Slay the start of fall with these horror must-haves

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Autumn vibes evoke excitement in horror fans as the season is often associated with all things dark and spooky. While true aficionados find ways to keep their year-long love of horror alive, the majority get most excited during the September

Darkest day of the year must-haves

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Horror aficionados everywhere it’s time to get positively thrilled, because today marks the winter solstice, which means it’s the darkest day of the year. You probably see daylight as something that’s too drab and boring, with vibrant illumination spreading rays …

A few new categories that were recently added to the Nightmare Toys online horror store

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online horror store

Nightmare Toys is creepin’ it real with some new, alarmingly dreadful categories that are now available to you on our online horror store. We take pride in the diverse selection of terrifying goodies we carry and hope that you find