Celebrate your love of Nightmare Toys with some exclusive merch

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Find out what’s up with the exclusive merchandise at Nightmare Toys! For the collector that has it all, shop our year-round Halloween store’s signature section for finds that you can’t knab anywhere else. 

Nightmare Toys’ Horror T-Shirts

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How to decorate the interior and exterior of your home for Halloween

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October 31st is the perfect time of year to get creative—and creepy! With the right cool Halloween decorations, you can spruce up both the inside and outside of your home. After a quick trip to nightmaretoys.com, you’ll

On the haunt for some spooktacular, stocking stuffers?

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If you’re the type of aficionado who relishes the idea of a killer Christmas, slay your secret Santa gifts this year by endowing some horror offerings. After all, if your festive spirit longs for some chills and thrills, chances are …