All the costume essentials your dark soul can bare

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Since Halloween is just around the corner, it’s time to awaken your inner demons to select a spine-chilling horror costume for all your forthcoming frightful festivities. So, since it’s hauntingly possible that you’re stuck on the decision to dress up as a repulsive creature or a startling entity, as long as your unearthly spirit is bathed in darkness, Nightmare Toys has a costume that’s bound to make you cackle with ghoulish delight.

Scary horror costumes for sale

There are so many spooktacular options for horror lovers looking to achieve a scare factor. After all, how often can you dress menacingly insane, go out in public and passersby won’t even bat an eye? As ghastly as that is, how do you decide which scary costume to play devilish dress-up with?

While clowns are usually associated with cheap thrills, the American Horror Story’s Twisty the Clown costume is something nightmares are made from. Featuring a one-size-fits-all, white-puffed suit with red and yellow poms and a vibrant trim, you’ll be ready to get your creep on. Just don’t forget to grab yourself the mask of the dreaded carnival freak, with an intense special effect making the mouthpiece removable to expose the grim extent of his deformity.

If clowning around isn’t your style, how about “puppeting” around instead? Drape the apparel of the terrifying Saw Pilly Puppet costume and start informing your peers about the rules and instructions of their deadly games.

Funny horror costumes for sale  

Why is the rum always gone by the time you make your way to your ghoulish gathering? Well, that’s probably because you opted to dress as a pirate this Halloween and you’re taking your role as captain super seriously! Although if you’re the type of person who struggles to remember the basics of pirate lingo, maybe you’d prefer to break the ice at your shindig dressed as an inflatable pteranodon? You’ll look roarsome when you spread your wings for hugs and high fives.

Sexy horror costumes for sale

While the Halloween season is one of the best times to dress in gruesome costumes, it’s also the finest time of year to flaunt a sexy-inspired costume as well. Ladies, if a seductive nurse or provocative cat doesn’t make your costume cut, why not consider the charming allure of a Day of the Dead Senorita costume or simply pull your hair back into pigtails and dress up as a desired schoolgirl, outfitted as Wednesday Addams? Gentlemen, you can try to woe all the women in your Iron Man or gladiator costume ensembles.

Iconic horror costumes for sale

It doesn’t get more iconic than getting the opportunity to dress up as your favorite horror character, so why not take advantage of the next month by slowly preparing and adding to an out-of-this-world look? Walk the walk and talk the talk outfitted as the poltergeist, Beetlejuice! You can also choose to resemble Adam or Barbara rather than the comedic ghost.

Although, for those who want to cross the hair-raising paths between gruesome and time-honoring, perhaps you’d prefer to rock the dreams of party-goers everywhere spiffed up as Freddy Krueger himself. Don’t forget to add the mask and glove to finish off your killer costume!  

What horror costume with you be haunting and flaunting this upcoming Halloween. Drop a comment or a photo below to share.

What we know so far about American Horror Story’s upcoming season

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From a not-so-typical haunted house to an end of the world blasting, the American Horror Story franchise has continued to exhibit all the spine-chilling lore and mystery that adorning horror fans crave. With that the widespread popularity of this horror anthology has brought about new, riveting cast members, an assorted compilation of American horror story collectibles and another alarming installment to add to the devilish series.

What’s the theme of season 9?

If the title for the upcoming season isn’t sufficient to spark a possibility, then the grainy filming style and the vibrancy of athletic wear exhibited by the characters should be enough for horror fans to see that the latest AHS installment, 1984, was inspired by the classic, slasher horror films of the 80s. 
“I think it’s going to be really scary but a lot of fun like it always is… if you have a taste for 80s horror, you’re in for a treat,” said executive producer Tim Minear.

Fans believe that ‘1984’ will complete popular theory

Reddit user, Red Herry, blew up the internet in 2014 when they discussed their theory about how each season of the series embodied the same themes — sin, power, betrayal, and horror — as a poem written in the 14th century. The piece of diction, written by Dante Alighieri, was called Inferno and is one-third of a larger epic poem called the Divine Comedy. It talks about how the protagonist (Dante himself) descends through nine circles of Hell as he approaches Hell’s center, each of which is reserved for a certain type of sinner. So, the question is which AHS represents each circle of Hell? — Limbo (Murder House), Gluttony (Hotel), Greed (Freak Show), Anger (Roanoke), Heresy (Cult), Fraud (Asylum), Treachery (Coven), Violence (Apocalypse) — leaving Lust behind as a potential depiction for the upcoming 1984.

Which of your favorite actors will be returning for this season?

There are going to be a handful of noticeable absences in the upcoming season, despite the popularity of last year’s Murder House and Coven crossover. So, which characters are taking a seat on the sidelines for 1984?

  • Evan Peters is going to sit a season out, commenting that he’s overwhelmed by the emotional roles of the characters he has played on the show in the past — Tate Langdon (Murder House), Kit Walker (Asylum), Kyle Spencer (Freak Show), Jimmy Darling (Freak Show), James March (Hotel), Edward Phillipe Mott & Rory Monahan (Roanoke), Kal Anderson, Andy Warhol, Marshall Applewhite, David Koresh, Jim Jones, Jesus Christ & Charles Manson (Cult) and finally, Mr. Gallant, Jeff Pfister, James March and Tate Langon (Apocalypse) — sometimes portraying up to 7 in one installment.
  • Billy Eichner, portraying Harrison Wilton in the seventh season and Brock/Mutt in the eighth, will not be in the newest installment. 
  • Sarah Paulson, a character who has played riveting roles since the start of the franchise, may make a cameo in the newest season, however, she will not be portraying a protagonist due to her busy acting schedule.

Have you stocked up on your American Horror Story collectibles to celebrate? Watch the trailer to get yourself geared up for September 18. 

What is your favorite part about the AHS franchise? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

True Events Behind American Horror Stories’ seasons

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American horror story franchise

The American Horror Story franchise continues to thrill fans year after year by crafting the most bizarre, alarming, dark and twisted plot sequences a horror devotee could ever ask for. While the terrifying episodes are enough to keep you up at night, just wait until you hear the real-life versions. That’s right! The creepy, bloodcurdling narratives are not just a bunch of hocus pocus. Writers of the show have based all of the AHS plot lines on gruesomely true events.

Season 1: Murder House

The plot sequence of this diabolical season revolves around the themes of revenge and murder — almost 100 years of it in fact — but one of the menacing flashbacks was actually based on a real-life murder case.

Elizabeth Short, otherwise known as the ‘Black Dahlia’, was one of the guests that stopped by the murder house to receive dental work. Although the interpretation of how she was killed was simply the imaginative work of the AHS writers, to this day no one knows the mystery behind how her half-sliced body was found drained of her blood.

Season 2: Asylum

This season of the American Horror Story franchise follows two protagonists, Kit and Alma Walker, who claim to be abducted by aliens. These petrified characters were inspired by a real-life mixed-race couple, Barney and Betty Hill, who also went public about their supernatural experience in the 60s.

Season 3: Coven

This spine-chilling season of the show was in fact based on Madame Delphine Lalaurie, a real historical figure that was a prominent New Orleans socialite in the early 1800s. She was portrayed just as ghastly and frightening as the old newspaper accounts had written, showing how she tortured and killed people in her ‘Chamber of Horrors’. Hearsay suggests that LaLaurie killed a huge number of slaves, leaving them chained to the wall, or left mutilated on the floor of her home. Needless to say, it is said that her home remains haunted.

Season 4: Freak Show

This bizarre, yet intriguing season was inspired by real people, including the character Pepper who was based on Schlitzie the Pinhead — an American sideshow performer who also starred in an early 30s movie. Schlitzie had a neurodevelopmental disorder that caused him to have a smaller head and brain than the average human. Many performers during this time period possessed some form of developmental complications which was seen as abnormal.

Season 5: Hotel

This bloodcurdling depiction was based on the real life Cecil Hotel in LA, rumored to be a favorite spot for serial killers in the area, as guests were known to be found dead or switch to thirsty killers overnight. Fans often connect the plot line to the real-life death of Elisa Lam, a Canadian student who was found dead at the hotel with earlier footage of her acting strange in the elevator.

Season 6: Roanoke

This season of the American Horror Story franchise is entirely inspired by the lost colony of Roanoke — the first known British settlement in the Americas. This mysterious American mystery started when a whole town of 117 people in Northern California completely vanished in the year 1590. The only thing that was found where their town once prospered was a single skeleton with the world ‘CROATOAN’ carved into a nearby fence post. Spooky!

Season 7: Cult

While most AHS seasons satirize historical and cultural lore and fears from the past, season 7 was more interested in showing the current state of America. This story focuses on the aftermath of the 2016 federal election all while intertwining the historic background of cults across the country — comparing fictional character Kai Anderson to real-life leaders such as Charles Manson and Jim Jones. This season also touched on the mysterious clown sightings that happened that same year.

What do you think ‘Season 8: Apocalypse’ will be based on? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.