Dead Silence Mary Shaw Clown Puppet Prop


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Dead Silence Mary Shaw Clown Puppet Prop
Meet the mysterious protagonist of the scary horror flick, Dead Silence.
In honor of the 2007 modern cult classic, Dead Silence, Trick or Treat Studios have created this screen accurate replica of the scary ventriloquist doll. The replica is bound to take pride of place in your display cabinet with the screen accurate depiction of Mary Shaw in full clown attire. The Dead Silence doll was sculpted by Mark Anthony, who has been described as "the King of movie replica props and characters" by Trick or Treat Studios. Mark Anthony is also the owner of The Scary Closet, which makes highly detailed movie replicas including the first-ever replica Chucky doll and screen-accurate replicas of Billy from Dead Silence. Discover your spooky side with this one-of-a-kind movie replica depicting one of most people's favorite Dead Silence character, Mary Shaw.

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