Officially Licensed Seed of Chucky Replica Doll - Kickstarter Bundle Version


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Seed of Chucky Replica Doll
Officially Licensed Seed of Chucky Replica Doll Kickstarter Version.

Includes: Doll, Enamel Pin, Sticker and Fear Freshener.

The Officially Licensed One-To-One Scale Seed of Chucky Doll is the most screen accurate Scarred Chucky Doll ever produced. Why? Because every detail of this doll is made from actual screen used molds and the clothing  was replicated using screen used swatches.

The production molds for the Doll where made from the actual screen used Seed of Chucky Doll Master Molds and the Paint Master was made directly from the insane hands of Tony Gardner, making this the most screen accurate Scarred Chucky Doll ever produced and made available to the public.  The Doll stand 30" tall.  People will swear that you're holding the actual Screen Used Doll in your evil hands.

The internal frame of the doll is made from POM (Polyoxymethylene) Thermoplastic Connectors surrounded by a soft flexible foam giving you the ultimate in durability and flexibility allowing you to pose the Doll anyway you want.

Also, your Doll will come in a very cool heavily weathered Good Guy Box.

Meet the designer - Tony Gardner
Tony Gardner has been a makeup effects artist for over 30 years. After starting his solo career creating the Half Corpse for “The Return of the Living Dead” at the ripe old age of 21, he and his wife Cindy formed Alterian Studios, which has been responsible for the creation of many iconic makeup effects characters through the years, including Liam Neeson as Darkman, Doug Jones as Billy Butcherson from “Hocus Pocus,” and Bruce Campbell as Evil Ash from “Army of Darkness” and of course Chucky from "Seed of Chucky."
His love of masks has extended from his own early Alterian Ghost Factory mask line (which spawned the “Scream” mask), through the design and creation of “Happy Death Day’s” Baby-Faced mask, the Killer mask for “Hellfest,” and Daft Punk’s iconic robot disguises.

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