Children's Costumes

Have you seen our awesome inventory of horror costumes for kids? Our youth sized selections replicating cinema greats include Addams’ Family Morticia, Wednesday, and Uncle Fester, Leatherface, Five Night at Freddy’s Foxy, Saw’s Billy Puppet, and Bride of Frankenstein, along with tried and true classic Gothic Witch, Gothic Vampire, and Skeleton outfits. For babies just cutting teeth or barely crawling, we also have Skeleton, StayPuft Marshmallow, Ninja, and Lil’ Bat in infant sizes! In addition to our horror costumes for kids, we have Harry Potter robes, and an assortment of comic characters including Bat Girl, Super Man, Super Girl, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman, and Batman (Dark Knight and Adam West versions.) Shop Nightmare Toys for comfortable and cool horror costumes for kids!