Boys Deluxe Harry Potter Robe Costume

By Rubie's

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Boys Deluxe Harry Potter Robe Costume

Acceptance letter in hand, it’s time for you to prepare for a magical year at Hogwarts. Help your child look the part with a Deluxe Harry Potter Robe costume all witches and wizards have somewhere in their closet. Although the sorting hat has yet to decide, you are sure you have a Gryffindor under your roof. That makes this robe perfect as Gryffindor’s house crest is emblazoned on the chest. Black fabric is accented by maroon to further differentiate your child from the 3 other houses. Wearing the hood up will reveal a pointed design reminiscent of witches and wizards long past. Wear glasses with tape holding the bridge together and add a wand to your cart to look like Gryffindor’s most famous member: Harry Potter!