What type of horror fan are you?

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If you’re a true horror fan then you probably crave a myriad of classic, cult and thriller films in order to satisfy your devilish desires. Maybe you love the horror movie genre because you’re obsessed with otherworldly folklore or perhaps the psychological terrors of a potential apocalypse trigger an intense, instinctive response that cranks your creep-tastic wheel. Although you’re a horror fan through and through, even the most dead-icated worshiper can be convinced to make a deal with the devil. So, what we’re really asking is do you know what kind of horror fan you are?


If you find yourself fiercely drawn into plot sequences that involved demons, ghosts, scary, haunted motels and animate objects that have a mind of their own than you’re the type of horror fan who relishes in films about bloodcurdling possession. It could be the unpredictability of the genre, the strange, unexplainable outcomes or the ambiguous characters, but this horror sub-genre has a supernatural power to invade you and take control. That being said, The Exorcist and The Blair Witch Project are the perfect films to question your faith and beliefs.

Psychological Thrillers

This particular horror sub-genre revolves about the practicalities of characters who are unstable or delusional. So, essentially people who are pushed to their limits. Many people are drawn to this particular niche in horror because of the mystery, drama and twisting perspectives…not to mention the paranoia of potential for these stories to be based on true events. Thrillers deliberately use tricks to create tension within the audience which maximizes their anxious suspense. That being said, Silence of the Lambs and Psycho are the perfect films to satisfy your horror cravings.


While possession movies may spark your interest, you’re fonder of films that dabble in the supernatural. Whether it’s a haunted house, bringing the dead back to life or zombie-fied motion pictures, you tend to steer in the direction of the distorted, but familiar, reality films that revolve about the intrusion of evil or haunting presences. That being said, The Shining and The Grudge have the ability to offer you the right kind of cinematic terror.

Found Footage Horror

If you’re the type of horror fan that relishes in the idea of watching an entire movie from the perspective of a camera recording, then you’re a lover of found footage horror. By far one of the toughest sub-genres to keep the audience involved, these movies often offer the extra thrill of spooky encounters caught on film. Not to mention the potential that’s left behind for the characters who find the footage later. That being said, Paranormal Activity and Unfriended are a couple frightening found footage films that might tickle your fancy.


This is probably one of the most actively followed horror sub-genres and usually involves some sort of psychopath stalking and murdering a group of people. If you’re obsessed with blood and gore, as well as unprovoked killing using bladed tools and weaponry, then slasher films are probably the right horror movies to rack up your body count…I mean movie count. That being said, Friday the 13th and Halloween would be the right franchises to follow if you’re insanely obsessed with graphic murders.

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A behind the scenes look into the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre Film

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies

As if the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies weren’t terrifying enough, this American horror franchise is actually loosely based on the Wisconsin serial killer, Ed Gein. A strange, psychologically, unstable man who was raised under extreme biblical teachings and kept rather hidden away on his family’s secluded farm. Much like the famous Leatherface, Gein kept the remains of his victims to be used around the farm — especially human skin which he crafted into his own apparel. Needless to say, there are tons of other terrifying facts about the popular horror franchise.

The movie was also inspired by a Christmas shopping crowd

Although director and co-writer of the original film, Tobe Hooper did admit to writing the script somewhat based on Ed Gein, he also explained that his creative energy was really inspired after a shopping rush during Christmas at a local department store.

“There were these big Christmas crowds, I was frustrated, and I found myself near a display rack of chainsaws. I just kind of zoned in on it… and I thought, ‘I know a way I could get through this crowd really quickly.’”

It is not a true story

Clever marketing at its best. Although the film was an interpretation Hooper loosely based on Gein’s crimes, the backstory of a chain-wielding maniac who killed youth in Texas was all just a fictional creation. In fact, the Texas Film Commission financed the project, which is how the word “Texas” came to be in the film title at all.

The original film was shot on a tight budget

With a budget of only $60,000, Hooper, his crew and a group of unknown actors ventured out into an area in Central Texas to make a terrifying movie on what they called a “shoestring budget”. The filming conditions were also not the most ideal, with incredibly high summer temperatures stewing the bones and rotting meat that were used as props. Gross!

Leatherface wears three masks throughout the original film

Hooper wanted his horrific killer to have a bit of emotion behind his slaughtering escapades. He gave the character three different masks — the killing mask, the grandpa mask and the makeup-covered mask. A bit strange for a character with the word “face”, a singular noun, displayed in his name.

The notorious chainsaw was indeed, REAL

It wouldn’t have been the same movie without the revving noise of the killer’s chainsaw blade chasing victims to their own demise. Although, the teeth were removed for particular scenes due to safety purposes, there were a few shots where Leatherface tripped and fell throwing his bladed weapon forward. Luckily no one was hurt badly in the making of the film!

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