GingerWEED Man Resin Statue


GingerWEED Man Resin Statue

Full Moon Collectibles is proud to present the GINGERWEED MAN Collectible Resin Statue from the popular EVIL BONG franchise as seen in EVIL BONG 666 and voiced by BROOKS DAVIS. The GINGERWEED MAN is brought to life in a laboratory by ‘Rabbit’ and ‘EeBee’, the Evil Bong herself. The insane duo created him to fight the demented ‘Gingerdead Man’ and the evil ‘Beelze-bud’, ruler of Sexy Hell!

 The GINGERWEED man statute features intricately-sculpted details. Each hand-painted statue is beautifully produced to match the on-screen character. The GINGERWEED MAN stands in his trademark shorts, red beanie, and holding – what else – a huge bong! Made of hard resin and stands approximately 7 ½” tall on a round base. This one of a kind GINGERWEED MAN statute is ready to get you baked and ready for the next 420! A great addition to any Evil Bong fan’s collection!

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