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The Hellraiser Collection

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“Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth”: An Investigative Reporter Must Send The Newly Unbound Pinhead And His legions Back To Hell. “Hellraiser 4: Bloodline”: In The 22nd Century, A Scientist Attempts To Right The Wrong His Ancestor Created: The Puzzle Box That Opens The Gates Of Hell And Unleashes Pinhead And His Cenobite legions. “Hellraiser 5: Inferno”: A Shady Police Detective Becomes Embroiled In A Strange World Of Murder, Sadism And Madness After Being Assigned A Murder Investigation Against A Madman Known Only As “The Engineer”. “Hellraiser 6: Hellseeker”: A Shady Businessman Attempts To Piece Together The Details Of The Car Crash That Killed His Wife And Rendered Him An Amnesiac – And left Him In Possession Of A Sinister Puzzle Box That Summons Monsters. “Hellraiser 7: Deader”: A Journalist Uncovers An Underground Group Who Can Bring Back The Dead And Slowly Becomes Drawn Into Their World. “Hellraiser 8: Hellworld”: Gamers Playing A MMORPG Based On The “Hellraiser” Franchise Find Their lives Endangered After Being Invited To A Rave Whose Host Intends To Show Them The Truth Behind The Cenobite Mythos.




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