Your Guide to Building the Ultimate Horror Collection

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There’s never been a better time to start or add to a horror collection. We live in an age where keepsakes aren’t just based on our favorite slasher villains, they are life-like replicas that envision a respective design from an assortment of plot sequences from their time-honored films or shows. It’s quite chilling! So, in keeping with the excitement of buying horror collectibles online, here’s your guide to building the most gruesome collection of grim goodies. 

Collect items that bring you joy 

While it may seem like an obvious sentiment, many horror hobbyists will purchase prominent action figures or devilish living dead dolls simply because they’re popular. However, it would be a grand mistake to fill your crypt full of merchandise that doesn’t make you happy. So, since there are so many horror collectibles that are available to buy online, the only true investment would be horror items that encourage a cackle and bring out the charm of your adorning display.  

Memorabilia holds great value 

Whether you’re just starting to build your horror collection or you’re a seasoned shopper on, when you’re looking to buy new horror collectibles online, aside from your desires, you should also consider grabbing hold of items that possess the potential to go up in value. While there’s a huge chance you won’t be selling your horror collection for years to come (or at all), there’s nothing wrong with collecting items that are considered exclusive this could mean that the relic was hand-painted, signed by a famous horror figure, or simply part of an exclusive series where limited quantities are available. The best part is that speciality horror collectibles aren’t as hard to come by as you may think, and if you’re looking to get your hands on a keepsake that’s bound to skyrocket in price, be sure to peruse our pre-orders category

Preservation is key 

If you want to join the ranks of serious collectors, then it’s important for you to keep your horror masks, plush, and props in a safe place. Those who’re hoping to keep the original packaging in mint-condition should consider purchasing a display case to keep dust and grubby hands away from your investment! After all, reselling items at a later date will be restrictive if the horror collectibles are damaged, decreasing their value dramatically. 

Remember to have fun

If obtaining horror memorabilia for your ever-growing collection has become a cost-consuming chore rather than a treasure hunt, chances are you aren’t chasing the right relics. Be sure to invest in demonic products that you’re proud to put on display, and as long as you’re still having fun searching for these eerie-sistable keepsakes, then continue to grow your horror collection until it bursts at the seams. 

What other elements have you considered as you’ve built the ghastly backbone of your horror collection? Drop a comment below to share with other readers.

3 ways to save on your Nightmare Toys’ order

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While Halloween pop-up stores are all the craze these days, Nightmare Toys offers a slightly different business model — we’re a year-long, physical store-front that houses a wide collection of horror accessories, decor, and other popular merchandise — because for some, horror isn’t a season, it’s a lifestyle. So, if you’re the type of year-round aficionado who celebrates all things spooky all the time, then you will likely be interested in these three ways that you can save on your purchases from

Obtain free shipping on your order 

It’s absolutely fang-tastic that Nightmare Toys offers free shipping on domestic orders of $100 or more because when you’re perusing through the website looking to buy horror collectibles online, it’s pretty easy to fill up your shopping cart with an alarming amount of memorabilia and devilish home decor. The best part is that US shoppers will also gain access to a selection of carriers — FedEx, UPS, and USPS — which will ensure that your standard shipping service is prompt. For international shoppers, unfortunately, shipping rates will apply, but delivery will still be speedy and you’ll be able to track your package and set updates to your email. Welcome to the world of hair-raising, first-rate service!

Join the mailing list

When you join the gruesome list of the damned, you’re rewarded instantly with a 5% off coupon to use towards your first order. Aside from gaining an immediate incentive to buy some horror collectibles online, you’re also acquiring the insider scoop as to which new arrivals and ghastly pre-orders are being welcomed onto the website. Securing your email is like awakening your crystal ball, enabling you to foresee upcoming promotional offers, site-wide sales, and even when a beloved product you’ve wanted becomes back in stock! While newsletters are sure to make buying horror collectibles online the ultimate ghoulish experience, for those who are bizarre and obsessed with horror news, our blog is another entrance to some highlights on chilling horror accessories and industry announcements.  

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As a customer of our shop and a fan of the horror genre, there are a variety of reasons to keep up with our social feeds — we post in-depth reviews of new horror products, we upload wicked videos of our physical store in Las Vegas, and we also notify our followers when an otherworldly sale is within reach. While many people follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to learn information about our company or find details about our products, most want access to special deals and coupons or want to see if we have any promotions running. So, if you want to become an exclusive Nightmare Toys fan, be sure to get on social media and keep your eyes peeled for some unearthly deals.  

Does the above blog submission make you want to buy some horror collectibles online? Drop a comment below about your favorite Nightmare Toys purchase.

Your guide to the ultimate Scream franchise memorabilia

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It’s Friday the 13th and since this ghastly date of superstition is usually traced back to occurrences at Camp Crystal Lake, we thought why not shake things up with a blog submission highlighting the Scream franchise instead? So, since you aren’t out ravaging your dark and demonic side, why not have a look through the ultimate Ghostface goodies available for purchase on

Ghostface Living Dead Doll from Mezco Toyz 

“What’s your favorite scary movie?” While everyone possesses their own visceral reaction to the horror movie genre, the reality is that petrifying jump-scares are the primal ingredient that light up your inner monster. So, as the undoubtful master of horror movie trivia, you would likely survive an encounter pegged against the silent, scouting stalker, Ghostface.

This chilling pre-order is the first of its kind, a devilish remembrance to honor the sinister slayer of Woodsboro, California. Standing 10 inches tall, and outfitted in his signature hooded robe, complete with mask and hunting knife, this Ghostface Living Dead Doll is ready to be put on display. “Who’s there?”, you ask. “Don’t you watch scary movies?” 

Ghostface Horrornaments 

While traditional ornaments are manufactured to be hung on your holiday tree, horrornaments are meant to be a spine-chilling specter placed on display year-round. So, whether you’re a fan of the Scream franchise or you simply adore the unnerving slasher, Ghostface, it’s evident that you’ll need these masked figurines as an addition to your wicked horror collection. 

Ghostface Action Figure from Neca 

While some Ghostface fanatics prefer to look at the otherworldly details of their collectible from behind protective glass, others relish the chance to re-enact their favorite plot sequences. So, naturally, fans of the Scream franchise will shriek with excitement after they get their hands on this pre-order of Ghostface in his 8” Clothed Action Figure form. Featuring a screen-accurate, sculpted mask, interchangeable hands, hunting knife, retro cell phone, and even his signature voice-changer, this highly detailed and fully poseable figure is a nightmare come true. 

Which hair-raising Scream franchise collectible do you want visible within your crypt? Drop a comment below to compare with other Ghostface fans.