What to gift ultimate horror fan on your holiday list

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Tis’ the season for spooky presents, and with so many people to shop for, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the extent of your holiday shopping. That said, if your gift recipient also happens to be a horror fan, we’ve

4 horror films to avoid watching before a camping trip

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Getting out into nature is always a highlight of the summer, but if the horror genre has taught us anything, it’s that venturing out into a remote area of the woods is usually a recipe for a slasher, cult-like disaster.

5 things you didn’t know about the Puppet Master franchise

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There’s no question that the Puppet Master franchise possesses the ultimate cult following, with a new film added to its collectible every two years. While killer puppets with animated powers aren’t the most original idea in terms of a horror

How to build the ultimate horror collection

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For those planning on assembling a demonic collection, whether it be big or small, it’s always a good idea to have a plan of action for spending your hard-earned money. Common sense isn’t always as common as you may think,

4 mind-blowing facts about Jason Voorhees and the Friday the 13th franchise

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Happy Friday the 13th, horror lovers! While you’re likely enjoying your added spooky day of the year in style, what better way is there to celebrate this ominous day other than paying homage to one of our favorite foes? Nevertheless,

Which masks in horror cinema are the most memorable?

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Since the start of the pandemic, wearing masks has become the new normal, which was already part of the orderly routine of some of our favorite horror villains. While non-medical face masks are helping the world to slow the spread

Practical horror-inspired merchandise that won’t just sit on your shelves

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Accumulation of collectibles often leads to clutter as you struggle to find the right amount of space to display your collection for maximum enjoyment. Although acquiring horror collectibles has remained one of your favorite engrained hobbies, it may be time

Check out these new, spine-chilling horror collectible arrivals

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How do you tame the fire burning inside that’s telling you to shop? You vanquish the heat by purchasing some officially licensed horror collectibles and attire, of course! With an ongoing selection of horror-inspired merchandise up for grabs, it’s

Slay summertime with the following morbid merchandise

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Just because most of your summer plans have been slashed and gutted, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find other ways to lay your soul to rest! In fact, many of our products are officially licensed horror merchandise, which means

What horror fans can do while stuck at home

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Sitting around the house not knowing what to do is not only unproductive, but boring. So, instead of aimlessly staring into the abyss of your bedroom ceiling, how about combating boredom, horror style? That’s right! Just because you can’t attend

Get back to school ready, horror style

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There’s nothing more alarmingly frightening than when the bloodcurdling back to school countdown begins. With a few chilling weeks that will dissipate as quickly and mysteriously as a deadly apparition, it’s about time that you got your ghoulish spirit prepped …

Can you arm each horror psycho with their iconic weapon?

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While the satanic personalities, chilling catchphrases and grim appearances of otherworldly horror villains make them alarmingly easy to pick out from a crowd, there’s also another creep-tastic characteristic that embodies their devilish darkness, the bloodcurdling weapons that they use. After …

You wouldn’t want to SPRING into these 4 horror movie icons

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What is it that’s so absolutely chilling and alarming about the dark facade behind our favorite horror movie icons? Is it their damaging upbringing that makes us feel a connection to them? Is it the menacing terror that’s bestowed upon …

What were the best horror movie franchises of all time?

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How do you determine what makes a horror movie franchise so successful? Certainly, box office numbers are a reasonable inclusion, but would you also consider the sheer cult following of the films? Would the number of sequels be a fair

Fall in love with these spooky plushies

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The ominous shades of pumpkin orange and crimson red leaves are one of the true indications that autumn has taken over. Chilling breezes and light wind crack the whimsical branches of surrounding trees, leaving behind a skeletal-like structure. For horror-lovers,

Bring the darkness to your desk with these hair-raising horror must-haves

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horror desk decor

Your desk at home or work is your area to represent your personality. While most people enjoy decorating this space with colorful calendars and family photos, you are more unique than most people. Why not show off who you truly

Jason Voorhees swag perfect for any Friday the 13th party

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Widely recognized as an unlucky day within western culture, any 13th day of the month that lands on a Friday has continued to add an eerie element of suspense and startling superstition.

Needless to say, if you are a fan