Gremlins Gizmo Pop! Gizmo


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Gremlins Gizmo Pop! Gizmo

Get ready for cuteness overload! Gizmo from the Gremlins is here featured as a must-have installment to your hair-raising, horror collection. And this time, his grim representation has been shrunk down to be fitted as a haunting Funko Pop! This Gizmo Movie Pop! Vinyl Figure stands 3 3/4-inches tall. The sylized figure has a rotating head and comes in a displayable window box. This time, he's still cute even if you fed him after midnight... but you'd better not get him wet!

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How many of you are fans of the 1984 American comedy-horror, Gremlins? If you raised your hand, we’ve got a frightful horror collectible that should be added to your rare Funko pops collection! It’s a genuine Gremlins Gizmo Pop! If you’re asking yourself, “who is Gizmo from gremlins?” kindly step aside to make room for the real shoppers who worship the horror genre and relish the loveable nature of this unearthly character.

Nightmare Toys is now proudly selling this devilishly adorable Pop! that features the mischievous character, Gizmo. This Gremlins Gizmo Pop! is an all-around, vinyl figure that stands 3 ¾-inches tall from head to toe. With large, blackout eyes and a stylized rotating head, this horror collectible will be one that you want to put on display in a specialized window box for all your visitors to see!

While cute and cuddly, don’t be fooled! Giz is always up to no good. So, while he’s stuck away in a keepsake box, just remember to always keep an eye on this little Mogwai that’s full of spooktacular trickery. However, unlike his real-life counterpart, you can place him on display with some chillingly bright lights. Although summon into mind that all water and snacks must be stashed away after midnight… you know the 3 rules of keeping this collectible looking fresh, don’t you?

Nevertheless, if you don’t have the space for this creep-tasic horror relic, perhaps you’ll soon realize why Funko pops make great gifts! They’re adorable, alarmingly realistic and it’s impossible to own them all. They’re just too many frightful options.

So, raise a little hell and brighten up your dark desires by adding this Gremlins Gizmo Pop! to your ever-growing collection or simply gifting it to someone who collects gruesomely rare Funko pops!