Jack The Ripper


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Close your eyes and whisper his name...

The inimitable Klaus Kinski (NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE, CRAWLSPACE, FITZCARRALDO) assumes the role of the most heinous criminal of modern history - JACK THE RIPPER - in this explicitly savage, wildly erotic version of the infamous tale from Europe's most notorious filmmaker, Jess Franco.

Kinski stars as a sympathetic doctor by day who, when night falls, sheds his skin and stalks the shadowy streets of London as the prostitute-murdering Jack the Ripper. While Scotland Yard races to stop his bloody reign of terror, a young woman launches her own investigation and becomes the Ripper's next target.

Think you've seen JACK THE RIPPER? Think again…

Produced by German exploitation film legend Erwin C. Dietrich and co-starring Franco's longtime muse, the sensual Lina Romay, JACK THE RIPPER is one of the controversial director's finest films, presented here in a lush anamorphic widescreen transfer, freshly struck from a new, glorious HD master.

Director: Jess Franco Writer: Jess Franco

Year: 1976
Rating: R
Runtime: 92 min
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 1.75:1
Sound: Mono
Format: DVD
Region: Region Free

Starring: Klaus Kinski, Lina Romay, Josephine Chaplin, Andreas Mannkopff, Herbert Fux

Special Features:

• Audio commentary with producer Erwin C. Dietrich.

• Rare deleted scenes.
• Ripping Yarn: Restoring Jack the Ripper.
• Franco, Bloody Franco: Audio Interview w/Jess Franco (French w/ Eng Subtitles).
• Original Theatrical German Trailer.