Pop! Pez Dispensers

Take a gruesome walk down memory lane with one of our hauntingly awesome horror Pez dispensers. You can thank POP! for these ghastly collectibles, complete with a few packages of your favorite candy-coated treats.

While they were created in the 50s, people didn’t lose their heads over these candy dispensing contraptions until little characters were placed on top of them in the early 90s. So, when it comes to chilling collectibles, these horror Pez dispensers have truly earned the right to be named relics.

While we know you’re always on the lookout for addictions to your own collection, we also know that you’re attracted to otherworldly uniqueness. That’s why a Jack, Sally, Oogie Boogie or anyone else from Halloweentown would make the perfect addition to your spooky-inspired keepsakes.

So, before they kidnap Sandy Claws and ruin the Christmas season, you better snatch these horror Pez dispensers up and place them on your bookshelf for the ultimate eerie-sistable display.