Pop! Movies: IT- Richie Tozier


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“Beep, Beep!” Check out the Richie Tozier Funko Pop!

POP! Funko Movie Series has added the characters from IT to their fantastic catalogue, and these are definitely a fan's dream set of collectibles. Their replication is top of the line, especially when it comes to Richie Tozier toys, and is perfect for admirers of Stephen King's formidable Losers' Club.

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The Brainy “Trashmouth” of the Group

Here's a quick refresher on “Who is Richie Tozier?”: He's the smart, yet smarmy, comedic one (hence the “Trashmouth” nickname), who is the best friend of the group's main protagonist, Bill Denbrough. His buddies can't always shush him (“Beep Beep”) in time from saying something contentious, but he'll try his best to stand his ground and help fend off bullies – cue the “rock war” scene from 2017's film.

Since much of the film involved fears, Tozier's was becoming a “missing” kid. In the stand-out scene that pitted him against the killer clown, Richie is shown a coffin that opens to reveal “Found” creepily written over a Missing poster on the lid, and inside, a lifelike doll of himself decaying. Seth Green and the late Harry Anderson portrayed young and adult Richie in the original 1990 TV miniseries. Bill Hader will be playing adult Richie in IT:Chapter 2, due September 6th; but this POP! Funko is the likeness of Finn Wolfhard's 2017 portrayal, complete with the baseball bat that he used against Pennywise.

The POP! Funko Movie Series: Classic and Endearing Collectibles

One of the reasons why Funko POP! figures rock and are such treasured memorabilia is that they're the perfect size to display, inside or outside of the box. They represent characters from some of the best genre and cult films and television, and there's often variants, special box sets, and signed editions to look for. For the IT series, Richie joins a snazzy line-up that also includes renditions of Bill, Eddie Kaspbrak, Stanley Uris, Mike Hanlon, Beverly Marsh, Ben Hanscom, Georgie Denbrough, and of course, the sinister Deadlights in Pennywise clown form. Years from now, these Funko collectibles will still evoke memories of the IT films and the themes of the bonds of friendship, the comfort of belonging, and the passage into adulthood. That's also why POP! figures are so appealing, and why they've made one of the best Richie Tozier toys you'll find.