Nightmare on Elm Street – Freddy Krueger Q-Fig

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Nightmare on Elm Street – Freddy Krueger Q-Fig

Teenagers in the town of Springwood are afraid to fall asleep. Because when they do, Freddy Krueger invades their dreams, terrorizing and murdering them from inside their minds.

Freddy, a serial killer with burn scars over his entire body and a glove filled with razor-sharp daggers, revels in your fear. He’s invulnerable while inside a nightmare. His only weakness – reality itself. If his victims can drag him back to the conscious world when they awake, he can be killed like a normal man.
The terror of Freddy is enough to give anyone chronic insomnia. But it turns out, this destroyer of childhood dreams also makes an incredibly cute Q-Fig, as seen in this adorable collectible figure. Here’s Freddy in all his demonic glory: brandishing his iconic glove and wearing a sardonic grin, as he stalks his next victim.

As with all QMx Q-Figs, this remarkable scene captures the character’s spirit and essence from every angle and features specially hand-painted details.  Freddy joins our ever-growing line-up of Q-Figs; see them all, collect them all!

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