Mego Action Figure 14 Inch Dracula

By Mego

Mego Action Figure 14 Inch Dracula

Mego is proud to present The World’s Greatest Mego Monsters Dracula - officially licensed from Universal Studios! The Prince of Darkness terrorizes his way into the Megoverse for the first time ever in the 14” format!

The strength of the Vampire lies in humanities’ disbelief. He will lurk in the shadows waiting to strike! Dracula cannot wait to have you over for dinner!

Mego is satisfying the insatiable thirst of fans and collectors alike by taking it’s classic style to the deepest depths of Horror with the all new 14” Dracula action figure! Dracula comes outfitted with screen accurate clothing and details! Will you dare to invite him in???

Product Information

  • Licensed character.
  • Original Detail and Quality!
  • 14-point articulation.

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