Who’s excited about the upcoming animated Addam’s Family movie?

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They’re creepy and their kooky, mysterious and spooky and best of all their back as animated characters in a new feature film that premieres today! Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley and Uncle Fester are gracing the big screen once again, but this time they’re back in their cartoon forms. What most fans don’t know about the time-honored classic is that The Addams Family was originally a black and white, newspaper cartoon that later appeared on TV. That being said, from 1938 to the present day, mediums of the family have been created— ‘90s live-action films and Broadway musicals. Thus, it only makes sense for audiences to have fallen in love with this all-embracing clan of ghouls. So, with Halloween creeping up, it’s about time for this impulsive, devilish family to become unhinged!

Which characters will be making an alarming comeback?

Gomez Addams: Voiced by Oscar Isaac, this crafty schemer will be representing the head of the Addams household and embellishing his crazy, unconventional personality. The best part is that Gomez’s appearance somewhat mirrors the classic publication featuring him as a short, heavy-set man, rather than someone of an attractive nature. However, he will remain dressed in a chalk-striped suit, flaunting his pencil mustache. 

Morticia Addams: Voiced by Charlize Theron, this slim, elegant enchantress is the rotten apple of Gomez’s eye. She’s a devoted mother, quite interested in the French language and very musically inclined. Her character will remain the haunting visionary, featuring long, black hair and a seductive black gown.

Wednesday Addams: Voiced by Chloë Grace Moretz, notably this offbeat character is often portrayed torturing the devote souls around her. Seldon showing emotion, and often bitter with her monotone dialogue, she’s not afraid to let her dark personality shine through.

Pugsley Addams: Voiced by Finn Wolfhard, this spirited, cartoon impersonation embodies all of our favorite traits including, dedicated troublemaker, a genius of the cadaver inventions and his overall eccentric, odd behavior. And yes, the striped shirt is a go!

Uncle Fester (Addams): Voiced by Nick Kroll, this extended family member regularly embodies comedic relief and is always seen wearing his thick, full-length, black fur coat. The most dignitary quality about him is his strange ability to generate electricity, however, despite his menacing look, he is still probably the softest in the Addams’ clan.  

And don’t be disappointed! Of course, our beloved, incomprehensible characters cousin Itt, Thing and Lerch will also be making their debut in cartoon form!

How is Nightmare Toys celebrating?

While there aren’t any animated Addam’s Family horror collectibles that have been added to our shelves from the upcoming film just yet, we do possess many time-honored keepsakes worth joining your frightening compilation. 
Costumes are always a great way to show off your horror-ific personality, while also adding something a little dark to your day-to-day wardrobe. Who needs to know? That being said, when it comes to Addams Family apparel, horror fans have the choice of capping their body to dress like Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, and Uncle Fester. If collecting getups and garbs isn’t your idea of honoring the classic franchise then we also have some ghoulish Addams Family horror collectibles from Funko. Now, those are some fang-tastic products to add to your growing collection.

What excites you most about the upcoming film? Will you be grabbing any Addams Family horror collectibles to celebrate?

Superhero horror? Have you heard of this radical, new sub-genre?

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While you’re probably quite familiar with many notable bogeymen lurking around in popular slasher, paranormal and supernatural horror films, you may be alarmed to learn that there is a sub-genre in the industry called superhero horror. Now, while there are regular, everyday people who under extraordinary circumstance gain superpowers, however, when it comes to superhero horror, these mysterious beasts are often created from something more demonic. Thus, whether the characters choose to follow a devilish path is entirely dependent on the movie, but for many of these chilling souls, the power is beyond their control.

What are some memorable superhero horror films?

Satanic protagonists like Hellboy and Devilman are just a couple examples of the genre’s inclusive ability to expand its limits of darkness. That being said, here is our list of a few superhero films and franchises that possess maniacally, frightening superpowers.

The Blade franchise: Based on the Marvel comics character the storyline follows a half-mortal character named Blade on his journey to eradicate some technologically advanced vampires.

The Crow: Eric Draven is an undead avenger who has risen from his grave to track down the thugs responsible for murdering him.

Ghost Rider: Johnny Blaze once sold his soul to save a loved one, now he transforms into a fiery, avenging creature that prowls at night where evil roams.

Devilman: Based on a Japanese manga series, the story follows a teenage boy who manages to harness the power and strength of a demon in order to fight and save humanity.

Hellboy: This demon-witch offspring helps the American government with various paranormal investigations.

What superhero horror films can we anticipate?

Although there was a recent Hellboy reboot that was just released last month, many horror fans are anticipating a film that is expected to breathe life back into the superhero horror sub-genre. That being said, how many of you have heard of Brightburn?

On Memorial Day, a child from another dimension will crash-land on earth, or in your nearest movie theatre, although instead of becoming a superhero destined to save humanity, this supernatural creature will cast a dark, sinister shadow on the people around him. Equipped with glowing red eyes and a red, flowing cape, this superhero plot sequence will quickly be turning into something far more disturbing.

Do you plan to watch the superhero horror film Brightburn? Tell us what your thoughts are in the comments section below.

These 4 frightening horror films can be expected on the big screen this year

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While there are many horror-ific things that our souls anticipate as we cross over into the realm of a new year, long-awaited horror films that are expected to hit the big screen are of the utmost importance for those who are in tune with their otherworldly nature. So, let’s take a spell-binding journey into the future, rev up our horror lovin’ hearts and get simply thrilled with chills and excitement at what 2019 has in store for horror films.

It: Chapter 2

This highly anticipated sequel with have heads turning in 2019. Now that it’s been 27 years since the town of Derry, Maine was terrorized by the supernatural creature Pennywise, the grown up Loser’s Club members are being forced to return after a death of a friend, honoring their pact made in blood. Since IT: Chapter 1 took the spot as the highest grossing horror film ever made, IT: Chapter 2 might be worth seeing if you love clowns, mystery or a twist of fate.

Pet Sematary

As another Stephen King novel to come alive on the big screen next year, this modern-day reboot may even give the original a run for its money. Taking a more supernatural approach to the haunted woods, rather than a simple old wives tale about a powerful burial ground, this new horror film carefully follows the plot of its original counterpart aside from a few spook-tacular added touches. It looks absolutely terrifying!

Child’s Play

Another reboot that comes to life in 2019 will take you back to the good ol’ days of 1980s seat-clenching thrillers. This horror film aims to bring back the flair from the original Child’s Play film, but with a touch of modernity. The Good Guy Chucky Doll will have the same awesomely distasteful personality and even the same hair, clothing and old-fashioned feel to his appearance. Now, that’s a reboot worth getting in line for!

Happy Death Day 2U

Sticking with the theme of highly anticipated reboots and sequels, Happy Death Day 2U will have horror fans quickly re-watching it’s popular prequel before this thrilling horror film has a chance to hit the theatres. This killer comeback re-enters the time loop with an interesting twist of fate from the original film. Valentines Day 2019 will forever be remembered as Happy Death Day 2U!

Are there any other horror films that are premiering in 2019 that you absolutely can’t wait to watch? Tell us in the comments section below.