Are you ready to give spring cleaning a spooktastic meaning?

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When you aren’t devilishly distracted by trending horror films or busy celebrating all things macabre, you may take some time to glance at your crypt and realize as of late, your most prized spooky possessions are covered in a chilling layer of dust. While this effect undoubtedly pays tribute to your darkest desires, with spring in full spring, there’s no better time to make your valuables shine with a little scrubbing. Polish your pieces and find their perfect placement by reading our tips below. 

Framed photographs and artwork

Whether you own a collection of nostalgic art prints, some gruesome framed posters, or an assortment of mounted trading cards, your horror artwork is a cherished possession. That being said, aside from thoroughly cleaning the glass from time to time, we have some other tidying tips that will help to purify the decay of your horror memorabilia. 

  • Varnish the outer glass of your display pieces for added protection
  • Avoid displaying artwork in a room that could have smoke particles
  • Check periodically to see if bumpers are still in place (bumpers don’t just protect your walls, they also provide an air gap to offer ventilation and prevent moisture build-up)
  • Replace your hanging hardware if you’re frequently straightening the frame
  • Size up when framing your horror artwork (over time, the chemicals in prints may adhere to the glass causing warpage or a change in coloring)

Porcelain, pottery, or china

While our online horror store doesn’t carry a wide selection of breakable horror figures, that doesn’t mean that your display cabinet can’t use a cleaning this spring. After all, items such as horrornaments, masks, dolls, and even some horror figures can be delicately made and should be removed from your impressive exhibit before washing down the shelves and wiping the glass. The best way to remove dust from the tiny nooks of your collectibles is by using a microfiber cloth to polish all of their surfaces. 

Plushies and toys

Are you the type of collector that possesses a vibrant selection of toy variety? Even though your horror plush and action figures don’t show dust particles like other types of memorabilia, it’s always a good idea to keep any exposed items looking fresh. The outer areas of horror figures that remain in their original packaging or within a display case can be wiped down with a soft, microfiber cloth, while well-loved plush collectibles can be pre-treated with a delicate-specific laundry detergent and then simply soaked and hand-washed before being left out to air dry. 


If you own some books that occupy a spine-chilling bookcase filled with thoughtfully curated horror novels, spellbooks, or journals, then it might be time to clean the dust off the covers! While it’s a rather time-consuming task, you will be pleasantly surprised at how gratifying it is to pay special attention to your most cherished reads. Simply use a feather duster to wipe off the tops, bottoms, and sides, and if you relish the smell of an uncracked book, air out the pages before placing each one back in its place on the shelf.  

How else do you prolong the life of your horror collectibles? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

3 Items that Will Get Your Ghoul in The Mood This Coming Valentine’s Day

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Do you often find yourself gifting the same run-of-the-mill items every Valentine’s Day? Does your partner set the bar low out of fear of disappointment? While we aren’t able to recommend gift ideas for every type of person, if your lover is possessed with admiration for cadavers, evil spirits, or anything hocus pocus, then you can drive them batty with access to horror collectibles galore! 

Surprise them with some Alien Super Soapies 

Is your boo a huge fan of the Alien movie franchise? Look no further! We’ve recently stocked our inventory with the most unique supernatural bubble containers — an Alien Super Soapies Xenomorph and an Alien Super Soapies Kane with Facehugger. Since these out-of-this-world bottles already come pre-filled with soap and a bubble wand intact, your Valentine can blow to their heart’s content and refill it again afterward or simply repurpose the retro container for just about anything. So, if similar to how the parasitic Facehugger is the second stage in the Xenomorph life cycle, you can take your relationship to the second, or even final stage with this spooktacular gift! 

Gift some posters to set their heart’s aflame

While some ghoulfriends wouldn’t be as excited to receive hangable artwork, chances are that if yours is an admirer of the genre, there will be screams when they unwrap an eerie-sistable horror poster! With a wide selection ranging from a wicked Silent Night Blacklight Poster to a shark attack visage entitled, “Close the Beaches”, you’re bound to find something spooky and spine-chilling to delight your Valentine!

Nothing screams, “I LOVE YOU” like horror plush

Even the most gruesome sociopaths can look cute and cuddly in a plushie prison! While stuffed toys aren’t the most ingenious gift idea, those that resemble your loved one’s favorite demonic foe will undoubtedly excite them to no end. Plus, your Valentine can either add more memorabilia to their already growing compilation of horror collectibles or simply start an awesome collection from scratch. All that’s left for you to do is to choose from some fearsome companions such as Pennywise, Beetlejuice, and Michael Myers, alongside lesser-known creatures like the killer rabbit from Monty Python or and anticipate their enthusiasm after unnerving these devilish relics!

Which of the above horror collections does your heart burn for? Drop a comment and tell us what you want to receive this Valentine’s Day.

Fifth Predator film in the works : Release date, Cast & More

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While there wasn’t much excitement in 2020, the end of one of the most gruesome years in modern history brought about an exciting announcement for horror lovers, there will be another film added to the Predator franchise! 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg is said to take the reins for the upcoming fifth installment, the first under the Disney banner. 

What’s the release date of the fifth predator film?

Trachtenberg was chosen to helm this film because of his keen eye for sci-fi, having worked on it for the past four years. While it’s too early to say exactly when the new Predator installment will be released due to delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic, optimistically, the director expects its arrival on the big screen within the next year or two. 

What do we know about the cast and plot of fifth predator film? 

Sorry, folks. There are no cast details that we can offer, but there are rumors that the new installment will be completely unrelated to the 2018 sequel, The Predator, which ended with the creation of a Predator-killing suit. That being said, there’s some hearsay down the pipeline saying that the film-to-come will be a prequel, set in the past before settlers stole the Native Americans’ land. Who knows? Maybe the fifth time will be a charm for this popular horror franchise?

Predator-inspired horror collectibles to grab while you want

If there’s one thing that gets fans pumped for an upcoming film or TV series it’s the compilation of fearsome keepsakes filling their shelves. 

At, we have a wide assortment of Predator horror collectibles including, Funko POP! Movies: Predator Assassin, the Ultimate Armored Lost Predator from Predator 2, and a snuggly unmasked Predator plush. All of these Predator horror collectibles and more can yours. Is there really any better way to wait out the release of the new movie? 

Which of the previous four Predator films is your favorite? Drop a comment below to compare with other fans.

Why are so many horror movies set in the ‘80s?

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Many time-honored horror franchises have been killin’ it since the ‘80s, including Halloween, Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare On Elm Street, but have you ever wondered why the genre’s modern movies and TV series also remain trapped in the past? Maybe it’s the absence of cell phones and social media that encourage villains to continue to terrorize this fond decade, but we’re invested in getting to the bottom of this period of favoritism! 

Nostalgia for fans

Whether you lived through the vibrance of the ‘80s or your childhood was strongly influenced by the decade, it’s easy to become consumed by sentimental longing for something from our pasts; especially if this nostalgia brings you happiness. The entire style that hung over the decade, from the culmination of music, movies, and games, defined the pop culture of the time and there’s no arguing that films who manage to open this time capsule transport the audience to a simpler time where bold colors and permed hair were the trending styles and Walkmans, along with cable TV, were the epitome of technology. Even the small, suburban neighborhoods where everyone knew each other are part of the plot sequences that would build upon this false sense of security, a facade that slasher films love! After all, no one locks their doors or expects anything to happen in these tiny, boring communities. 

So, whether it’s a classic franchise that’s stuck in time or a new wave of horror embracing the decade, it’s clear there’s a reason you can buy horror collectibles online featuring friends and foes from the ‘80s. 

A connection to historic events

Some of the popularity that stems from the 1980s can be blamed on nostalgia and the desire for a seemingly simpler time, however, more often than not, it’s based on the interest of the historical events that occurred during the decade. There were many real-life serial killers, such as Richard Ramirez (The Night Stalker), Jeffrey Dahmer (The Cannibal Killer), and Joseph Christopher (The Midtown Slasher) and rumors of satanic cults and ritual abuse. So, in a way, the lack of modern computer technology spread the fear of real-life horror, which film and TV series later utilized to develop insane plots. Now, we buy horror collectibles online to idolize the historic events of the decade by adding action figures or plush to our home’s decor

Are there any other reasons that horror movies may still be utilizing the power of the ‘80s? Drop a comment below to contribute to the conversation.

Your Guide to Building the Ultimate Horror Collection

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There’s never been a better time to start or add to a horror collection. We live in an age where keepsakes aren’t just based on our favorite slasher villains, they are life-like replicas that envision a respective design from an assortment of plot sequences from their time-honored films or shows. It’s quite chilling! So, in keeping with the excitement of buying horror collectibles online, here’s your guide to building the most gruesome collection of grim goodies. 

Collect items that bring you joy 

While it may seem like an obvious sentiment, many horror hobbyists will purchase prominent action figures or devilish living dead dolls simply because they’re popular. However, it would be a grand mistake to fill your crypt full of merchandise that doesn’t make you happy. So, since there are so many horror collectibles that are available to buy online, the only true investment would be horror items that encourage a cackle and bring out the charm of your adorning display.  

Memorabilia holds great value 

Whether you’re just starting to build your horror collection or you’re a seasoned shopper on, when you’re looking to buy new horror collectibles online, aside from your desires, you should also consider grabbing hold of items that possess the potential to go up in value. While there’s a huge chance you won’t be selling your horror collection for years to come (or at all), there’s nothing wrong with collecting items that are considered exclusive this could mean that the relic was hand-painted, signed by a famous horror figure, or simply part of an exclusive series where limited quantities are available. The best part is that speciality horror collectibles aren’t as hard to come by as you may think, and if you’re looking to get your hands on a keepsake that’s bound to skyrocket in price, be sure to peruse our pre-orders category

Preservation is key 

If you want to join the ranks of serious collectors, then it’s important for you to keep your horror masks, plush, and props in a safe place. Those who’re hoping to keep the original packaging in mint-condition should consider purchasing a display case to keep dust and grubby hands away from your investment! After all, reselling items at a later date will be restrictive if the horror collectibles are damaged, decreasing their value dramatically. 

Remember to have fun

If obtaining horror memorabilia for your ever-growing collection has become a cost-consuming chore rather than a treasure hunt, chances are you aren’t chasing the right relics. Be sure to invest in demonic products that you’re proud to put on display, and as long as you’re still having fun searching for these eerie-sistable keepsakes, then continue to grow your horror collection until it bursts at the seams. 

What other elements have you considered as you’ve built the ghastly backbone of your horror collection? Drop a comment below to share with other readers.

Horror collectibles that will fit snuggly into an Easter basket

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While Easter is a commemorate day in spring for those who’re of Christian faith, it’s also a time for vibrant family feasts, an intense hunt for colorful chocolate and of course, the unwrapping of all the menacing goodies found within your Easter basket. Now, even though you’re all grown up and know that the Easter bunny is nothing more than an old wives’ tale, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take pleasure in gifting horror collectibles to a few superstitious loved ones. So, behold the ultimate chilling memorabilia to stuff into the Easter basket of all your cherished ghouls.

A frightful horror t-shirt

When it comes to finding the perfect gift, nothing is more practical than a horror t-shirt. After all, black looks good on everyone. So, not only will the rest of your family be eye-balling whoever received your fang-tastic present but the receiver will also be ecstatic that they got something other than chocolate for once. Regardless of whether your gift recipient is a huge Elvira fan or they simply enjoy the dark Puppet Master franchise you’ll be sure to hear some screams of excitement when they find a devilish horror t-shirt amongst the chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and black and orange crinkle paper in their Easter basket.

An adorable horror POP!

If you’re looking for cute horror collectibles that encompass the delightful nature of the Easter bunny than an adorable horror POP! would be the foolproof gift to toss into some Easter baskets. The members of this keepsake collection of action figures are dressed-up to appeal slightly less ghastly than their horrifying counterparts, but just as detailed nonetheless. So, regardless of whether you’re looking for a gift for an older family member or a special little one, a POP! Is an egg-cellent gift for anyone who’s dabbled in the gruesome horror genre.

A cuddlesome horror plush

Most people have fond memories of receiving soft, snuggly stuffed animals in their Easter baskets when they were young, so allow your loved ones to relive their childhood with a cute, caressible horror plush. Stare into the button-stitched eyes of a Coraline plushie, egg-spose the secrets of Derry with a creep-tastic Pennywise plush and allow your gift recipient to annoy your family members with their best-voiced interpretation when they get their hands on a cuddly Beetlejuice stuffy.

Which horror collectibles will you be hiding amongst the chocolate this Easter? Tell us in the comments section below.

Celebrate your Valentine by gifting them pure horror

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Whether your Valentine’s Day consists of reanimating the dead, binge-watching scary movies or cooking one hell-of-a-feast, most people remember to carve out a little time for that special ghoul in their lives. That being said, your chest will simply burst with delight when we show you all of the horror-ific ways that you can display your romantic gestures. After all, isn’t there a loving monster inside all of us that’s dying to spoil our favorite bonehead? So, if you possess a lucky someone that has the power to bring out the devil inside of you then don’t make the grave mistake of forgetting to gift them a few horror accessories on February 14. Although you should be murdering your partner with hugs and kisses every day of the year, if they absolutely slay your heart and bring out the devil inside you, it’s fair to shower them with a monstrous amount of love.

Horror jewelry

Although it’s what’s on the inside that truly counts, no ghoul will ever turn down alarmingly impressive pieces of jewelry. We’ve got stainless steel earrings, otherworldly necklaces and boo-tiful bracelets featuring everyone’s favorite horror foe — Michael Myers, Leatherface and even the demonic Trick R Treat Sam. This spooktacular collection also consists of shiny, eerie-sistable skulls, knives and meat cleaver trinkets that your bloody Valentine will absolutely dig.

Horror plush

If your admirer is more than just a boo-ty call then some snuggly horror plush would make the perfect easy-going Valentine’s Day gift. Set their heart on fire with a cute Nightmare Before Christmas character, float their boat with a spookily awesome, original Pennywise plush or meddle with the likes of psycho killer plushies Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. After all, they will need something to cuddle when you’re trapped with responsibilities and errands.

Horror body products

All your love’s favorite horror accessories are available as a repulsively, oozing horror bath bombs. Watch as creepy characters, coffins and cauldrons melt away into an otherworldly mix of colorful bath water. If bath bombs simply don’t make the cut in terms of devilish horror accessories to gift to your beloved, then perhaps a few horror soaps resembling dangerous villains would raise their spirits.

Are any of these horror accessories bound to cause heart palpitations? Tell us in the comments section what you’ll be gifting to your ghoul this Valentine’s Day.

Fall in love with these spooky plushies

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horror plush characters

The ominous shades of pumpkin orange and crimson red leaves are one of the true indications that autumn has taken over. Chilling breezes and light wind crack the whimsical branches of surrounding trees, leaving behind a skeletal-like structure. For horror-lovers, the foggy, dark evenings and cool, almost eerie temperatures make fall the most exciting season of the year. There is almost a feverish change in outdoor conditions, as trickling rain showers and bony, dead branches tap up against your window. Not only does this dreadfully delightful ambience set the mood, but it also gives you an excuse to snuggle up with your favorite horror plush character.  

Psycho killer horror plush characters

Ignore the curse of Crystal Lake and cuddle up with your very own hockey-masked, Jason Voorhees plush. Delicately stitched, soft and extra cute with large, bugged eyes on the lookout for future victims. Needless to say, if you prefer to profess your love to a more diabolical killer, perhaps a Pennywise plush would do the trick? Animatedly detailed to look like exactly like the 2017 version of IT, this silky plush embellishes the flaming orange hair, hypnotic yellow eyes and a little bit of blood oozing out from under his chin. Naturally, he is so extremely adorable, so you probably won’t mind him taking a bite out of your arm from time-to-time. Now, if the tapping from outside has a smooth enough rhythm to coast you into a deep-seated sleep, then be sure that your Freddy Krueger plush keeps his hands to himself. Although he appears to be soft and cuddly, this Nightmare on Elm Street collectible will haunt your dreams if you’re not careful.

Classic horror movie plush

In spite of the fact that all of the above psychotic killers are also from spooky classic films, the following horror plush characters offer an incredibly unique addition to your horror plush collection.

If you adore the green blobbed paranormal monster, the boo-tiful, iconic movie logo or the fluffiness of the notorious Marshmallow Man, then you’ll thoroughly enjoy a snuggle with all one or all three of your favorite Ghostbusters characters.

Maybe you prefer to decorate your bed with monster plush instead? Get your hands on a dreadfully cute Godzilla stuffy, an eerie green Gremlins Stripe plush or awaken Cthulhul from his death-like slumber for some extra snuggles.  

Which horror plush character do you plan to squeeze the life out of? Tell us in the comments section below.