Chestburster Phunny By Kidrobot

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Chestburster Phunny By Kidrobot

Kidrobot proudly introduces PHUNNY, a line of sinisterly squeezable 8 plush.Full of creeps, monsters, and frights softened to huggable absurdity, PHUNNY plushes use Kidrobots legendary quality and warped worldview to shake-up the plush category! Plush. Size (Approx.) ~8″. High Quality.

Chestburster: the matured embryo of the Xenomorph needs your DNA, so this life stage of the Alien extraterrestrial is kinda your baby. Curl up with this vulnerable little PHUNNY plush now because one day he could grow up to literally bite off your head.



A true horror fan shouldn’t have a problem finding creepy plushies to put on display in their crypt, however, Kidrobot offers a more specialized, signature appeal over any other competing brands selling horror plush toys. I mean, have you seen how cute and cuddly this collection of chilling characters is?

Kidrobot plush toys are cultivated through the use of pop culture inspiration. And, with an added dash of darkness, the company has been able to create a varied collection of some of our most cherished, and most gruesome, apparitions. Acknowledged worldwide as a bold creator of limited edition, cheap horror toys, Kidrobot fearsomely canvas’ emerging horror trends and brings them to life in plushie form! Maybe it’s about time that you cloaked your devilish home with a few horror plush toys? Why are you even trying to disguise the darkness?

Don’t be frightened to dress-up your crypt and cape your living space with the most enchanting horror collectibles and bone-ified, gory must-haves. After all, even though each plushie represents a hair-raising ghoul, it’s so hard not to love the ghastly, grim texture and eerie-sistable detail that goes into every character. Notably, Kidrobot plush toys take an otherworldly approach to monster representation by shrinking your favorite ghouls down to a manageable, huggable size. This means that while still a fearsome name in the genre, these horror plush toys steal your heart, and quite possibly your soul, with their soft, cuddly composition and large, clearly defined eyeballs. They’re so shockingly spine-chilling, it would be a sheer crime to not have them on display.

Gift some Kidrobot plush toys to your all your beloved ghouls or simply start your own supernatural collection of thrilling specters consisting of a favored cast such as Jason Voorhees, the Gremlins and even Terminator horror plush toys. Check out all of your spook-tacular idols that are available as charming, horror plush toys.

Did you ever think that finding creepy plushies would be this easy?



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