Fall in love with these spooky plushies

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horror plush characters

The ominous shades of pumpkin orange and crimson red leaves are one of the true indications that autumn has taken over. Chilling breezes and light wind crack the whimsical branches of surrounding trees, leaving behind a skeletal-like structure. For horror-lovers, the foggy, dark evenings and cool, almost eerie temperatures make fall the most exciting season of the year. There is almost a feverish change in outdoor conditions, as trickling rain showers and bony, dead branches tap up against your window. Not only does this dreadfully delightful ambience set the mood, but it also gives you an excuse to snuggle up with your favorite horror plush character.  

Psycho killer horror plush characters

Ignore the curse of Crystal Lake and cuddle up with your very own hockey-masked, Jason Voorhees plush. Delicately stitched, soft and extra cute with large, bugged eyes on the lookout for future victims. Needless to say, if you prefer to profess your love to a more diabolical killer, perhaps a Pennywise plush would do the trick? Animatedly detailed to look like exactly like the 2017 version of IT, this silky plush embellishes the flaming orange hair, hypnotic yellow eyes and a little bit of blood oozing out from under his chin. Naturally, he is so extremely adorable, so you probably won’t mind him taking a bite out of your arm from time-to-time. Now, if the tapping from outside has a smooth enough rhythm to coast you into a deep-seated sleep, then be sure that your Freddy Krueger plush keeps his hands to himself. Although he appears to be soft and cuddly, this Nightmare on Elm Street collectible will haunt your dreams if you’re not careful.

Classic horror movie plush

In spite of the fact that all of the above psychotic killers are also from spooky classic films, the following horror plush characters offer an incredibly unique addition to your horror plush collection.

If you adore the green blobbed paranormal monster, the boo-tiful, iconic movie logo or the fluffiness of the notorious Marshmallow Man, then you’ll thoroughly enjoy a snuggle with all one or all three of your favorite Ghostbusters characters.

Maybe you prefer to decorate your bed with monster plush instead? Get your hands on a dreadfully cute Godzilla stuffy, an eerie green Gremlins Stripe plush or awaken Cthulhul from his death-like slumber for some extra snuggles.  

Which horror plush character do you plan to squeeze the life out of? Tell us in the comments section below.

Reasons Horror Fanatics Love Jason Voorhees

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Every horror icon brings a special something to the genre, and Jason Voorhees has certainly established himself as one of the greats. He is the scary folklore come to life, the campground terror that the remote, unknown outdoors may actually hide. Yet he also bears traits that we can identify with – hiding behind a mask (even, literally), not to remain unrecognizable, but as a comfort zone, and still always somehow feeling on the outside, unaccepted, and invisible. Jason has transcended into a pop culture favorite, and here’s why we also love him:

Adds Character to Home Decor

Most of us can’t be like the guy who installed a Jason statue in a Minnesota lake, but we can have miniature versions of this loveable killer in our home. Prop an 11” ArtFX Jason statue on a table or keep a candy bowl holder next to the bed for convenient late night munchies. For smaller, more subtle touches, consider the Dorbz cutey, PopTaters Jason Voorhees Mr. Potato Head, or the 3 ½” scaler, which also look great in the car or snuck into a work space. POP! fans have a few Jason options to add to their collection, including the new 8-bit figurine, and ones solely signed by Kane Hodder and with other alum, Ari Lehman, and C.J. Graham! As if all of these selections weren’t awesome enough, wait till you see the 6” articulated stylized Jason, with axe, machete, and removable hockey mask – pre-order it now for its July 17, 2018 release!

Always in Style

Only a lucky few will be touring Blairstown, New Jersey’s real Camp Crystal, Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, April 13th-14th, but Nightmare Toys has essential Jason Voorhees stuff all year round. Whip up some S’mores, snuggle up with a 7” plush Jason and binge on Friday the 13th Parts 1-IV or Tommy Jarvis’ revenge in Jason Lives.

Of course you’re in control of what you wear at home, while lounging around, cleaning, cooking, or hosting parties. Set the tone for the day, lathering up with Jason hockey mask soap, then work on the whispery “chi-chi-chi,” (or is it “cha-cha-cha”?) mantra that fits your mask. In addition to the officially licensed hockey mask, we have likenesses of the man behind it, such as the latex Part VII’s New Blood Jason (with removable hockey mask!), Young Adult Jason, or the Jason Double Adult, which has a tear-away hockey mask covering!

What are the reasons you love Jason Voorhees? Tell us in the comments section below!