4 of the creepiest urban legends from around the country

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For those who may be unfamiliar, urban legends, also known as myths or tales, are a genre of folklore where stories are circulated, often those with horrifying elements. So, since we specialize in all things creepy and gruesome, we’ve summarized four of our favorite urban legends for you to indulge in your morning reading. After all, why not shop for some new horror collectibles and add another tale to your campfire library?

New Mexico’s La Mala Hora

Translated from Spanish, La mala hora means the evil hour, and since this southernmost state has great influence from Mexican culture, it makes sense that it’s intertwined within the region’s folklore. 

La mala hora is a dark spirit that’s likely to be seen within a specific timeframe, hence the name the evil hour. It’s said that if you’re traveling late at night in New Mexico, you may find yourself face-to-face with this entity, shaped like a woman dressed all in black. Whether she appears at a crossroads or a fork in the road, her presence serves as a warning that someone will soon die. 

New York’s Cropsey

While this state’s long history has led to the development of many urban legends, none in the last century are as creepy and pervasive as the tale of Cropsey. While a hook-handed killer is a staple campfire story that parents tell children to keep them well-behaved, this scary story has been a part of New York since the colonizers first came over on boats from the old world. However, like most tales retold, this one took on an entirely new outlook when children began to disappear across Staten Island in the late ‘70s to ‘80s. While a man was convicted of the murders and sentenced to 50 years in prison, some still believe Cropsey is the true killer. 

North Carolina’s The Devil Tramping Ground

Since many locations around the world are said to be demonic, why shouldn’t there be a tramping ground for the devil in North Carolina? There’s an area known as Bear Creek, a region near Harper’s Crossroads where a perfect circle with a 40-foot diameter lies. This spot, according to local legend, is where the devil comes to pace, dreaming of the ways he will torment humanity. Items left in the circle will disappear overnight, animals avoid walking across it, and not even weeds will grow on the barren, desolate land. 

Ohio’s Walhalla Road

There’s a lonely road that rests next to a bridge that’s the focal point of this last urban legend. In north Columbus lies Walhalla Road, the location of a tragic axing from the ‘50s. It’s said that the man mysteriously snapped and attacked his wife in the attic of their home. After realizing what he had done, he hung himself at the bridge next to Walhalla Road. Even decades later, many in the area have reportedly experienced paranormal incidents, including seeing the man reenact the murder or a body hanging from the bridge. 

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Which of the above urban legends did you find the most thrilling? Drop a comment below to share with our other readers. 

Which delayed horror theatricals are set to premiere in the coming months?

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While new horror movies come and go with the seasons, the global delay in filming due to the ongoing pandemic put a roadblock in last year’s installments, making 2021 the year for jam-packed entertainment. So, with the cinemas starting to reopen and lockdown restrictions easing up, be sure to get in line to see the following three films in the coming months. 

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (June 4)

The latest installment to The Conjuring Universe is making its debut today and depending on where you live, you may even be able to catch it on the big screen! While it may seem like Ed and Lorraine Warren have seen it all in terms of supernatural phenomena, this cinematic addition involves the fight of a lifetime involving a murder suspect who is claiming demonic possession as his official defense. While The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is the third for the Warrens, it marks the eighth feature film for the interconnected universe, which includes masterpieces such as Annabelle, The Curse of La Llorona, and The Nun.

The Forever Purge (July 2)

Maybe horror fans will feel a little different about the gruesome night of mayhem after living through pandemic lockdown restrictions or perhaps they will welcome the chaos? Needless to say, the murder and violence have extended past four feature films and we’re excited to say that a fifth addition is on the way. The Forever Purge is set to premiere this coming July long weekend and while little is known about its riveting plot, we do know that it will be the final installment of the series: “May God be with you all.” 

Candyman (August 27)

After almost 30 years, this supernatural slasher has finally gotten a revamp, and while the original was full of blood and gore, we couldn’t be more excited for a fresh twist on this horror classic. Since his murderous soul wielding a hook for a hand will be summoned in the upcoming reboot, you better take some time to prepare and brace yourself, especially if you were brave, or foolish enough to say the name Candyman five times while looking into a mirror. 

Which of the above new horror movies has been added to your must-watch list? Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 



Did you know that there are multiple types of hauntings?

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In a world full of paranormal activity, there are many types of hauntings, and for you to fully understand the kind of energy you may be dealing with, it’s best to uncover their characteristics! Those that are here for the boos, carry forth to the content below to learn the differences between residual, intelligent, poltergeist, and inhuman hauntings. 

Residual hauntings 

Following a traumatic event, a residual haunting derives from energy seeping into the atmosphere, imprinting a specific location. Usually, these types of hauntings are the aftermath of a murder or other violent event. The entity is unaware of its surroundings, interaction cannot take place, and the timeline of what happened continues on an endless loop. 

Intelligent hauntings

This type of haunting allows the entity or a living being to interact with one another. While there are a variety of theories as to why spirits aren’t able to cross over — wonderful memories, doesn’t want to leave, unaware they have passed on, they are afraid of their final judgment, or the most popular which involves unfinished business — these types of spirits interact with surroundings through touch, moving objects and using their energy to communicate in an intelligent way to get noticed. 

Poltergeist hauntings

According to lore, poltergeists are a type of ghost that creates loud noises and other physical disturbances. Translated from the German word for “noisy ghost” a poltergeist is a troublesome spirit that doesn’t haunt a particular person or location. While these entities harass and torment the living, they usually only cause minor disturbances such as moving furniture, throwing around small objects, and creating loud sounds.  

Inhuman hauntings 

These hauntings are the rarest experienced by the living, where an entity that was never alive takes on a human form. While most inhuman hauntings consist of demons, there are other elementals (earth, air, fire, and water) that are menacing in nature, including fairies, elves, trolls, and goblins. Inhuman forces are known to mimic voices, have supernatural powers, and get physically violent to the living. As the oldest form of spiritual hauntings, keep your eyes peeled and your nose sharp, as an overwhelming sulfur smell might indicate that you’re dealing with an inhuman being. 

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What did you find most interesting about the above types of hauntings. Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 


Celebrate your St. Patrick’s Day by telling these 5 terrifying Irish legends

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Are you planning on watching the horror film Leprechaun in honor of St. Patrick’s Day this year? Within our thrilling community, the tale of this cereal-box mascot haunts our hearts on this annual holiday, and since there aren’t a lot of seasonal movies to choose from, we thought you might also enjoy learning about some creep-tastic folklore from the Emerald Isle. 

The Dubhlachan/Dubhlachain

Pronounced Dullahan for those that lack Irish annunciation, this being is a headless rider that foretells death. Carrying his phosphorescent head under his arm, the glow works as a makeshift lantern to light up the Irish countryside in search of the homes of the dying. As with any old wives’ tale, there are some variations, and in some tellings of the legends, the Dubhlachan actively seeks out victims, while in others he represents an omen of what’s to come. Needless to say, if you lock eyes with him, you will go blind in one eye or if you’re lucky, he will only throw a bucket of blood on you as a marking of his passing.

Ban Sidhe/Banshee

More familiar among horror memorabilia is the Ban Sidhe, a screeching female spirit who heralds the death of a family member by wailing loudly. Portrayed as both an old hag and a beautiful woman, the Ban Sidhe (sidhe is the Irish word for fairy) is known to hang around the Dubhlachan and conduct their work together. 

The Morrigan

This trinity of sisters foretell fate and war and those that believe in the legend of their existence also call them Babd, Macha, and Nemain. Often linked to the connections of Irish heritage to Viking and Norse mythology, Babd is known to take on the form of a crow (a symbolic bad omen). 

Leanan Sidhe

Yet another use of the word sidhe, this mythological entity is a muse that allows her host to create some of the most talented artists and inspired works of art. In exchange for their profound skills, she slowly drains the life from her victims until all that’s left is their beautiful legacy.  

Sluagh Sidhe

Wow! Faeries are a popular being in Irish folklore. The Sluagh Sidhe is an army of spirits who were evil in their past lives. Depraved even in death, they search from the sky for victims, and once found, shoot beim sidhe (evil spells) at them. They also target the vulnerability of the dying by taking their souls to join their clan after death. 

Supernatural stories are what inspires some of the best horror memorabilia! So, while St. Patrick’s Day will likely look a tad bit different than previous year’s celebrations, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for unknown lights and your eyes open for the screams of these Irish beings. 

Which of the above creatures needs its own horror flick? Drop a comment below to compare with other readers. 

Ghosts, poltergeists, and demons: What’s the difference?

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It’s a vast and paranormal world out there, and life only gets more exciting when you’re open to embracing the unknown. Horror fans are the best at this, and for those who love all things supernatural, maybe it’s time you learned the difference between beings like ghosts, poltergeists, and demons? Aside from being frightening, they are also fascinating, and whether you’re haunted by one or feel empowered by their energy, this blog will allow you to make sense of each respective entities’ capabilities! 

What are the characteristics of a ghost?

While the typical ghost costume will consist of a plain white sheet, fitted with some eye holes and chilling tassels, it’s important to keep in mind that this is only a traditional horror film and TV show portrayal. Ghosts are said to be the spirit of a human or animal who has since passed away, which means that while they’re often illustrated as white, floating entities, most ghosts look like their past living forms. When a living being dies with unfinished business, their spirit tends to linger between worlds, their hauntings usually triggered by a sudden, violent, or traumatic death. Ghosts will make themselves known to the living to give news/say goodbye to their loved ones or in some cases, help to catch their killers. Aside from a sighting, they are also said to be able to speak, change the temperature of a room, and even bring odor with their presence. Nevertheless, while these troubled souls are scary, they are not dangerous or malevolent unless the spirit was an evil person in their earthly life. 

What are some other reasons you may face interactions with a ghost?

  • Some are disturbed by their own violent end and stuck between realms.
  • Some are extremely unwilling to accept death. 
  • Some genuinely do not know they are dead. 
  • Some are quite obsessed with their living property (house, car, or other heirlooms). Ghosts can haunt objects, not just places. 

If you suspect that you’re being haunted by a ghost, be on the lookout for the following signs:

  • Sudden, inexplicable cold chills
  • Foul, unexplained odors
  • Feel as if you’re being watched
  • Hearing strange noises or voices
  • Items being moved throughout your home without explanation

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What are the characteristics of a poltergeist?

Fans of the horror genre may be familiar with the term poltergeist, especially if they have seen the film of the same name. However, did you know that the word itself translates to “noisy ghost”? Keeping in mind that the majority of ghosts are harmless… some were evil in their past life, which is why this subcategory of ghost exists. While some people define poltergeists as a unique type of ghost or spirit, others believe they are kinetic energy, as ghosts are generally unable to break through to the physical realm to cause disturbances, such as throwing or breaking objects, or punch, bite, hit, and trip the living. 

Needless to say, these entities have some other distinguishing traits: 

  • They are typically not visible.
  • They are extremely angry and violent.
  • They possess the ability to interact with your physical environment. 
  • They feed directly off your emotional state.
  • They can travel and are known to follow energy or a person rather than occupying a particular space. 

What are the characteristics of a demon?

You don’t need to lead a religious life to know about the existence of demons. Fans of the genre can buy horror collectibles online in their image, and they’re totally chilling when put on display. So, for those of you who have recently started your collection, it’s time for you to learn about why everyone loves, and quite possibly fears, demons and possessions! 

Demons are defined as a supernatural being, and while they’re typically associated with evil, their prevalence exists historically throughout various religions, occults, literature, mythology, folklore, and most recently, in popular horror movies and TV series. Widely considered to be insidious or malevolent in nature, demons are often referred to as “fallen angels” or “lower gods” who yield supernatural powers. While they tend to feed off emotional energy around fear and anger, their potential for physical and mental destruction is far greater than that of a poltergeist, as demons can manifest themselves within people to coax living beings to commit evil. 

Persuasive and tempting, demonic possession can happen to anyone who suffers from the following: 

  • Vulnerable
  • Emotionally-troubled
  • Desperate for help
  • Unable to think clearly

While a person must invite the demon before demonic possession can occur, anyone suffering from the above can be easily convinced due to emotional or physical weaknesses making them unable to deny the powerful temptations that are being offered by the demon. 

What type of supernatural being is your favorite to witness in horror films? Drop a comment below to compare with other readers.

3 Items that Will Get Your Ghoul in The Mood This Coming Valentine’s Day

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Do you often find yourself gifting the same run-of-the-mill items every Valentine’s Day? Does your partner set the bar low out of fear of disappointment? While we aren’t able to recommend gift ideas for every type of person, if your lover is possessed with admiration for cadavers, evil spirits, or anything hocus pocus, then you can drive them batty with access to horror collectibles galore! 

Surprise them with some Alien Super Soapies 

Is your boo a huge fan of the Alien movie franchise? Look no further! We’ve recently stocked our inventory with the most unique supernatural bubble containers — an Alien Super Soapies Xenomorph and an Alien Super Soapies Kane with Facehugger. Since these out-of-this-world bottles already come pre-filled with soap and a bubble wand intact, your Valentine can blow to their heart’s content and refill it again afterward or simply repurpose the retro container for just about anything. So, if similar to how the parasitic Facehugger is the second stage in the Xenomorph life cycle, you can take your relationship to the second, or even final stage with this spooktacular gift! 

Gift some posters to set their heart’s aflame

While some ghoulfriends wouldn’t be as excited to receive hangable artwork, chances are that if yours is an admirer of the genre, there will be screams when they unwrap an eerie-sistable horror poster! With a wide selection ranging from a wicked Silent Night Blacklight Poster to a shark attack visage entitled, “Close the Beaches”, you’re bound to find something spooky and spine-chilling to delight your Valentine!

Nothing screams, “I LOVE YOU” like horror plush

Even the most gruesome sociopaths can look cute and cuddly in a plushie prison! While stuffed toys aren’t the most ingenious gift idea, those that resemble your loved one’s favorite demonic foe will undoubtedly excite them to no end. Plus, your Valentine can either add more memorabilia to their already growing compilation of horror collectibles or simply start an awesome collection from scratch. All that’s left for you to do is to choose from some fearsome companions such as Pennywise, Beetlejuice, and Michael Myers, alongside lesser-known creatures like the killer rabbit from Monty Python or and anticipate their enthusiasm after unnerving these devilish relics!

Which of the above horror collections does your heart burn for? Drop a comment and tell us what you want to receive this Valentine’s Day.

Fifth Predator film in the works : Release date, Cast & More

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While there wasn’t much excitement in 2020, the end of one of the most gruesome years in modern history brought about an exciting announcement for horror lovers, there will be another film added to the Predator franchise! 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg is said to take the reins for the upcoming fifth installment, the first under the Disney banner. 

What’s the release date of the fifth predator film?

Trachtenberg was chosen to helm this film because of his keen eye for sci-fi, having worked on it for the past four years. While it’s too early to say exactly when the new Predator installment will be released due to delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic, optimistically, the director expects its arrival on the big screen within the next year or two. 

What do we know about the cast and plot of fifth predator film? 

Sorry, folks. There are no cast details that we can offer, but there are rumors that the new installment will be completely unrelated to the 2018 sequel, The Predator, which ended with the creation of a Predator-killing suit. That being said, there’s some hearsay down the pipeline saying that the film-to-come will be a prequel, set in the past before settlers stole the Native Americans’ land. Who knows? Maybe the fifth time will be a charm for this popular horror franchise?

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Which of the previous four Predator films is your favorite? Drop a comment below to compare with other fans.

Happy New Year! Ring in 2021 with some of our new horror collectibles

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While many people strive to make big changes with each new year, others feel more inclined to become better versions of themselves. So, if you’re the type of ghoul who enjoys grabbing hold of exclusive, officially licensed horror memorabilia, then you should continue reading the following blog to see what 2021 has brought to our online store

Fill your horror shelves with some Mego collectibles

For those who are unfamiliar, The Mego Corporation is an American toy company that was first founded in 1954. Known for producing officially licensed products, including lineups that feature superheroes and celebrities, this brand has recently shifted its attention to 8-inch-scale dolls, some with interchangeable bodies and various points of articulation. Lucky for you we have an assortment of horror-themed Mego figures, including a Chucky Figure from Child’s Play, Leatherface Figure from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Kanamit Figure from The Twilight Zone, Regan Figure from The Exorcist, and even some that are a tad more contemporary, like Harold the Scarecrow Figure from the recent film, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Mego horror collectibles are small but mighty and feature a realistic representation of some of your favorite friends and foes. So, if you’re on the haunt for a life-like figure of some of the most ghastly characters in the genre, consider looking through our vast Mego horror collection to find some new keepsake additions.  

Are you a fan of Scooby Doo or the rest of Mystery Inc.? 

Since this popular cartoon follows The Gang and their investigations into strange occurrences, we consider the Scooby Doo franchise to be equally as spooky and supernatural as others within the genre. While you might be inclined to select your favorite character based on appearance or personality, we recommend grabbing hold of the entire set of Mezco Toys’ Scooby Doo Build-A-Figures. After all, you have to collect the fashion-loving Daphne Blake, the clue deciphering Velma Dinkley, the appetite-driven Shaggy Rogers, and leader of the crew Fred Jones to receive the four exclusive pieces that will allow you build your very own Scooby Doo 8” figure. 

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It can be hard to justify spending habits, especially after the holidays, but if you’re itching for some new horror collectibles that won’t break the bank, we’ve got a selection of must-haves that are ripe for the taking. 

While horrornaments are most popular around the holidays, many of our customers hang them around their homes year-round. Enjoy two new additions to our horrornament collection ICP Hatchet Man and ICP Shaggy 2 Dope. For those who prefer a shiny new adornment to sit prominently on their shelves, we just got our claws on the brand-new King Kong on Skull Island 7” Action Figure, fully loaded with multiple attachments. Also, never fear if you are a collector of items that are less flashy, we also have access to spooktacular products like a collection of Gremlins Plush Bag Clips and even a nifty Jason Voorhees Pewter Keychain

Did any of the above horror collectibles spark joy? Let us know in the comments section below.  


Are you ready for the most creepy holiday traditions from around the world?

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People around the world celebrate Christmas in very different ways and while locally we may take a more jolly and cheery approach, abroad there are a few darker traditions. Horror fans, rejoice! Here are some of the odd, unusual, and a tad bit creepy holiday figures that are a part of Christmas practices in other parts of the world. 

Germany and Austria’s Krampus

While the western world continues to blackmail children into behaving year-round with the promise of presents under their holiday tree, the people of central Europe prefer to scare their little ones into good behavior by creating the legend of a half-goat, half-demon monster who punishes ill-mannered children at Christmastime. Krampus is the devilish companion of St. Nicholas whose name derives from the German word, Krampen, which translates to “claw”. Said to be the son of a Norse goddess, Hel, Krampus is often portrayed holding chains, bells, and a bundle of sticks, which he uses to beat the naughty children with before carrying them down to the underworld. 

If you’re a fan of buying horror collectibles online as a means of growing your compilation of spooky keepsakes, be sure to add some Krampus memorabilia to top it off. 

Iceland’s Yule Cat 

Also known as Jolakotturinn, the Yule Cat stems from a traditional, Icelandic legend where a monstrous, prowling cat devours any child who has not received new clothes as a gift before Christmas day arrives. Also, naughty children who have not helped out with chores would be forced to face the Yule Cat when it turns up on Christmas Eve to eat their dinner and quite possibly, them!

Eastern Europe’s Christmas spiders

Thought to be a folk story that stems from Ukrainian tradition, many eastern European cultures will put spider-web ornaments on their Christmas trees. Thought to bring good luck, the legend speaks of an impoverished widow and her children who tended to a tree as it grew year-round in hopes they would be able to use it as their holiday tree in December. Unfortunately, they would not be able to afford it, and instead, spent Christmas Eve crying themselves to sleep. The spiders heard their cry and spent all night weaving their webs on the Christmas tree and when the morning sunlight hit the webs, they turned into silver and gold so that the widow and her children were never poor again. 

Finally, a culture that worships the good in our favorite creepy crawlies. For those who want to start carrying out this awesome tradition, you can buy some DIY cobwebs and spider horror collectibles online and use them for Christmas 2021! 

Japan’s Santa Kuroshu

The holiday season is celebrated very differently in Japan, with the entity of Santa Claus going by the name, Santa Kuroshu. According to legend, this version of St. Nick has eyes on the back of his head to keep closer tabs on naughty children. The people of Japan also choose to avoid the color red on Christmas, as it’s often associated with death and grieving. 

While we don’t sell any replicas of Santa Kuroshu, you can buy other horror collectibles online that are similar including The Misfits 8” Holiday Fiend Figure and the Silent Night, Deadly Night 8” Clothed Billy Figure

Which of the above Christmas traditions is your favorite? Drop a comment below to let us know what you intend to celebrate in the seasons to come. 


4 horror-themed Christmas movies to watch this holiday season

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Some people believe that Christmas and horror don’t belong together, but there are four unique films that when combined, make Creepmas possible. So, if you’re on the haunt for the ultimate movie list this season, slay bells and all, why not satisfy your fix to have some holiday cheer and spooktacular jump-scares? 

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

Can you believe that this classic movie has been on the holiday must-watch list for almost four decades? Following the story of a traumatized young boy who witnesses his parents murdered by a man disguised as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, the plot commences with his subsequent upbringing in an abusive Catholic orphanage. Becoming the very thing he feared most, Billy flashes back to his traumatic childhood moment and sets off on a killing spree that would even make Michael Myers a little jealous.

Gremlins (1984)

This timeless story about a Christmas present gone wrong is still as popular as it was in the ‘80s, perfectly combining an element of horror with holiday cheer and loveable monsters. The plot sequence follows a father’s journey to find a last-minute holiday present, unaware of its malevolent tendencies, he gifts it to his son, who unleashes a horde of mischievous, miniature, green monsters that tear through the small town of Kingston Falls. This American comedy horror film has also spawned into an annual holiday tradition, with a variety of horror collectibles commemorating its success!   

Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

As the only movie to successfully bridge the gap between Halloween and Christmas, this time-honored, stand-alone classic is a favorite among horror fans and Yuletide fans alike. After being sucked into Christmastown, Jack Skellington becomes fascinated and inflated by what he finds behind the festive holiday door and attempts to mimic Christmas, horror style. Upon realizing the error of his ways, he overcomes his identity crisis and reaffirms himself as the Pumpkin King!

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Krampus (2015)

Commonly thought of as the anti-christ of Christmas, Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic figure who is often represented as a half-goat, half-demon. During the holiday season, this devilish entity takes it upon himself to punish those who have misbehaved (coal is the least of your worries). The plot of the flick centers around a family who convenes for the holidays, but end up fighting, prompting the young protagonist to lose his enthusiasm for the festive season. Unwittingly, he summons the Yuletide monster who comes to chastise the non-believers. What a great way to celebrate a pandemic Christmas! 

Are you already a huge fan of the film in question? Grab a few Krampus horror collectibles and add them to your ever-growing holiday mementos. 

Did we miss any holiday classics? Drop some names in the comments section below. 


Last-minute stocking stuffers for your ghouls

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Are you on the haunt for some fun and useful stocking stuffer ideas? Since it’s challenging to work within a certain price or size limitation, here are some small, budget-friendly suggestions! After all, if you’re one of the many shoppers who are still struggling to check off items needed for the ghouls on your holiday list, we recommend purchasing chilling memorabilia that’s bound to excite their cold, black hearts.

Gift some spooktacular horror magnets

Magnets are the perfect, underrated gift for everyone to enjoy! They’re surprisingly practical because of their size, which makes them easy to place into the darkest depths of any sized holiday stocking. So, whether your recipient wants to hang some photos on their fridge or simply create an adorning display by mingling their magnets together, you can rest assured that they will love how much thought you put into their gift. While you could just as easily purchase a boring, run-of-the-mill magnet, why not opt for one that’s also classified as a horror collectible? If there are ghouls in your life that love the genre just as much as you do, chances are they would also adore a couple of chilling horror-themed magnets! Choose from a collection of cute, horror foam magnets featuring the visage of Jason Voorhees, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, and Freddy Krueger. And if you want a grim, more realistic magnet, consider gifting a Halloween II Poster Pumpkin Magnet or an Evil Ash Magnet, as seen on Evil Dead 2. 

Surprise your loved ones with some POP! horror collectibles

We aren’t just suggesting POP! horror collectibles because these items will fit snugly into a stocking, but more so because they are some of our best-selling products. Start by priming your gift recipient to find out which horror films and TV series they love, and then shop our selection to find them a POP! that will make a great addition to their horror collection. Since we even carry some of the most unique options on the market, expect to find a variety of horror collectibles that aren’t as easy to find, like Coraline’s Mr. Bobinsky POP!, Five Nights at Freddy’s Pig Patch, and Little Shop of Horrors’ Orin Scivello.   

Top if off with keychains, patches, and pen toppers

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly item to pair with another gift or a cheaper option to fulfill your secret Santa price limit, the following horror collectibles are small, but mighty, and are guaranteed to have your ghouls smiling from ear to ear. Enjoy perusing our collection of keychains, patches, and pen toppers to find the perfect extension to your horror-themed, holiday present! Made from the top horror collectible companies in the country, these keepsake items are high-quality and are the spitting image of some of the genre’s most adorned villains. 

Which of the above stocking stuffer categories featured the best selection? Please let us know which we need to expand on in the comments section below.

Which horror masterpieces possess the most memorable opening scenes?

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American film director, producer, actor, screenwriter, and composer John Carpenter once said that “you can slow things down, lull people into a false sense of security, and then smack them in the face with it,” or “kick it into gear straight away let’s go!” Many memorable horror movies are built on the backs of their opening scenes and while some favorites are open to public opinion, others are bound to pin to your seats every time that you watch them. So, continue reading to discover Nightmare Toy’s three genre favorites!

Jaws (1975) 

Most horror fans have had the opportunity to watch this man vs. nature film, but can you remember the pivotal details of the opening scene and what makes it so great? In our opinion, this sequence sets the tone for the entire cinematic experience! While filmmakers in the ‘70s didn’t have the same technologies as we do today, they were able to create an illusion using an underwater pulley system. Actress and stuntwoman Susan Blacklinie was attached to the pulleys using hooks beneath the water, with drivers that pulled her to and fro to mimic the motions of a real-life great white shark attack. Not only was this scene innovative for its time but director Steven Spielberg employed an effective predator’s-eye view to put film-watchers inside the mind of the hungry shark. As a direct lift from the bestselling book by Peter Benchley, this movie’s opening spectacle leaves fans reaching for their right feet. 

Whether your favorite character was Chief Martin Brody or young oceanographer Matt Hooper, there are a variety of horror action figures and collectibles representing the cast of this time-honored film. 

Scream (1996) 

Since Ghostface has become one of the most popular horror icons of all time, it’s only fair that the first installment gained a rightful place nestled in the library of horror masterpieces. That being said, as a meta-horror ‘90s hit, Scream follows the narrative of a group of teenagers who get plucked off by a mysteriously masked killer, one by one. But, what’s even scarier than Ghostface’s getup is the game of twisted horror trivia that’s orchestrated before each gruesome murder. After all, the nerve-shattering opening scene paves way for an anti-hero storyline, one where the character barely escapes the clutches of her murderer. However, Wes Craven is known for changing things up and who would have thought that the killer would already be inside the house? Now, that was an opening scene that was meant to be re-watched time and time again!

“What’s your favorite scary movie?” Enjoy access to a wide assortment of Ghostface horror action figures and collectibles on our spooktacular website.

IT (2017)

While many aficionados of the horror genre will argue that the new film can’t beat the original, the movie IT grossed over $327 million worldwide, against a production budget of $35 million, making it the highest-grossing horror installment of all time. So, there’s no arguing that the introductory scene where we meet Pennywise in the sewer is both grim and memorable. Since the contemporary version doesn’t mirror the original entirely, its revival merely adds to the hype of the franchise, enabling a higher production of horror action figures that resemble the fearsome, dancing clown

Which of the above horror masterpieces are you the biggest fan of? Drop a comment in the section below to compare it to other readers. 


COVID delays release of Terrifier 2, everything we know so far

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If you were one of the many horror fans who were hoping to watch Art the Clown on the big screen this spooky season, it’s easy to see why you may feel disappointed hearing that Terrifier 2 won’t be gracing the big screens in 2020. However, while many things have changed throughout the pandemic your excitement for this installment shouldn’t, as the sequel is expected to unravel a bit of the backstory driving Art the Clown’s demonic madness. We’re certain that it will be worth the wait! 

When is the film set to release?

In a perfect world without a pandemic, the sequel would have been in theatres leading up to the days before Halloween. Although, like many productions in 2020, COVID-19 enforced a push back resulting in months of delayed filming, leaving this horror creation to pick up the pieces and finish its final stretch of development.

The new goal is to have Terrifier 2 completed by early 2021. However, there’s still no confirmation of a new release date.   

What we know so far

Terrifier 2 has been highly anticipated since 2018, when writer and director Damien Leone announced the return of Art the Clown for the genre’s newest installment. From where things were left, the deranged killer, despite a bullet to the head, was able to reanimate and kill the doctor in charge of overseeing his body at the morgue. So, whether our antagonist is a raging psychotic, a demonic entity, or something else entirely, it’s clear he is not dead at the end of the first movie. 

The current synopsis of Terrifier 2 reveals that Art the Clown was somehow resurrected by what is described as a “sinister entity”, which allows him to return to Miles County, where he will hunt down and destroy a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night. As the body count rises, the siblings will fight to stay alive while uncovering the nature of the villain’s evil intent. So, get ready to peel back the layers of what makes this creepy killer tick! 

David Howard Thorton will once again play Art the Clown and Samantha Scaffidi will return as Victoria Heyes, the character who was left horribly disfigured by Art’s attack. 

So, since the final scenes are being wrapped up in the coming weeks as production has been allowed to remain in place under safety guidelines, a teaser can also be expected to be unleashed to the public very soon. 

How can you prepare for this new horror installment? 

Art the Clown has become a popular figure in the genre and is featured as a variety of horror collectibles, ranging from action figures and masks to wicked tees. Whether you’re a huge fan of the bloodcurdling, gory sequences from previous films or you’re simply infatuated by Art the Clown, the best thing you can do to prepare for the excitement of a new movie is to shop Art the Clown horror collectibles and re-watch his presence in all previous films. 

What do you love most about Art the Clown? Start a conversation with other horror lovers in the comments section below.

Scream 5 sets release date: Are you ready to see Ghostface on the big screen again?

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All Hallows’ Eve is upon us and while this year hasn’t granted us much in terms of good news, hearing that Scream 5 was in the making has offered that little ray of spooky hope that things are slowly getting better. So, while you’re anticipating the arrival of this sure-to-be-gory film, how about reading about what we know so far! 

When is the film set to release?

Try not to scream horror fans, but this exciting franchise will be premiering its latest installment on January 14, 2022. It’s hard to believe that a mid-’90s movie based around a psychopathic serial killer wearing a Halloween costume could have expanded to a riveting series spanning 26 years, five feature films, and some haunting Ghostface horror collectibles. Nonetheless, while this blog is just a teaser to prepare you for what’s to come, maybe you can kill the anticipation of waiting by binge-watching all of your favorite scary movies? 

What we know so far

Spyglass Media Group has already started filming the fifth Scream flick, and this time around, directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Fillet, alongside executive producer Kevin Williamson and writer Chad Villella, formulate the ultimate dream team that will be giving life to one of the most cherished franchise villains. While January drops have historically facilitated less people to the theatres in the spirit of horror, many fans are excited to see new features returning to a big screen environment. After all, pandemics have a way of making us miss the comforts of our old lives?

It was reported that Courtney Cox (Gale Weathers), Neve Campbell (Sidney Prescott), and David Arquette (Dwight ‘Dewey’ Riley) would be returning to this entry, with Jenny Ortega (undisclosed role) bringing some new blood to the cast. However, while Scream 4 (2011) is the predecessor to the upcoming installment, it’s still unclear as to whether it will be a direct continuation or simply a brandnew take on the original. That being said, with a few key characters back on scene, we’re convinced that the old gang is simply getting back together and being joined by a new group of youthful faces being tormented by Ghostface. So, rest assured, that even without the involvement of Wes Craven (pioneer of horror and slasher film making) and Kevin Williamson, the level of buzz for this upcoming horror flick is mounting based on the simplicity of the plot sequence: Scream 5 will follow the story of a woman returning to her hometown to try and find out who has been committing a series of vicious crimes. 

How can you prepare yourself for the return of the Scream team?

Aside from binge-watching the entire franchise beginning to end, you can also:

  • Purchase Ghostface horror collectibles and add to your genre memorabilia. 
  • Practice your best Ghostface impression.
  • Host a Scream-inspired trivia night and invite over the members from your social bubble to play. 
  • Write your own script for Scream 6! Who knows? Maybe your hidden talent will be noticed? 

Are you guys excited about the fifth Scream installment? Let us know by leaving an emoji in the comment section below. 


Check out these new, spine-chilling horror collectible arrivals

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How do you tame the fire burning inside that’s telling you to shop? You vanquish the heat by purchasing some officially licensed horror collectibles and attire, of course! With an ongoing selection of horror-inspired merchandise up for grabs, it’s surprisingly easy to find yourself curled in a ball, clawing at the screen in anticipation. So, instead of only wanting to own an exciting selection of new arrivals from Nightmare Toys, take charge by adding some gruesome mementos to your online shopping cart or creating a Wishlist for a later purchase date. 

Check out the mischievous selection of horror friend and foe magnets 

While some fans of the devilish genre enjoy collecting larger forms of memorabilia, there are simpler folk who prefer to add small tokens of darkness to their compilation of officially licensed horror collectibles. So, if you’re the type of devotee who searches for meager goodies, you’ll be happy to learn that we have an assemblage of foam horror magnets waiting for a prominent place on your fridge or magnetic to-do board! 

Do you prefer to honor slashers and maliciously playful antagonists? Then grab a trick-or-treat keepsake Pennywise 3D Foam Magnet, Jason 3D Foam Magnet, Freddy 3D Foam Magnet, Beetlejuice 3D Foam Magnet, and even the comical threesome Lock, Shock and Barrel 3D Foam Magnet. Favor something with fewer ties to supernatural forces? How about a Sally 3D Foam Magnet, Zero 3D Foam Magnet, or an IT Georgie 3D Foam Magnet with his arm still fully intact? Your icebox is about to get even more chilling with the addition of these officially licensed horror collectible merchandise! 

Get inspired by some fearsome beanies and bags that will slay your horror look

While it may be enough for you to cape your home with horror-inspired decor, real collectors know that the only way to truly adorn the genre is by dressing head-to-toe in black, bloodcurdling accessories. Lucky for you, we’ve just received a spine-chilling shipment of horror beanies and crossbody bags that are bound to delight the demon who’s been occupying your soul!

Blackcraft Cult Clothing Company is an insanely wicked brand that’s dedicated to embracing the darker fashions, and with so many options to choose from you’ll be torn by the thought of singling out just one item to worship all summer long! So, why not grab hold of a few fashionable horror staples that you can idolize in the coming months?

New headwear accessories include the Blackcraft Bobble Beanie, Unholy Red Beanie, and the more daring Satan Is My Daddy Beanie. However, if a new tote or purse is your immediate future, choose from the Serpentine and Never Trust collections that include access to a devilish wristlet, crossbody, and coffin-shaped backpack

Happy shopping, ghouls!        

Which of the above new arrivals delight your inner horror fan more? Shop a vibrant selection of officially licensed horror collectibles and wears at nightmaretoys.com! 


How knowledgeable are you about the Evil Dead franchise?

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Whether you’re apart of the original mayhem which sprang forth into all kinds of nightmarish mayhem 30-years-ago, or you only recently discovered the otherworldly film after hearing passages from the flesh-strewn book of the dead in the newest installment of the franchise, chances are some diabolical details lie unknown about the history of these feature-length classics. So, for those horror-loving maniacs looking to learn about a series of movies that revolutionized the genre, read along and join the ultimate ranks of other diehard Deadites! 

The Evil Dead wasn’t the first or only title choice

Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and some other friends were regularly making both non-horror and horror-related short films before the production of The Evil Dead which is likely one of the reasons they scraped the original title of the film. While there’s no arguing that The Evil Dead is a catchy name, some alternative headings to the cult-followed horror classic were “Book of the Dead”, “These Bitches are Witches”, “The Evil Dead Men”, “The Evil Dead Women”, “Fe-Monsters”, and “Blood Flood”. 

While many of the above names sound gruesomely cool, we think that the right name was chosen. Take a look at some of The Evil Dead horror collectibles that we have for sale right now on nightmaretoys.com

The actors smoked weed during one of the 1981 scenes

While it’s safe to assume that marijuana provided the filmmakers and performers with a hint of added inspiration, the reality is that their stoned, unruly behavior proved to be too much and was scraped from the script and replaced with a scene where the actors are listening to an old recording rather than smoking a joint.  

The franchise is Stephen King and Peter Jackson approved

Fans continue to love the relentless gore and dark humor of this low-budget franchise, but most don’t know that Stephen King gave the first film his stamp of approval at the 1982 Cannes Film Festival. Aside from making $29.4 million worldwide, The Evil Dead has received a glowing review from director Peter Jackson, citing that it was one of his biggest influences — “It made me think, God I could do that… here comes a horror movie that somebody of a similar age made with a 16mm camera”. 

The 2013 Evil Dead remake contains Easter eggs for the diehard fans

Aside from accumulating a considerable amount of The Evil Dead horror collectibles, overenthusiastic admirers of the franchise flocked to theatres in 2013 to watch their favorite supernatural classic unfold before their eyes with the help of modern production technologies. Nevertheless, screenplay writers did not disappoint and included lots of hidden Easter eggs for the franchise’s biggest fans. One example was the scene where there was a deck of cards spread across the ground inside of the cabin, each card facing up represents one that character Cheryl, says before she is devilishly possessed: “Two of spades! Jack of diamonds! Jack of clubs!” 

Which movie is your favorite installment within The Evil Dead franchise? Drop a comment below to start a conversation with our other readers. 


The creepy mascot of the Saw franchise and why horror fans adore it

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While many characters, foes, and villains have earned their horror spotlight, very few props have managed to rise to the higher ranks of darkness. That being said, Billy the Puppet is as important to the Saw franchise as the antihero himself and its role as gamemaster makes it a crucial part of the delivery of disturbing news. 

Who is Billy the Puppet? 

Billy the Puppet is a machine-driven doll that was used as a chilling prop throughout each film within the Saw franchise. Its popularity has allowed it to join ranks of the horror genre’s famous serial killers because of its threatening appearance and hellish laugh that was quickly considered a memorable element of the brand. Needless to say, the Jigsaw killer, John Kramer, transcribed his rules and restrictions behind each deadly game and uses Billy the Puppet as his personal informant to relay the details to captured victims. By use of a tape recording and the prop’s robotic movements, Billy the Puppet can move, speak, and get your horror-loving heart racing!

Why do horror fans love it?

Franchise aficionados are obsessed with Billy the Puppet and the horror collectibles that resemble it because of: 

  • The unique joint effort in combining the features of a clown with a ventriloquist dummy — pale white face with a protruding brow and checks with vibrant red spirals painted across them with a mouth that’s operated and affixed with a string. 
  • The demonic look — red lips that form a grin, with black eyes featuring devilish red irises.
  • The classic outfit — the mechanical puppet wears a black tuxedo with a white shirt and gloves while also embellishing a red bow tie, shoes, and handkerchief. I guess you could say he’s better dressed than most evildoers in the genre.
  • The uncanny realism — Although Billy the Puppet is a prop used by Kramer, his eerie embellishments and recurring appearances make him appear livelier and authentic than the man behind the strings. Fans also can replicate Billy the Puppet horror collectibles by cloaking their bodies in thrilling, hair-raising costumes.  

Why do you collect Billy the Puppet horror collectibles? Drop a comment below to compare with other fans! 

4 Freaky Horror Collectibles for The Dad That’s Hard to Shop For

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Oftentimes the rotten apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree and if your black heart is consistently pumping for a scare, chances are that you were raised to love the darkened madness of the horror genre! So, if you’re starting to feel the urgency to pull your eyeballs right from their sockets when it comes to shopping for your dad’s Father’s Day gift, just remember that nightmaretoys.com always has you covered! With great, gruesome gift ideas at the click of a button, you won’t need to spend the time in some morbid hardware store to find something that he will love and use! 

Exciting new t-shirts 

If your pops is a horror fan, there’s no sensible gift that quite ticks all the boxes like the smooth, fitted comfort of an unearthly t-shirt. In addition to being dark and practical, our collection of slipover shirts exhibits the most popular, gruesome foes and also features devilishly high-quality fibers! So, aside from being a one-of-a-kind, standout item, you will also be able to rely on the durability of the fabric to stand the test of time… and even some grim chores. Since one’s outfit is meant to act as an advertisement across their chests, a wicked t-shirt will ensure that your ghoulish dad is promoting something that’s true to his heart, like “I 🖤 Elvira”, “Hail Satan and Drink Coffee”, or “We’re going to eat you, Zombie”.   

Hair-raising action figures

We’ve never met a dad who wasn’t a serious collector of something and if your old man is an admirer of the macabre, he will appreciate some additions to his mysterious collection. Whether he is focused on a single horror franchise or adorns the entire genre, otherworldly-inspired action figures are one of the most popular horror collectibles on the market, giving avid hobbyists the opportunity to boost their compilations over time. With everything from 1:1 Scale Replica Figures to Body Knockers, Bobbleheads, and vintage, Mega Style dolls, you possess endless options at your fingertips to surprise dad with on June 21st!   

Spook-tacular signage 

Whether dad is lucky enough to have a crypt filled with shrines dedicated to his favorite horror villains or he spends more time in the comforts of his garage space, the gift of horror signage is bound to stir a ghastly grin on Father’s Day! Made from various materials, including lightweight plastic, metal, and molded foam, our horror signs act as spooky plaques of dedication and can be easily placed on all types of doors and wall areas. So, if your father figure enjoys pun-filled signage, such as “Creepin’ It Real” or “More Boos Please”, then he will love tearing the gift wrap off these nightmarish goodies! 

Unique and petrifying patches 

One of the things you love most about your old man is that he’s easy-to-please and practical, so when you’re stuck on what to get him for his day of worship, try to think of items that are strange and uncommon, but fitting for his orderly lifestyle. Horror patches are a great gift idea — they take up zero space, they functionally form onto the sleeves or pockets of an already owned jacket, and chances are your siblings didn’t think of it first. Give dad the gift of a stylish finishing touch that’s handcrafted and custom to his unique look. Plus, if your pops isn’t able to sew, he can iron on his new patch of horror embroidery! 

Which of the above gift suggestions would excite your dad the most? Drop a comment below to compare with other readers.

What horror fans can do while stuck at home

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Sitting around the house not knowing what to do is not only unproductive, but boring. So, instead of aimlessly staring into the abyss of your bedroom ceiling, how about combating boredom, horror style? That’s right! Just because you can’t attend trivia night at the pub, doesn’t mean you can’t effectively make use of your extra time. 

Re-organize your horror collectibles

If you’re one of the many people hunkering down at home, chances are that you’ve probably already started some form of home organization to pass the time. So, while decluttering and cleaning is a great way for you to tune out the outside world, it’s also handy in maximizing your at-home efficiency, giving you ample time that’s needed to disinfect surfaces and find better means of showing off your keepsake collection. While horror collectibles are durable, many action figures, dolls, and masks possess small, removable pieces or minuscule nooks and crannies that build up with dust and debris over time. This means that as a collector, it’s your job to ensure that your memorabilia is properly taken care of, regardless of whether your items are in storage or on display. Take the time to bring all of your horror collectibles down from the shelves, give them a good wipe, and consider rearranging their position to give other relics a chance for prominence. Re-organizing can be fun and chances are you’ll free up more room for future horror collectible purchases

Re-watch your favorite classic films

Whether you prefer science fiction horror, slashers, or paranormal encounters, you can start living the pop-culture dream by binge-watching a few of your most beloved movie installments. Not only does this give you something to look forward to, but it also allows you to revisit why you love this film genre in the first place! Guts, gore, and ghouls are bound to spark some grisly excitement during these difficult times. Don’t own any time-honored installments? Shop our wide selection of VHS, DVD, and blu rays and discover some flicks you didn’t even know existed. 

Write your own horror movie or comic 

One of the most beneficial things about having extra time is the ability to dedicate those minutes towards creative projects that you’ve pushed aside in the past. Now is your opportunity to let those juices flow! While writing a horror movie or creating a spooktacular comic may present a challenge, you’ve likely watched and read enough to know plots, characters, and influences that chill the spine and grind the teeth. We recommend reading some horror movie scripts or even your favorite hair-raising paperbacks to dig for added, grueling inspiration. 

Compare front-running with your friends

While you shouldn’t rush to attend gatherings with your peers, there are other ways that you can safely keep in touch. After all, social distancing rules do encourage talking over the phone or through various video chat apps as an easy, reliable platform to boost conversation during the pandemic. So, if you’re running out of things to touch base on, why not enliven a debate by deliberating over the most bloodcurdling foes? Pennywise, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and more! Every horror fan has their reasons for loving these devilish anti-heroes. 

How are you spending your time at home? Drop a comment below if you have suggestions that will pass the time. 


Hot, new products that are trending on nightmaretoys.com

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enter if you dare text in a black & yellow poster

Discover the best horror collectibles, action figures and more when you check out the best-sellers section of our devilish website. With carefully crafted keepsakes that closely replicate all of your favorite, fearsome foes, you’ll be forced to come to terms with temptation and grab hold of as many iconic items as you can with these demonically chilling prices!

Michael Myers is gruesome and popular 

Add to your ever-growing horror action figures collection by selecting memorabilia that accurately portrays the sculpted features of your favorite boogeyman. While The Shape comes in many forms, diehard fans often peruse the best-selling section of nightmaretoys.com in search of his iconic visage. After all, there’s never enough Michael Myers to go around, especially when you’re redecorating the corners of your mysterious crypt. So, whether you’re the type of shopper who’s drawn to home decor items like as pillow covers or a spooktacular, scare freshener, or you prefer a horror action figure of Michael Myers that can prominently go on display, there are always some chilling goodies to pay homage to the time-honored villain. 

Everyone wants their own Seed of Chucky Doll 

Officially licensed collectibles are not for the faint of heart and when Trick or Treat Studios created the ultimate friend-to-the-end, collectors everywhere rejoiced at owning their very own Seed of Chucky Doll! Packaged into a sturdy, die-cut window box, the grisly, horror action figure was inspired by the on-screen sociopath and is sure to become the focal point of your ghoulish collection! Pre-order the regular version or the kickstarter version with additional features. 

Grab hold of classic and contemporary Pennywise 

Many horror lovers possess indifferent opinions about Pennywise and regardless of whether they worship the original film or have adapted to his new, spine-chilling look, we can all agree that his existence is creepy beyond belief! While his vibrant, red hair and ghost-white face have intertwined with the times, other elements of his appearance have changed over the decades. So, appeal to his shadowy specter of delight and love IT all in terms of horror collectibles Mezco Toys’ Pennywise Living Dead Doll and a unique, horror Christmas stocking.

Have you ever shopped the best-sellers section of our website? What type of horror collectibles are you most drawn too?