The Duke of Devonshire Mask


The Duke of Devonshire Mask

Sculpted by Anders Lerche

They are the quiet couple residing at the manor, the Duke and Duchess bring an eerie calm to the manor’s walls. Each in their own world of wait and want … The Duke prefers his evening strolls among the dead and recently undead, and chats with the old farmers in the nearby fields. Their rotting corpses propped up on an elbow, talking about the weather and grunting their approval or disapproval of the local gossip. Terrors to those outside of the daily routine, they bide their time and await the next victim, because time is all they have.

The Duke sits upon the manor porch .. slowly rocking in his chair, the divots in the wood rubbed smooth by years of creaking floors and haunted dreams.

This is a Lord Grimley’s Manor exclusive and is a full over-the-head latex mask.

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