Pennywise Mini Hanger

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Pennywise Mini Hanger

Pennywise has a habit of dropping by when you’re least expecting it. You might be spreading peanut butter and jelly on toast then “Bam!” he shows up. Then you drop your toast face down and your day,¬†or at least your breakfast, is ruined. Or you’ll be brushing your teeth in the evening and all the sudden some nonsense about floating starts sounding up from the drain. And once you see that first bubble of blood show up you know you’re in for at least a couple hours of cleaning. The thing is, we get that Pennywise wants to freak people out. He feeds on fear and all that. But couldn’t he just stick around and help clean up the mess every once in a while?
Let Pennywise know that he can take a chill pill and stay in the sewers when you hang this licensed IT prop in your house. It’ll do all the scaring without causing sewer issues. The face has the red hair, receding hairline, and sharp teeth we all know and love. A multi-colored ruff and bright poncho hang down from the shoulders. Grasping mitts complete the image so we don’t forget It’s coming for us!


Morbid Enterprises


Weight1.0000000 lbs
Dimensions18.0000000 × 4.0000000 × 4.0000000 in


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