Close the Beaches! Poster



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Close the Beaches! Poster

The sun is hot, the sand is dry, and on this Fourth of July, the place to be is the beach on Amity Island. In recent days stories have swirled throughout town about a shark attack in the area, but I’m sure those are just rumors, right? The warm summer breeze hits you just as you hear a group of children splashing wildly about in the water. What a perfect day this is.

Suddenly, a dark shape glides underneath your raft through the cool blue water and moves quickly from the depths towards you. Before you have time to scream the monstrous man-eater explodes from the water grabbing ahold of you. The last thing you see before you go under are dozens of razor sharp teeth tearing into your flesh, ripping you apart. Your last fleeting thought is that the rumors around Amity Island are in fact true. The shark is real and he is here. And the beaches must be closed.

Limited Edition. 18”x24” 100 Prints Available.

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