A ghastly behind the scenes look at the Hellraiser franchise

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With ten films, a collection of books, various comic adaptations and even an assortment of creep-tastic horror collectibles, the Hellraiser franchise has kept us chained with devilish delight since 1987. That being said, aside from tearing your way through the brilliant novella, The Hellbound Heart, how many gruesome, gory facts do you really know about the making of the Hellraiser franchise? Well, how about we shed some light on it?

Clive Barker was not fond of the name Pinhead

In his novel, Barker refers to his character as “Priest” or “Lead Cenobite”, however, the makeup crew actually came up with the name “Pinhead” partially due to his eclectic prosthetics and also as a means to distinguish him from the other Cenobites. So, even though the writer and director disliked the unimaginative name, it stuck amongst the horror genre as the franchise grew in popularity.

S&M was a huge inspiration

It’s pretty obvious that the Cenobites embellish many elements of sadism and masochism — leather spandex, chains and hooks… not to mention the interlinkage of pain and pleasure — but the real fun fact is that Barker took inspiration by spending time in some seedy hotspots in New York and Amsterdam. Now that we mention it, don’t you think the Cenobites look like the members of a punk rock band?

Pinhead was inspired by Dracula

The standard 80s horror villain consisted of weapon-wielding slasher, aimlessly targeting anyone who happened to cross their path. Whereas, Pinhead was rather unique being that he was more intelligent, philosophical and in some cases more classy than traditional horror movie lore. Does this description remind you of anyone? Maybe the aristocratic charm of Dracula perhaps?

It was originally banned in Canada

Despite numerous sexual scenes already being scrapped from the movie, the original film struggled to make it into Canadian theatres. In fact, New World Motion Pictures of Canada had to remove a torture scene featuring hooks pulling apart a body and face, as well as a scene that show rats squirming while nailed to a wall — 40 seconds of trimming later and the horror movie was given an R rating.

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Superhero horror? Have you heard of this radical, new sub-genre?

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While you’re probably quite familiar with many notable bogeymen lurking around in popular slasher, paranormal and supernatural horror films, you may be alarmed to learn that there is a sub-genre in the industry called superhero horror. Now, while there are regular, everyday people who under extraordinary circumstance gain superpowers, however, when it comes to superhero horror, these mysterious beasts are often created from something more demonic. Thus, whether the characters choose to follow a devilish path is entirely dependent on the movie, but for many of these chilling souls, the power is beyond their control.

What are some memorable superhero horror films?

Satanic protagonists like Hellboy and Devilman are just a couple examples of the genre’s inclusive ability to expand its limits of darkness. That being said, here is our list of a few superhero films and franchises that possess maniacally, frightening superpowers.

The Blade franchise: Based on the Marvel comics character the storyline follows a half-mortal character named Blade on his journey to eradicate some technologically advanced vampires.

The Crow: Eric Draven is an undead avenger who has risen from his grave to track down the thugs responsible for murdering him.

Ghost Rider: Johnny Blaze once sold his soul to save a loved one, now he transforms into a fiery, avenging creature that prowls at night where evil roams.

Devilman: Based on a Japanese manga series, the story follows a teenage boy who manages to harness the power and strength of a demon in order to fight and save humanity.

Hellboy: This demon-witch offspring helps the American government with various paranormal investigations.

What superhero horror films can we anticipate?

Although there was a recent Hellboy reboot that was just released last month, many horror fans are anticipating a film that is expected to breathe life back into the superhero horror sub-genre. That being said, how many of you have heard of Brightburn?

On Memorial Day, a child from another dimension will crash-land on earth, or in your nearest movie theatre, although instead of becoming a superhero destined to save humanity, this supernatural creature will cast a dark, sinister shadow on the people around him. Equipped with glowing red eyes and a red, flowing cape, this superhero plot sequence will quickly be turning into something far more disturbing.

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Space Day: The perfect excuse to abduct these extraterrestrial must-haves

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While National Space Day (May 3) is usually dedicated to the extraordinary achievements, benefits and opportunities in the exploration and use of space, as a horror lover you absolutely must dedicate your first Friday of May to all your killer favorite, intergalactic franchises that have abducted your creep-tastic heart over the years. That being said, aside from binge-watching out-of-this-world movies and TV shows you could use this day as an opportunity to browse the web and start adding to your vivid compilation of horror collectibles.

The Star Wars franchise

Not only is today National Space Day but tomorrow is coincidentally enough, Star Wars Day, so, it only seems appropriate to let the force awaken with some extraterrestrial Star Wars merchandise. Why not start by dressing up as your favorite unique franchise character? After all, there is no set calendar day to tell you to join the wise Jedi master Yoda or Darth Vader’s dark side… although getting prepared early for the ultimate Halloween costume is never a bad idea. While you’re at it, why not top off your celestial purchase with a durable lightsaber and a fearsome costume for your canine pal? The deals are strong with this one!    

The Alien franchise

Although this cosmic, interstellar space series is not quite as popular as Star Wars, it’s arguably one of the most terrifying franchises in horror history. That’s why it deserves to be a part of your collection! As someone who can’t get enough when it comes to gathering a number of gruesome and petrifying keepsakes, it seems rather fitting that an assortment of Alien franchise items should be made a part of your spook-tacular assemblage. So, regardless of whether you’re more of a fan of Xenomorphs or Neomorphs, there are plenty of otherworldly horror collectibles that would make frightful additions to your ever-growing collection.

The Killer Klowns from Outer Space

This wacky film plays on two very common fears, clowns and aliens. While the movie is not super well known to mainstream moviegoers, the fearsome gang of killer clowns is about as creepy and common as they come in the horror world. Especially with their objective is to invade, kidnap and kill human inhabitants in order to consume their flesh. Needless to say, no out-of-this-world compilation could ever be complete without the faces of Slim, Fatso, Klownzilla or shorty as gruesome, unique horror collectibles.

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Do you know any insiders about the Alien franchise?

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Whether you’re an avid fan of the original pre-21st-century installments or you enjoy the technological advancements of computer graphics and artistry, there’s no arguing that the Alien franchise is notably one of the goriest science-fiction horror series of all time. Well, there has been some recent discussion about Ridley Scott directing a prequel to the 2017 installment, Alien: Covenant, that being said, the new proposed chapter, Alien: Awakening, has not yet been given the green light following the merger between 20th Century Fox and Disney. So, as a way to keep you composed while you await any news of a premiere date, we’ve gathered some riveting facts about the classic installments that you might find rather fascinating.  

There are seven years between Alien and Aliens

Usually, when a movie does incredibly well in the box office a sequel often follows shortly after in order to keep up the hype. Needless to say, when it comes to the Alien franchise that simply wasn’t the case as it took seven years — 1979 to 1986 — before another installment was seen on the big screen. Why is that, you ask? Well, while there were talks of the sequel shortly after the first movie premiered, it was heavily delayed because the film’s producers and 20th Century Fox were arguing over the distribution of the profits.

Sigourney Weaver was paid a lot more for her role in the sequels

The first film in the franchise, Alien (1979), was Weaver’s second blockbuster film, having starred in Annie Hall (1977) a couple of years prior. She was paid $35,000 playing the lead role of Warrant Officer / Lieutenant Ripley in the 79’ film and after strict negotiations carried out by her directors, she continued throughout the franchise making $1 million for Aliens (1986), $4 million for Aliens 3 (1992) and a whopping $11 million for Alien: Resurrection (1997).

There was an awful lot of lubricant on the set

As an avid fan, you’ve probably always wondered how they made the Alien’s slime and drool looks so realistic and lifelike…well, it was made possible with the help of KY lubricant. Yeah, we were pretty shocked ourselves!

The novel and the film have some key differences

Alan Dean Foster wrote the first three Alien installments in paperback form (not to mention some titles in Star Wars, Star Trek, The Terminator and Transformers franchises). As a notable name in fantasy and science fiction, Foster stuck closer to what Cameron had written, but there were still a few differences between the two:

  • The character, Newt, is 12-years-old in the movie, but only six-years-old in the book.
  • Ripley immediately realizes that Bishop is an android and the famous knife trick scene isn’t part of the book.
  • There are more colonists alive on the alien planet in the book, not just a single woman.
  • Foster writes in Ripley open firing on the Queen as soon as she presents herself, she doesn’t negotiate like in the film.

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Horror movies based on frightful written works

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While it’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the bloodcurdling excitement of horror movies, in our opinion, it’s equally as riveting to read a mysterious horror novel if you’re looking for a literary fright-fest. Needless to say, while many horror-ific productions actually come from unique, creatively written scripts, there are also quite a few scares that have taken inspiration from some alarming written works. So, since you’ve probably seen some classic horror films that have clawed their way into a special place in your mind, how about immortalizing their plot sequences by reading the delicately detailed novels as well? Although, do you know which of your creep-tastic favorites were horror novels before they sprang to life on the big screen?


Clive Barker’s seminal horror film, Hellraiser, was actually inspired by the writer/director’s novella that was first published in 1986. Entitled, The Hellbound Heart, this horror page-turner was actually the third installment in a trilogy about an extradimensional realm that contained inhabitants that were dedicated to sadomasochism and human torture. Just like the movie, sexual deviant Frank opens the puzzle box portal and unleashes the gruesome cenobites who begin by tearing his body limb from limb. Whether you’re feeling torn between binge-watching the franchise or simply binge-reading the series, both adaptations have a unique combination of words and imagery to get your chilling imagination stirring.

The Exorcist

William Peter Blatty first published The Exorcist, in 1971 detailing the fictional story of character Regan MacNeil’s demonic possession. Having also written the screenplay for the movie with the same name released in 1973, both adaptations offer almost a word for word conversion between the book and film. Needless to say, although the book was widely popular, it did not possess the same shock factor as its film counterpart. Many critics labeled The Exorcist the scariest movie for its time and to see the spiderlike demon crawling with her body arched was far more horrifying than ever reading about the scene — not to mention the distinct voice and personality that roars and thunders from the girl’s body. That being said, as impressively powerful and traumatizing as both adaptations were, they set the bar pretty high for the horror genre.


Whether you enjoy relishing in killer cult film classics like Psycho or you’re more into the A&E network series Bates Motel, you still can’t help but wonder where the inspiration for the story came from. Well, the reality is that author Robert Bloch paved the groundwork for the monumental film in his novel entitled, Psycho, which was published in 1959. One year later the famous slasher by the same name was born and Alfred Hitchcock brought Norman Bates to life on the big screen. All in all, the bones of the book remain intact throughout the film but the movie took on a whole entity of its own.

Have you watched any horror movies and also read their horror movie counterparts? Tell us which of them you preferred in the comments section below.

Who are the most ruthless horror villains in the genre?

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While there are tons of notable villains who have crept their way into our horror lovin’ hearts over the year, not all these grotesque antihero’s get the same grueling recognition for their blood-curdling scares. That’s why we wanted to shed some moonlight on a few creepy mischief-makers who’re devilish, defiant and possess a rather impressing body account. So, let’s take a look at a couple of bone-afide killers who deserve an extra round of gruesome applause.

Hannibal Lecter

Regardless of whether you’ve seen The Silence of the Lambs, chances are that you’ve heard of Hannibal Lecter, an iconic name in the horror genre. While many people nowadays are desensitized to the idea of a cannibalistic serial killer, the truth is this ruthless character was actually based on a real-life doctor who was convicted of murdering and chopping up his lover. How’s that for a frightful fact? Needless to say, while most killers tend to follow the gore-fest and blood trail of timeless classic slashers such as Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, though, Hannibal Lector takes on a grim new role — a highly intelligent, mannered man who could just as easily be your next-door neighbor. Known for punishing and mutilating his victims, who wouldn’t want to have horror collectibles resembling this fearsome foe?


This unhinged sociopath is rather fond of chasing innocent bystanders and if we tallied up his misdemeanors through the entire Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, he has managed to strike a body count of over 60 people. Now, that’s a lot of new faces! Needless to say, although Leatherface has kept our hearts pumping through the decades with his frightening facades of chainsaw-wielding suspense, we think that he deserves some extra recognition. After all, it must be incredibly tough to rundown your victims carrying a heavy-weighted chainsaw! So, as a way to honor his intense, otherworldly horror sequences, we’re selling a wide selection of horror collectibles to enable fans to enact their own sequels.  

Jeepers Creepers

No one really knows where this ancient, mysterious demon came from, but we do know that once he picks up the scent of his prey, nothing with stop his relentless, indestructible pursuit to get his claws on them. Essentially, the creeper is immortal and he’s always on the hunt for some new organs to replace his old failing ones. His undying nature and everlasting abilities make him a rather ruthless horror villain that you wouldn’t want to get caught spying on. So, that’s why he made our list! As merciless and frightening as the creeper is, real horror lovers won’t be able to taste the fear, but they can’t help but wonder where he got his peepers.

Which horror collectibles will you be stacking on your display shelves? Tell us in the comments section below.

What’s your favorite horror sub-genre?

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While last month you may have torn your way through our eerie-sistable blog submission entitled, “What type of horror fan are you? this gruesome go-around we wanted to shed light on some hair-raising specters that may have enchantingly been missed. So, now that your eyes are peeled back into their sockets, join us on the haunt for your favorite horror sub-genre.    

While demonically possessed beings, unstable killers, supernatural realities, unexplained encounters caught on film and obscenely bloody gore may delight your demonic soul, remaining are a few other frightening, gruesome horror sub-genres that are equally as horror-ific and bizarre.

Unearthly Beings

This particular horror sub-genre focuses on the evolution of powerful monsters and the abolishment of the human race. So, if you love films that revolve around the widespread outbreak of a deadly virus, characters who transform into otherworldly beasts or the invasion of apocalyptic survival then you’re probably a fan of this widely popular sub-genre. After all, who couldn’t be obsessed with creatures like zombies, werewolves and vampires? That being said, Dawn of the Dead and The Walking Dead would be the perfect zombie-fired, cinematic terrors for the insanely obsessed.    

Urban Legend

Now, this horror sub-category is incredibly interesting considering how these types of horror movies always seem to claw their way into historical and cultural significances of urban legends. If you’re a person who knows the verifiable chronicle of Dracula’s ties to Romania, how the saga of Frankenstein came to be known or you simply look to the stars for supernatural lifeforms, chances are you’re a fan of urban legend horror. Whether it’s classical or mythological beings that incite a frenzy of emotions, this type of intoxication can only truly be satisfied when you watch haunting horror movies like 30 Days of Night and any installment from the Alien franchise.

Survival & Home Invasion

While this horror sub-genre does not possess the wild popularity of its latter cult followings, the survival and home invasion category of horror, without a doubt, deals with the most overwhelming dose of probability and reality. So, if you get excited at the thought of protecting yourself from a group of crazy burglars or relish in the idea of natural selection in the streets, then this horror sub-genre may be the favored one to rise to the ranks of your horror library. That being said, horror movies like The Strangers and any chapter from the Purge franchise or the Saw franchise are bound to have your heart pumping from pure excitement.

Which horror movie just found a place on your never-ending list of must-watch horror movies? Tell us in the comments section below.

You wouldn’t want to SPRING into these 4 horror movie icons

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What is it that’s so absolutely chilling and alarming about the dark facade behind our favorite horror movie icons? Is it their damaging upbringing that makes us feel a connection to them? Is it the menacing terror that’s bestowed upon their victims that hooks us? Or is it this shrill element of fear that gets our hearts pumping? Regardless of how we choose to analyze the horror genre, horror movies and their dreadful villains are incredibly terrifying and lovable for so many reasons and best of all, they come in different ghoulish forms — disturbed people, demonic entities, grueling monsters or something utterly unexplainable. Needless to say, these iconic killers, despite their eerie-sistable performances in horror movies, are not the dark souls that you would want to be bumping into while out on the streets. Since the days of darkness are dwindling leading up to the Spring equinox (March 21), let’s take the last few precious days of darkness that we have left to pay our respects to the darkest horror movie icons in the business.

Michael Myers, Halloween  

No one quite knows what makes this psychopathic killer tick, but with a hit list that’s surely miles long, we simply wouldn’t feel comfortable asking him. Horror fans know Michael Myers as one of the most cold-blooded, faceless, motivation-less killers in the genre, so they probably wouldn’t want to run him unexpectedly. After all, he is the essence of pure evil and once he becomes fixated on a victim, he will stop at nothing until they’re in his clutches.

Pinhead, Hellraiser

Now, a run-in with this ruthless villain would result in the bloodthirsty harvest of your soul, so it would probably be best to avoid the leader of the Cenobites. Though Pinhead appears to be a quiet 80s horror movie villain, don’t let his presence fool you, this demonic entity is swift, ruthless and has several supernatural abilities. Needless to say, if you manage to spring yourself from the clutches of Pinhead, it’ll be short-lived escape before his unearthly attack methods will have you hanging by a hook and chains prior to mutilation.

Jason Voorhees, Friday the 13th

If you were to combine the emotionless evil of Michael Myers with the cutthroat, superhuman strength of Pinhead, you would get the machete-wielding killer Jason Voorhees. Needless to say, have you ever noticed the compassion that envelops Jason’s character? While he has no problem slaying adults or teenagers who he comes into contact with at Crystal Lake, Voorhees is never seen carving an animal or a child. Perhaps this evil villain is only concerned with teaching a lesson to those who enjoy breaking the rules. So, you better hope that he doesn’t discover your deepest, darkest secrets if you cross each other’s path one day.

Xenomorphs, Alien

Probably not one of the horror movie icons that you were expecting, but a shout out to the Xenomorphs, better known as the aliens from the Alien franchise, for their ferocious, otherworldly nature that’s so unrelenting when they come across any human form. How do they torture their victims? Well, they attach themselves to their victim’s face, embed an egg into the person’s stomach and once the supernatural life form is finished growing, it bursts out of the chest of the casualty while they’re still breathing. Yeah, there’s no witchcraft that’s going to get you out of their malevolent encounter!

Out of all the horror movies out there, which bloodthirsty villain are you most afraid of? Tell us in the comments section below.

A behind the scenes look into the Child’s Play franchise

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Horror fans who crave a tasteful combination of chilling, slasher suspense and comedy absolutely adore everything about the Child’s Play franchise. This particular horror series takes a very original approach to the motives behind a stereotypical, creepy living dead doll. While the Good Guy Chucky Doll — a toy that’s possessed by the notorious serial killer Charles Lee Ray — looks innocent, he is indeed obsessed with cursing, sexual desires and figuring out how to transfer his soul into a living human body. It’s safe to say that this authentic storyline has fanatics constantly wondering what might happen next. Needless to say, while you’re already familiar with the voodoo-practicing, menacing murders and a whole lot of blood, there are still a lot of intriguing facts about the franchise that you probably didn’t know.

Chucky’s real name was inspired by serial killers

While we’re most familiar with the provocative, knife-wielding character, Chucky’s threatening persona as a doll is actually based on his psychopathic tendencies in his original human form. Charles Lee Ray, also known in the Child’s Play franchise as the Lakeshore Strangler is a fictional killer disciplined in the ancient art of voodoo rituals. Although the character is fictitious, his name was inspired by three infamous murders throughout history — Charles Manson, American cult leader, Lee Harvey Oswald, the sniper who shot John F. Kennedy and James Earl Ray, the man who assassinated Martin Luther King.

Chucky loses a hand in many of the films

SPOILER ALERT! Before Chucky “dies” in Child’s Play, Andy’s mother shoots his right hand off with a gun. During the second film, Child’s Play 2, Chucky is forced to rip his own hand off while escaping, later replacing it with a knife. How classic? And finally, during the third installment of the original Child’s Play franchise, Andy gets his chance to chop off Chucky’s hand. The best part is, this hand-chopping tradition is continued on in the sequel films.  

Bride of Chucky pays homage to classic horror films

If you look closely during the opening scene of Bride of Chucky, some horror Easter eggs have been left behind for the slasher film fans. Freddy Krueger’s razor-tipped glove, Michael Myers’ killer disguise, Jason Voorhees’ hockey-mask and Leatherface’s chainsaw is locked away in the police evidence depository.

A Child’s Play reboot and TV series are in the works

Production is currently underway on a Child’s Play reboot that aims to breathe a fresh take on the infamous horror franchise. While this contemporary reimagining is changing up the persona of the 1988 classic, it will still possess the same seat-jumping, horrifying blood bath that the original franchise is known for. The best part is that this modern-day film will be jam-packed with technological upgrades in order to entice a new generation.

Not to be confused with the upcoming Child’s Play TV series, which is keeping the classic undertones of the original horror franchise. Said to be honoring the storyline of Chucky’s menacing adventures, this creation has room to expand his character, explore the bloodthirsty playground and tell a little bit more of the backstory.

Are you excited for the new Child’s Play franchise installments? Tell us what’s on your mind in the comments section below.

Do you know the legend of Dracula?

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If you’re a fan of Gothic horror novels than you have probably read Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897) from cover to cover. There’s no denying that the bloodsucking protagonist, Count Dracula, has formulated the conventional appearance, motivations and backstory of many typical, modern-day vampires — feeds on blood, immortality, heightened senses, ability to morph and is weakened by sunlight — but it’s also believed that the inspiration for these fictional beings has derived from a part of ancient Romanian history. So, horror fans rejoice! It’s time that you learned about the legend of Dracula.

Who was Vlad the Impaler?

This medieval ruler (Vlad III) was born around the year 1428 in Wallachia — the geographical region of modern-day Romania. He was the second son of Vlad Dracul (meaning dragon) and was a gruesome warrior that had a conflict with Transylvanian Saxons — another group of people that called Romania home. When Vlad III plundered the Saxons villages, he was known for taking prisoners captive and bringing them back to Wallachia to be impaled. This was the inspiration behind his historical surname, Vlad the Impaler.

How did he inspire Dracula?

He had a reputation for cruelty, carried out mass murders and was considered to be a bloodthirsty madman that had many ancient stories and poems written about his injustices — some even spoke about him drinking the blood of his enemies, which was the perfect characteristic to create a vampire story.
Stoker’s title, Dracula, literally translates from Gaelic (Celtic language of Scotland) into the phrase bad blood and also translates from Roman into the son of Dracul, which is why Vlad III was often referred to as, Dracula.

Was there other folklore to pull from?

There an aura of mystery that surrounds the region of Transylvania. Some locals even believe that it lies on one of Earth’s most powerful magnetic fields. Vampires are believed to hang around the crossroads near Bran Castle, a fortress that sits at the end of winding roads, through a dense, thick forest and over atop a mountain pass.

Do you know any other fun facts about the legend of Dracula? Drop a comment below if you want to share them with our readers.

What type of horror fan are you?

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If you’re a true horror fan then you probably crave a myriad of classic, cult and thriller films in order to satisfy your devilish desires. Maybe you love the horror movie genre because you’re obsessed with otherworldly folklore or perhaps the psychological terrors of a potential apocalypse trigger an intense, instinctive response that cranks your creep-tastic wheel. Although you’re a horror fan through and through, even the most dead-icated worshiper can be convinced to make a deal with the devil. So, what we’re really asking is do you know what kind of horror fan you are?


If you find yourself fiercely drawn into plot sequences that involved demons, ghosts, scary, haunted motels and animate objects that have a mind of their own than you’re the type of horror fan who relishes in films about bloodcurdling possession. It could be the unpredictability of the genre, the strange, unexplainable outcomes or the ambiguous characters, but this horror sub-genre has a supernatural power to invade you and take control. That being said, The Exorcist and The Blair Witch Project are the perfect films to question your faith and beliefs.

Psychological Thrillers

This particular horror sub-genre revolves about the practicalities of characters who are unstable or delusional. So, essentially people who are pushed to their limits. Many people are drawn to this particular niche in horror because of the mystery, drama and twisting perspectives…not to mention the paranoia of potential for these stories to be based on true events. Thrillers deliberately use tricks to create tension within the audience which maximizes their anxious suspense. That being said, Silence of the Lambs and Psycho are the perfect films to satisfy your horror cravings.


While possession movies may spark your interest, you’re fonder of films that dabble in the supernatural. Whether it’s a haunted house, bringing the dead back to life or zombie-fied motion pictures, you tend to steer in the direction of the distorted, but familiar, reality films that revolve about the intrusion of evil or haunting presences. That being said, The Shining and The Grudge have the ability to offer you the right kind of cinematic terror.

Found Footage Horror

If you’re the type of horror fan that relishes in the idea of watching an entire movie from the perspective of a camera recording, then you’re a lover of found footage horror. By far one of the toughest sub-genres to keep the audience involved, these movies often offer the extra thrill of spooky encounters caught on film. Not to mention the potential that’s left behind for the characters who find the footage later. That being said, Paranormal Activity and Unfriended are a couple frightening found footage films that might tickle your fancy.


This is probably one of the most actively followed horror sub-genres and usually involves some sort of psychopath stalking and murdering a group of people. If you’re obsessed with blood and gore, as well as unprovoked killing using bladed tools and weaponry, then slasher films are probably the right horror movies to rack up your body count…I mean movie count. That being said, Friday the 13th and Halloween would be the right franchises to follow if you’re insanely obsessed with graphic murders.

What type of horror fan are you? Tell us in the comments section below.

Cemetery culture: Mausoleums, crypts, tombs and burials

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Are there any horror lovers out there who possess a grave interest? And yes, we really are talking about an interest in mausoleums, crypts, tombs and burials. Perhaps it’s only in your devilish nature to wonder how mankind has chosen to enter the afterlife. While this realm of the dead may have been decided due to religious upbringing or the deceased may have just lived under a cloud of superstition, but regardless of how or why they were laid to rest, your restless soul can’t help but wonder the history of cemetery culture. Blame it on the horror movies, don’t you think an eerie wander between tombstones is just as immortal, tranquil and intriguing as visiting your everyday museum?

What’s the difference between a mausoleum, crypt and a tomb?

While many of your favorite horror movies probably contain a scene with an unearthly mention or a shocking visualization of a mausoleum, crypt or tomb, strangely enough, you’re probably too petrified by the gruesome, moonlit sequence to notice where or what the corpse is reanimating in. So, let’s break down the grave distinction between these three types of burial plots.

A mausoleum is an aboveground structure that was built to hold the remains of a deceased person and sometimes their entire family. This burial formation supposedly dates back to Queen Artemisia II of Caria — a Greek naval commander from 353 BC — who had a special structure constructed to house the remains of her husband/brother, King Mausolus, who inspired the origin of the name mausoleum.

A crypt is a burial spot that has been built to hold a casket in a concrete or stone chamber. Often times they are placed beneath the floors or within the walls of a church, chapel or cathedral, but crypts can also be housed within a mausoleum. This burial formation dates back as early as 600 A.D. — one of the most famous ones being the St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

A tomb is a container that holds the remains of the deceased. There is no particular size to the enclosed compartment and it is usually dependent on the burial method of choice — a casket, an urn or a burial vault within a crypt or mausoleum. A tomb can be simple or elaborate.

Burial tourist attractions

While you might not be the type of tourist to explore the notions of the afterlife intentionally, there are many famous historical monuments around the world that are actually burials. After all, mausoleums were built to be impressive structures — classical, gothic, Egyptian or modern style.

  • The tomb of Cyrus: This important monument houses Cyrus, ruler of 6th century Persia, in Pasargadae, Iran.
  • Lenin Mausoleum: This burial plot in Moscow, Russia houses Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks).
  • Taj Mahal: Located in Agra, India, the Taj Mahal was built to honor the favorite wife of emperor Shah Jahan.
  • Terracotta Army: Housed in Xian, China, this mausoleum houses the first Emperor of the Qin Dynasty. His tomb, though unfound, contains 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots and 520 horses.

Can you name five horror movies that tell a ghastly tale involving a tomb or a cemetery? Tell us in the comments section below.

Are you compelled to know everything about the Exorcist franchise?

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There’s something incredibly scary about the in-depth sense of realism that is embodied within exorcism films — levitation, speaking in tongues and superhuman strength — after all, the Roman Catholic Church is still performing exorcisms. Maybe it’s because the fundamental portrayal of demonic possession has the potential power to make non-believers question their non-conformity and even give individuals with a more religious upbringing a hair-raising dose of authenticity. Regardless of how you look at it, the fact is that demonic possession isn’t the most impossible, far-fetched concept, which is probably one of the many reasons that have contributed to the high-grossing success of the Exorcist franchise.

The Exorcist franchise (1973-2005), consisting of two sequels and two prequels, has grossed nearly $500 million worldwide to date and is considered to be the scariest possession-based film of all time. It has paved way for many other eerie films to join this sub-genre and dictate the casting of evil spirits, demons from hell and ancient religious beliefs. Although this incredible horror movie still has the power to bring forth a few spine-chills — even with its 70s special effects — there are quite a few frightful facts that many fans still do not know about the Exorcist franchise.

The original film was nominated for 10 Academy Awards

While you probably already know that The Exorcist (1973) was an incredibly popular — there were numerous reports of widespread hysteria, people fainting and even needing to be institutionalized — you most likely didn’t know that the blockbuster film was nominated for 10 Academy Awards (Won for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Sound) as well as four Golden Globes (Won for Best Director, Best Film, Best Sound and Linda Blair won Best Supporting Actress). The truth is that this 1973 movie is still considered to be one of the most profitable horror movies that were ever made.

It was loosely based on a true story

This is actually a common theme for many horror movies, as screenwriters often find themselves faced with inspiration after watching a shocking news story. William Peter Blatty, the producer of the original film and writer of a novel of the same name, admitted that his inspiration came from a true story of a months-long exorcism of a 14-year-old boy from Missouri in 1949. Many of the detailed parts of the ritual — including the prayers spoken, the use of holy water and the satanic seizures — that were reported were rewritten and used as highlighted material for both the book and the film. Although, the case was re-examined many years later and it was presumed that the boy likely suffered from a mental health issue such as schizophrenia or Tourette’s syndrome.

Regan MacNeil was possessed by a mythological demon

Although it was never mentioned in the film, Blatty told fans that the demon that possessed the 12-year-old protagonist was named Pazuzu. While he could have simply invented a new evil spirit with no connection to human history, he chose to conduct research about ancient lore and connect Pazuzu to his possession story — this demonic entity is known as the king of demons in Assyrian and Babylonian mythology.

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Check out these 4 wild details about the Scream franchise

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Since most devilishly devoted fans of horror films possess strong, fearless stomachs, binge-watching a few grisly slasher movies, that emerged to life during the 90s, is a challenge that’s easily accepted. The contents of the decade embellish everything from bloodcurdling gore, gruesome visual effects and some frightfully realistic stabbings and sudden impalements. Although not as hyped about as the initial 80s horror boom, the 90s has paved way for some truly horror-ific creations to the dreadful flick category. That being said, there’s no denying that the Scream franchise took horror in a whole new direction when everyone started asking the question, “what’s your favorite scary movie?” A funny and clever, yet dangerously terrifying franchise that played on our undying fears of being helpless and alone. This franchise not only re-invented the wheel, but it also revitalized horror with something fresh and modern, only managing to do it in a way that had the audience laughing and covering their eyes at the same time. Now, we already know that you love the Scream franchise, but how well do you really know it?

Where did the idea for the iconic mask come from?

Surprisingly enough, the classic Ghostface mask wasn’t actually created by the costume department. In fact, when the producers were out looking for filming locations, they came across it in a random person’s attic. The mask reminded them of a famous painting by Edvard Munch entitled, “Scream”.

It was based on true events

Like many horror films before its time, the Scream franchise was loosely based on true events. Screenwriter, Kevin Williamson, followed the media coverage of the Gainesville Ripper case, found the story to be a little creepy and reached out to a friend over the phone. After their discussion about the case, they started discussing elements of their favorite scary movies and BAM, the idea for the franchise emerged.

A quick and painful death

While most horror movies show the protagonist slowly slipping into madness over the course of a few days, the Scream franchise is notoriously known for offing their characters within a blink of an eye. Needless to say, these punchy movies are loaded with lots of action, but answering a simple text message may leave you lost and confused as to which character was brutally slashed.

The Scream franchise and Halloween franchise possess a connection

Aside from the obvious part — where both villains have a reason for going after the protagonists in the films — both Halloween and the original Scream movie share a couple connections. For starters, during the Scream party sequence, the teens are drinking, dancing and indulging in a horror movie binge. One of those movies is actually Halloween. The best part is in one of the Halloween sequels — Halloween H20 — the favor is returned when a foursome of characters is sitting around watching Scream 2 during the plot’s downtime.

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These 4 frightening horror films can be expected on the big screen this year

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While there are many horror-ific things that our souls anticipate as we cross over into the realm of a new year, long-awaited horror films that are expected to hit the big screen are of the utmost importance for those who are in tune with their otherworldly nature. So, let’s take a spell-binding journey into the future, rev up our horror lovin’ hearts and get simply thrilled with chills and excitement at what 2019 has in store for horror films.

It: Chapter 2

This highly anticipated sequel with have heads turning in 2019. Now that it’s been 27 years since the town of Derry, Maine was terrorized by the supernatural creature Pennywise, the grown up Loser’s Club members are being forced to return after a death of a friend, honoring their pact made in blood. Since IT: Chapter 1 took the spot as the highest grossing horror film ever made, IT: Chapter 2 might be worth seeing if you love clowns, mystery or a twist of fate.

Pet Sematary

As another Stephen King novel to come alive on the big screen next year, this modern-day reboot may even give the original a run for its money. Taking a more supernatural approach to the haunted woods, rather than a simple old wives tale about a powerful burial ground, this new horror film carefully follows the plot of its original counterpart aside from a few spook-tacular added touches. It looks absolutely terrifying!

Child’s Play

Another reboot that comes to life in 2019 will take you back to the good ol’ days of 1980s seat-clenching thrillers. This horror film aims to bring back the flair from the original Child’s Play film, but with a touch of modernity. The Good Guy Chucky Doll will have the same awesomely distasteful personality and even the same hair, clothing and old-fashioned feel to his appearance. Now, that’s a reboot worth getting in line for!

Happy Death Day 2U

Sticking with the theme of highly anticipated reboots and sequels, Happy Death Day 2U will have horror fans quickly re-watching it’s popular prequel before this thrilling horror film has a chance to hit the theatres. This killer comeback re-enters the time loop with an interesting twist of fate from the original film. Valentines Day 2019 will forever be remembered as Happy Death Day 2U!

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Four of the worst horror movie sequels of all time

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Whether you’re a horror film lover who indulges in the bloodcurdling nature of horror movies year-round or you simply binge-watch to your heart’s content for the entire month of October, there’s no doubt that everyone has their opinions when it comes to the most gruesomely awesome tales and the ones that are just plain boo. That being said, regardless of whether you prefer the slow moving torment of psychotic killers like Michael Myers rather than the demonic possession of dolls such as Chucky, there’s no denying that these pop-culture slasher films have earned a rightful place in our horror loving hearts, but how sequel movies that are so incredibly terrible that they their nonsensical plotlines make you stir in your grave…or on your couch.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

There’s no arguing the spine-chilling originality behind the notorious Leatherface and his home of relative minions, but why did producers have to ruin the story of our favorite chainsaw wielding maniac by redefining his character in an otherwise terrible prequel? Let’s be real here…real horror fans don’t care about his sob story as to why he peels back the skin of his victims and turns them into masks. They only care about his daunting persistence when it comes to catching his prey. So, if you’ve seen this film, we feel bad for you, and if you haven’t please don’t even bother. Please just stick to the cult classic from the early 70s. After all, the masks are absolutely brilliant in their ingenuity.

The Fly 2

When it comes to unsuccessful sequels The Fly 2, in our opinion, is unable to stand tall next to its prior memorable masterpiece. The whole mutant father passes his genetic to mutant son has been so abused by horror movies that it lacked any sense of imagination and creativeness.

Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows

Maybe it was just the positively nauseating camerawork or potentially the boring scripted documentary style, but this sequel film definitely didn’t do its predecessor any justice. It lacked the edgy appeal of the original film, which predates this one by only a year. Maybe the producers should have given it a bit more time in between or maybe the pointless storyline could have used a few more rewrites? Regardless of how you feel about the second film in this horror franchise, we can probably both agree that when it’s compared to other horror movies, it lacks any true depth or supernatural appeal beyond a sense of mass hysteria.

The Exorcist II

There has to be a correlation between poor horror movies and badly written sequels. While the original Exorcist movie did incredibly well at the box office, notably becoming one of the most popular supernatural horror films of all time, it also set the groundwork for future possession-type films. However, the second movie didn’t really serve a purpose in aiding the originals already high horror status. In fact, as one of the otherworldly five film franchise, it investigated the death of the priest who was killed during the original exorcist. Luckily, horror movie lovers have continued to re-watch the first film without tarnish their connection to its legacy through the poorly executed sequels.

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How did The Nightmare Before Christmas become a dual seasonal classic?

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There’s no questioning that devote fans probably watch the vintage film for both festive seasons Halloween and Christmas but how has this lively animation managed to steal our hearts and fill them with a dash of ghoulish glee and pinch of Christmas cheer? Well, there are a lot of eerie-sistable factors to consider when you pick apart the mystery behind the cult following of this Disney classic.

There are some catchy musical numbers

Signature songs such as “This is Halloween” and “What’s this?” really brings the story of Jack Skellington’s pursuit of Christmas alive. The movie teases horror fans in the beginning by showing just how intense the residents Halloweentown plan for the annual spook-tacular evening. It introduces the uniquely, creepy characters and shows their frightening role for All Hallow’s Eve. That being said, when Jack discovers the brilliant lights of Christmas town his eye sockets become a whim of wonder. Not only are both these Nightmare Before Christmas tunes incredible catchy, but they also spark a curiosity within all of us. Halloweentown is what we are familiar with, while Christmas town is the shock of a new surroundings. That connection alone is something fans can relate too.

The mystery behind the holiday-themed doors

While The Nightmare Before Christmas film illustrates the layout of two towns that are behind two different doors, it leaves out the endless possibilities of what lies behind the other five holiday-themed doors — the heart, Valentine’s Day, the four-leaf clover, St. Patrick’s Day, the Easter egg, Easter, the fireworks, Independence Day and the turkey, Thanksgiving. Even though it’s been 25 years since the film was made, there is still an open-ended sense of curiosity as to whether fans will ever get to find out the everyday lives of the people and creatures that live in those other worlds. It casts an element of mystery and original perspective to an already dazzling film.

It was never done before

While there are tons of binge-worthy horror movies that Halloween lovers watch to awaken their gruesome spirit and arguably even more holly jolly films to prepare for the Christmas season, The Nightmare Before Christmas combined these two very different celebrations and intertwined them into a monster mash of a blue Christmas that has the ability to span at least three months of the year — September through to December. Now, that was an ingenious idea!

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A brief history of zombies

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 zombie history

Zombies are on the rise in pop culture with everything from insanely, surreal motion pictures to graphic video games, page-turning novels and even high-grossing TV series. There’s no questioning societies dead-ication to these bloodthirsty flesh eaters, but the real question is, where did the idea for the cannibalistic outbreak come from? Let’s take a dive into zombie history and find out why these supernatural beings possess a rather impressive connection to historic ancient cultures and their beliefs after death.

What is the origin of zombies?

The idea of zombies didn’t just spring to life during a very disturbed brainstorming session, it has actually existed historically and dates back to the 8th century.

The word ‘zombie’ is not an original abstraction. It’s said to have come from nzambi — a religion in Africa that speaks Kongo — and is directly translated to ‘spirit of a dead person. While the Louisiana Creole and Haitian Creole people used the word ‘zonbi’ to describe a person who has died but was brought back to life without speech or free will.

What ties zombies to voodoo folklore?

Voodoo priests, also known as Bokors, were historically connected to the idea of black magic. It was believed that they possessed the ability to resurrect the dead using a deadly substance found inside a porcupine fish. According to the folklore, a zombie is a person who has annoyed their family or community to a degree that is no longer tolerable. That said person was then taken to a Bokor where they were given the poison, which increasingly lowered their heart rate and body temperature. The public would then bury them, thinking they were dead, only later to be exhumed by the Bokor. Still physically intact, but lacking internal memories, the person would walk around like a mindless vegetable.

Human remains tell their own story

Archaeology sites have dug up human remains that anthropologists believed to be the skeletal remains of zombie history. Decapitated bodies, brains removed from their skulls and human teeth marks found on many of the remains suggest that these bodies were either ‘zombies’ or the people buried there practiced cannibalism.

Why do zombies rise from their graves?

Many ancient civilizations, including the Greeks, feared the undead. The act of putting gravestones to mark a site of a human burial actually derived from their fear of reanimated corpses breaking through the soil and coming back to life. Many archaeology sites, found in Greece and Italy, have excavated bodies that were pinned down to their grave sites through the use of rocks.

So, what is it about the undead that fascinates western culture? Yes, the ancient history of the world may have a role to play when it comes to our utter preparation for the zombie apocalypse, or maybe we just possess this underlying fear of the unknown — a disease leading to our own bitter demise. But, regardless of the inspiration behind our love for zombies, it’s clear that with enough money, motivation and a dead-icated aficionados, zombie’s will continue to rise up and slay the pop culture world for generations to come.

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Rainy evenings call for horror movie binge-watching

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horror movies

You can hear the rain water cascading against your roof shingles. Glancing between the curtains, a gust of wind lifts the maroon-hued leaves off the ground like an acrobat awkwardly lifting their partner during some sort of freak sideshow and all while the skeleton-like tree branches tap, tap, tap against your mirror-like window on a gloomy, dark, autumn evening. Mid-November weather is the perfect backdrop to the unusual, grotesque events that inspire all the most pleasurable horror movies. Not to mention, it’s the perfect time of the year to curl up and let the spine-chilling temperatures steer your freakish nature into spending multiple evenings binge-watching all your darkest desires. It’s about time you awaken your horror lovin’ spirit and brace yourself for a season of alarming horror film binge-watching.

Clown around with a little Killjoy

If you’re unfamiliar with the Killjoy franchise you’ll need to find the extra time to juggle all the adventures of the demonically summoned doll. Brought back to life using black magic, this ghastly clown is determined to take revenge, in five feature-length films, on the person responsible for killing his owner. Bizarre, yet absolutely delightful!

Jeepers creepers, where’d you get those peepers?

Although the most recent Jeepers Creepers film did not do as well in the box office, there’s no arguing that the first two horror movies possessed a rather elevated, hair-raising plot sequence about a mysterious, demonic creature that will run a course through your nightmares… almost as good as it runs people off the road. So, cuddle up in your coziest fleece and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the catchy cadaver tune.

Santa claws his way into your horror movie schedule

With the Christmas season creeping up around the corner, horror lovers must do everything possible to keep their devilish disguise throughout the holidays. Why not raise some spirits with a horrific comedy about the jolly, fat man? He’s making his list and you better pray you’re not on it.

How’s that for a little horror movie inspiration? Tell us in the comments section below.

A behind the scenes look at the Saw movie franchise

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saw movie franchise

Horror lovers everywhere have latched onto the thrilling escapades of the Saw movie franchise, which reveal the motives of the infamous Jigsaw killer. Perhaps this set of films have developed an overwhelming popularity because they’re rather unique. A sociopathic killer who forces his victims through a series of mechanical traps as a means to torture them into discovering if they are worthy of life. Sounds pretty uncommon in comparison to many far-out horror franchises. Not to mention, Jigsaw is also an exceptional villain who has never actually killed anyone. Combine that with all the guts, gore, blood and the iconic appearance of the creepy ventriloquist dummy, it’s pretty clear why this shocking, sadistic film series has made it this far. Yet, even after 14 years of chills and thrills, there are still interesting facts about the franchise that keep creeping their way out of the woodwork.

The first movie set the scene

The first film in the Saw movie franchise really staged the feel for the entire series. It was actually the only one out of the eight movies that wasn’t filmed in Canada, having been shot in Los Angeles. The most interesting fact was that it was a rush job. It was completed in only 18 days without a single rehearsal. Wild right? Crazy fans of the movies may also want to check out the short film, Saw 0.5, which was used to pitch the full-length film shot the following year. Upon watching this eerie short, you may also notice that the scene featured looks rather familiar and that the actor being tested by Jigsaw was none other than Leigh Whannell himself — the director that would go on to produce the first three films in the classic horror franchise.

The inspiration came from…

There were two things that really inspired the Saw movie franchise. Directors Leigh Whannell and James Wan were motivated to create a film similar to The Blair Witch Project after having watched the film and how it was produced on minimal funds. The idea for the Jigsaw killer also came from a personal experience. Wan suffered from extreme migraines and went for an MRI because he was fearful of having a brain tumor. This fueled his backstory behind John Kramer’s condition and made him nervously wonder what he would do with the rest of his life following a negative diagnosis.

Do you know any other interesting facts about the Saw movie franchise? Drop a comment below and tell us all about it.