4 Freaky Horror Collectibles for The Dad That’s Hard to Shop For

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Oftentimes the rotten apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree and if your black heart is consistently pumping for a scare, chances are that you were raised to love the darkened madness of the horror genre! So, if you’re starting to feel the urgency to pull your eyeballs right from their sockets when it comes to shopping for your dad’s Father’s Day gift, just remember that nightmaretoys.com always has you covered! With great, gruesome gift ideas at the click of a button, you won’t need to spend the time in some morbid hardware store to find something that he will love and use! 

Exciting new t-shirts 

If your pops is a horror fan, there’s no sensible gift that quite ticks all the boxes like the smooth, fitted comfort of an unearthly t-shirt. In addition to being dark and practical, our collection of slipover shirts exhibits the most popular, gruesome foes and also features devilishly high-quality fibers! So, aside from being a one-of-a-kind, standout item, you will also be able to rely on the durability of the fabric to stand the test of time… and even some grim chores. Since one’s outfit is meant to act as an advertisement across their chests, a wicked t-shirt will ensure that your ghoulish dad is promoting something that’s true to his heart, like “I 🖤 Elvira”, “Hail Satan and Drink Coffee”, or “We’re going to eat you, Zombie”.   

Hair-raising action figures

We’ve never met a dad who wasn’t a serious collector of something and if your old man is an admirer of the macabre, he will appreciate some additions to his mysterious collection. Whether he is focused on a single horror franchise or adorns the entire genre, otherworldly-inspired action figures are one of the most popular horror collectibles on the market, giving avid hobbyists the opportunity to boost their compilations over time. With everything from 1:1 Scale Replica Figures to Body Knockers, Bobbleheads, and vintage, Mega Style dolls, you possess endless options at your fingertips to surprise dad with on June 21st!   

Spook-tacular signage 

Whether dad is lucky enough to have a crypt filled with shrines dedicated to his favorite horror villains or he spends more time in the comforts of his garage space, the gift of horror signage is bound to stir a ghastly grin on Father’s Day! Made from various materials, including lightweight plastic, metal, and molded foam, our horror signs act as spooky plaques of dedication and can be easily placed on all types of doors and wall areas. So, if your father figure enjoys pun-filled signage, such as “Creepin’ It Real” or “More Boos Please”, then he will love tearing the gift wrap off these nightmarish goodies! 

Unique and petrifying patches 

One of the things you love most about your old man is that he’s easy-to-please and practical, so when you’re stuck on what to get him for his day of worship, try to think of items that are strange and uncommon, but fitting for his orderly lifestyle. Horror patches are a great gift idea — they take up zero space, they functionally form onto the sleeves or pockets of an already owned jacket, and chances are your siblings didn’t think of it first. Give dad the gift of a stylish finishing touch that’s handcrafted and custom to his unique look. Plus, if your pops isn’t able to sew, he can iron on his new patch of horror embroidery! 

Which of the above gift suggestions would excite your dad the most? Drop a comment below to compare with other readers.

Gift ideas for Pennywise fans

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Pennywise Red Ballon Gift

If only one character exemplified coulrophobia (fear of clowns), it’s Pennywise. Of all the personas this cosmic shape-shifting entity takes – Bob Gray, leper, werewolf, iconic Dracula, and Frankenstein’s Monster – the clown is undeniably creepy (and still beats the giant spider, which is next for inducing shivers)! Stephen King’s 1986 book IT gave way to an incredible horror story, with an unforgettable villain that Tim Curry chillingly portrayed in the 1990 TV mini-series and Bill Skarsgård etched into our minds in the 2017 theatrical blockbuster. For fans of the Dancing Clown, we have plenty of delightful Pennywise gifts to satisfy dark collectible hearts and to pacify us until 2019’s “IT: Chapter Two,” which will probably bring more fantastic memorabilia!

Revisit the first adaptation

Critics of the TV adaptation often cite slow pacing and lackluster special effects, but honestly, for a two-part small-screen miniseries based on a 1,000+ page book, it’s pretty damn good. It’s a who’s who of late 1980s’ names and genre fave Tim Curry, fabulous as “Rocky Horror’s” Dr. Frank-N-Furter and Legend’s “Darkness” outdoes himself. Tie a red balloon to this first version of IT, make up a popcorn and candy bowl, and watch this classic with your Pennywise geek.

Who doesn’t love dress-up?

Whether reserved for parties or at-home movie bingeing, why not give your beloved the ability to emulate their favorite killer clown? Curry’s and Skarsgård’s versions were distinctively different looking, but we have costumery for both! For those that favor Curry’s Pennywise with the retro outfit and fire-engine red hair, consider the men’s wig with attached headpiece, and the deluxe costume, available in sizes small to large. Or think about how cool it would be to combine the pennywise hoodie, with zip-up hood, available in adult x-small to x-large, with Rubies’ Pennywise make-up kit so your guy or girl can double the striking effects!

Skarsgård’s Pennywise was older looking, more in tune with the clown’s centuries-old history of terrorizing Derry. The Pennywise ¾ adult mask is latex artistry, detailed with synthetic tufted orange hair and the angular shape that mimics the actor’s face. In sizes standard to x-large, the cinematic grand heritage costume gives your geek the full length off-white suit, complete with ruffles and red accents!

Give them their own pennywise to play with!

Your intended will shriek in evil clownish glee when they unwrap their Pennywise gifts and see one or more of these awesome figurines! The 10” articulated living dead doll Pennywise comes with a red balloon (sic!) and looks exactly like the 1990 character, while Funko’s 8” SuperCute Plush indeed makes the 2017 interpretation amazingly adhorrible! Just as screamingly dark and cool are our selections of smaller versions, including POP!’s Stephen King’s 1990 replica and 2017 Pennywise with Boat, the VYNL 3 3/4” Georgie and Pennywise Set, and the novelty Dorbz’ TV Pennywise. As additional fun, periodically surprise your Pennywise lover with a POP! Movies: IT Bill, Stanley, Richie, Mike, Beverly, Eddie, and Ben, so they can play up their own scenes!

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Which of these Pennywise gifts do you intend on purchasing for the IT fan in your life?