Sticks and Stones: Investigating the Blair Witch

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Sticks and Stones: Investigating the Blair Witch

This short film was originally offered by Blockbuster Video to promote the rental and sales of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT video when it was first released. There is an amusing comment at the beginning of STICKS and STONES indicating that Blockbuster didn’t go looking for the added footage because “You’d have to be crazy to go into those woods.” Much of the film is scenes from THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and CURSE OF THE BLAIR WITCH. But two new pieces of film are tacked on at the end, one of which provides a provocative added clue or misclue to the mystery. This clue adds support to one of the many theories of what happened in THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, namely that there was some sort of time warp involved which prevented the search party from seeing the three missing college students even though the searchers covered the same territory where the students disappeared. STICKS and STONES isn’t particularly important except for the two new pieces of film. If the viewer has no interest in the Blair Witch myth, then this film will be of no interest either. But for fans, it’s another piece in the puzzle.


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