, he could only tame his killer instincts for so long and soon began slaughtering the children of Springwood, Ohio, only to be referred to as the Springwood Slasher. Although he was able to hide his unquenchable bloodlust for a while, it became too much over time, especially after Loretta finds his cave of devilish macabre (a secret room in his family home where he kept weapons and newspaper clippings of his victims). Loretta was murdered, Freddy was arrested and Katherine was placed in foster care under a new identity.  

He was tortured and burned

While Freddy deserved his fate for the onslaught of more than two dozen children, the townspeople of Springwood only took it into their own hands because of the horrible American penal system. Thanks to a misplaced signature and a drunken judge, Freddy was let back out on the streets only to be trapped in a building by a vigilante mob, with a gasoline-burning fire around him. Facing death, he was approached by Dream Demons and offered the opportunity to carry on his sadistic ways, indefinitely.

It’s been almost 40 years and still, your favorite keeper of the dream realm is being revamped, rebooted, and re-imagined into a variety of Freddy Krueger toys, costumes, deluxe krueger mask and collectibles. 

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Can you name the horror movie these dysfunctional families are from?

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For those like yourself who revel in all things dark and mysterious, home is where the horror is and notably, this chilling genre has had no challenges expanding into the realm of family ties and unhealthy relationships. Whether it be an abusive parent, turmoil among siblings, or the trauma of being raised in a world of emotional dysfunction, the world of horror has created some of the most conspicuously, flawed family of foes this side of the loony-bin. So, if you’re feeling knowledgeable enough, claim your place in the ranks of fandom by naming the following films that depict these fearsome folks. 

#1: The murderous family stuck in a plastic prison 

This franchise sprang forth to the big screen in 1988 and has hence created seven more thrilling movie installments featuring the fiery serial killer we all know and love. Although he struggles with his forced imprisonment inside the creepy Good Guy Chucky Doll, this character never ceases to hide his devilish humor for some wicked bloodshed. Needless to say, Chucky isn’t the only sick, twisted individual in his family of decrepit dolls, Tiffany also possesses a murderous drive of her own, which together, was passed on to their offspring. In fact, their viciously volatile relationship extended into a feature film with a son/daughter added to the mix. Whether you call this character Glen or Glenda, it’s clear that using a voodoo amulet to resurrect your dead parents is almost a step above the typical definition of dysfunctional. 

So, if you’re a true fan of horror films, which Child’s Play flick includes all of these hair-raising misfits? 

#2: The clan of pure craziness 

There’s no question that a family this kooky belongs inside the walls of an insane asylum, but the Firefly clan still manages to find their sanity through the torture of kidnapped teenagers. Moreover, this twisted family tree features its own brand of devilish cruelty, and even when fighting, find unhealthy ways to display their affection. Hobbyist of maiming, murder and satanic experiences, this tribe of kin has a penchant for gruesome blood and gore and even some horror movie action figures to immortalize them as fearsome foes. 

Which horror film features this hellish clan?

#3: Grave robbing kith and kin 

Even estranged families should take the time to sit down to a home-cooked meal and if the household consists of a group of graverobbers, it wouldn’t be weird for barbecued human flesh to be the main dish on the menu. Nevertheless, one of the most dangerous, dysfunctional families in the horror world has got to be none other than the Sawyers’. Notably featured as collectible horror movie action figures, this group of miscreants isn’t capable of living in the boundaries of everyday society, which is why they reside out in the backyard boonies of the Texas wilderness. Wearing masks made from human skin, suckling blood and murdering tourists, this bunch is as bizarre as they’re murderous. 

Which horror film features this cannibalistic family? 

How many of the above horror movies families do you know and love? Drop a comment below to compare with our readers.

What Are the Most Frightening Elements that Make a Great Horror Movie?

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One of the best components of so many well-loved horror movies is their alarming ability to play into our inner-most fears by using familiar phobias, devilish elements such as jump-scares and chilling tunes as well as lots of blood, gore, and suspenseful periods that contribute to the overall built-up tension. Horror fans like yourself adore the rush you get from watching horror flicks and appreciate every minute that leads up to those moments of terror. So, since your brain operates out of pure instinct and love for the genre, you’ll enjoy reading this creep-tastic number to uncover why scary films delight your inner darkness — likely just as much as the grim horror movies action figures we sell. 

Fear of death

The idea of death is a haunting fear for many living beings. In fact, Thanatophobia is a word that can be used to describe this problematic woe, which embodies the fear of death or the fear of the dying process. While it’s natural for someone to worry about their health and mortality as they age, feelings of anxiety, distress, and dread begin to pile up the closer the older you get. So, for those who’re overwhelmed with the idea of death being just around the corner, horror movies provide the perfect pairing to trigger minor panic attacks, dizziness, sweating, and heart palpitations. Don’t those symptoms sound like the extremities you crave when watching your favorite flick? After all, is it really a horror movie if people don’t get killed…or at least come close? 

Fear of the dark

Nyctophobia is a fear that’s deeply rooted in our childhoods and is often triggered because of a lack of visual stimuli. While some people fear nightfall, others simply fear the shadowy darkness that capes their surroundings, disallowing them to see the scope of their environments. So, whether you’re scared of the dark itself, or what lurks within it, there’s a reason that the scariest horror movies of all time are best enjoyed in a darkened theatre or from under a blanket in your living room. 

Fear of creepy crawlies 

Creatures like snakes, rats, spiders, and other crawling things can be scary to look at, but it’s likely when they touch the skin, especially in the dark, where the fear becomes amplified. Entomophobia, or the fear of insects, causes many people to experience cold sweats or have their body hair stand on edge when they cross paths with creepy crawlies. This phobia is even believed to stems from our indifferences, or because we aren’t accustomed to such creatures — extra legs, a long tail, and even additional eyes. That being said, can you think of a famous horror film that uses this fear to their advantage? We can name a couple, including Aliens and Gremlins.  

Fear of scary places

Now, this type of fear is something that’s taught rather than instinctual, which means that depending on your culture, world views, and religion, it’s open to several varied interpretations. Typically places such as graveyards, old houses, overgrown forests, dungeons, attics, and basements exhibit a hint of eeriness, especially since these dark locations are the perfect places for evil things to hide and manifest. A few of our favorite films about scary places including The Amityville Horror, Stephen King’s IT, and the entire Friday the 13th franchise. We love these adaptations so much that we even carry many horror movie action figures and their thrilling accessories to allow fans to reenact some of the most spooktacular moments in the comforts of their own homes. 

Fear of disfigurement or dismemberment 

Whether you relish a film that features a killer grotesquely disfiguring his victims (Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) or you prefer to see frightened characters dismember themselves as a way to escape death (any of the films from the Saw franchise), evidently many of the best horror movies tap into this fearful suspense, creating anticipation during some of the most shockingly violent scenes… paired with spooky music and spine-tingling camera angles, of course. 

Are there any other elements or fears that contribute to the essence of your favorite horror films? Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 

A new year means more installments to the horror genre

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As we creep into a new decade it’s important to know that there will be no shortage of spooktacular films! In fact, there will be some original horror treats, scary sequels, and classic reboots that aim to generate some buzz among horror fans everywhere. So, it’s time for you to start adding some chills and thrills to your must-watch list. 

The Grudge (January 3, 2020) 

Whether you’re a fan of films where vengeful spirits are cutthroat killers or you simply enjoy the jump scares and underexposure of the original’s mysterious scene capturing, one of the most anticipated flicks of 2020 is the reimagining of Ju-On: The Grudge. So, since it’s been 16 years since the first installment, and a mere 10 years since the third was released, let’s recap what happens when the supernatural curse is reborn? For those horror lovers who don’t remember, The Grudge is two words that are used to describe a curse that’s born when someone dies under extreme rage or sorrow, leaving behind an entity that manifests where the person died. So, essentially any living thing that disturbs that resting place will encounter this supernatural force and will be violently slaughtered by it, therefore passing the curse from victim to victim in an endless chain of death and horror. So, if you’re excited to see a revamp of this genre favorite, hit up the theatres asap and check it out! 

Underwater (January 10, 2020) 

This nautical action-horror flick has been three years in the making, hitting a few roadblocks only to further sink into an apprehensive 2020 movie slot. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be pitted against mysterious creatures? Well, how about isolated seven miles below the surface of the ocean? This thriller has its protagonist take a dunk into the depths, only to find treacherous sea monsters that emerge to terrorize crew members abroad the underwater, military research station. Although there are no horror movie toys that currently embody this seafaring flick, as we proceed into the second week of 2020, there could soon be something underway. 

In the meantime, check out some merchandise for some other popular deep-sea, horror movies.

Untitled Saw Project (May 15, 2020)

Whether you believe that the Saw franchise is overdone or you’re excited for another sequel full of games and bloodcurdling suffering, there’s no denying that this horror crowd-pleaser possesses some of the goriest deaths and inventive torture scenes of the entire genre and some of the most critically acclaimed horror movie toys. Although this new installment is currently untitled, it has been referred to as The Organ Donor and will feature actors Samuel L. Jackson, Max Minghella, Marisol Nichols, and the Rock. Will it be underwhelming or ultimately unforgettable? That’s up to you to find out. 

Here are a few other films that may delight your demonic senses:

  • The Turning (January 24, 2020): A film based on the 1898 novella The Turn Of The Screw by Henry James. 
  • Fantasy Island (February 14, 2020): Based on the ‘70s television series with the same name, however, with no trailer to go off of, we don’t quite know what to expect. 
  • The Invisible Man (February 28th, 2020): This movie is focused on restoring the low budget roots of the 1933 science fiction horror film, with a spin on a rather familiar story. 
  • A Quiet Place: Part II (March 20, 2020): This highly anticipated sequel possesses one of the most intriguing concepts in horror, but the silence definitely didn’t kill the need to use the premise to make another movie. 
  • Candyman (June 12, 2020): Everyone knows about the ‘90s film Candyman, so this iconical reprised film is simply a fresh take on an eerie classic. 
  • The Purge 5 (July 10, 2020): The franchise that’s centered around the unique concept of legal crime will once again purge another night following the success of the 2016 film, The Purge: Election Year. Shop: Purge God Mask
  • The Conjuring 3 (September 11, 2020): Another installment will join the widely popular The Conjuring Universe franchise and will be making its way to the big screen this September.  
  • Halloween Kills (October 16, 2020): Will Michael Myers finally defeat Laurie Strode or will he be overcome in a deadly, bloody battle?

Which films do you anticipate to be the highlight of your 2020? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.