Deck your halls with demonic darkness

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If it’s a silent night in your crypt and you’re on the haunt for things to keep you busy while spending more time at home this holiday season, why not decorate, horror style? Start by decking the halls with bloody corpses because horror is something that should always present in your home! Then, hang some deranged and deeply demonic horrornaments on your decomposing tree and consider some of the following horror figures and collectibles while decking the halls and your darkest nooks.  

Purchase some snuggly soft, decorative horror blankets 

Shop with confidence this holiday season with spooktacular access to a wide selection of officially-licensed horror blankets. Whether you need a cozy throw blanket that matches the pattern of your bedding, an authentic tree skirt, or you prefer something devilish covering your living room couch, brands Black Cult Craft and Entertainment Earth have the ultimate frightful offerings to suit your horror-loving needs. Design your every day with a comforter featuring Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Freddy Fazbear. Also, for those that prefer the velvety touch of a soft horror towel, we recommend Ghostbusters, Gremlins, or Chainsaw Clark Griswald for something unique and cozy. 

Add some horror pillows to the mix

In keeping up with the cozy theme you will also want to grab hold of an assortment of hair-raising horror pillows to give your crypt the ultimate “decking”. Instead of hanging holiday lights, let your love of horror shine through with the Peek A Boo Witch Light Up Pillow or the Light Up Pillow Skull Candle. Does your crypt already have enough vibrance? Instead, order some decorative pillows in the shape of a cartoon version or The Count or The Raven from the Edgar Allen Poe poem. For those who already own some medium-sized throw pillows, grab some classic covers featuring the faces of the pillar villains behind the horror genre.     

Opt for living dead dolls instead of nutcrackers, Santas and snowmen 

While gruesome horror figures aren’t hard to come by, ones that embellish a true sense of realism can be challenging to find, which is why we carry a wide variety of exclusively unique living dead dolls. Let’s be honest, there are a variety of frightful-looking figurines that are already put out for the holidays, so why not replace these uninspiring items with some decor that will haunt your dreams? Or some horror figures that will have you questioning what goes bump in the night. After all, there are some many genre favorites to choose from in this grim collection. 

Popular choices include The Series 34 set and the Chucky and Tiffany 2-pack. Also, be sure to get your name on the pre-order list for the official Elvira Mistress of the Dark Living Dead Doll to add to your ever-growing horror figure’s collection.   

Hang up some bloody hockey masks in place of holiday stockings

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have some Jason Voorhees’ hockey masks hung by the chimney with care instead of the same boring, run-of-the-mill holiday stockings? While you can’t stuff them full of seasonal gifts, you can enjoy the evolution of freaky face coverings since the first Friday the 13th franchise film! 

How do you plan to adorn your crypt this holiday season? Drop some comments below to inspire other readers.

Your Guide to Building the Ultimate Horror Collection

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There’s never been a better time to start or add to a horror collection. We live in an age where keepsakes aren’t just based on our favorite slasher villains, they are life-like replicas that envision a respective design from an assortment of plot sequences from their time-honored films or shows. It’s quite chilling! So, in keeping with the excitement of buying horror collectibles online, here’s your guide to building the most gruesome collection of grim goodies. 

Collect items that bring you joy 

While it may seem like an obvious sentiment, many horror hobbyists will purchase prominent action figures or devilish living dead dolls simply because they’re popular. However, it would be a grand mistake to fill your crypt full of merchandise that doesn’t make you happy. So, since there are so many horror collectibles that are available to buy online, the only true investment would be horror items that encourage a cackle and bring out the charm of your adorning display.  

Memorabilia holds great value 

Whether you’re just starting to build your horror collection or you’re a seasoned shopper on, when you’re looking to buy new horror collectibles online, aside from your desires, you should also consider grabbing hold of items that possess the potential to go up in value. While there’s a huge chance you won’t be selling your horror collection for years to come (or at all), there’s nothing wrong with collecting items that are considered exclusive this could mean that the relic was hand-painted, signed by a famous horror figure, or simply part of an exclusive series where limited quantities are available. The best part is that speciality horror collectibles aren’t as hard to come by as you may think, and if you’re looking to get your hands on a keepsake that’s bound to skyrocket in price, be sure to peruse our pre-orders category

Preservation is key 

If you want to join the ranks of serious collectors, then it’s important for you to keep your horror masks, plush, and props in a safe place. Those who’re hoping to keep the original packaging in mint-condition should consider purchasing a display case to keep dust and grubby hands away from your investment! After all, reselling items at a later date will be restrictive if the horror collectibles are damaged, decreasing their value dramatically. 

Remember to have fun

If obtaining horror memorabilia for your ever-growing collection has become a cost-consuming chore rather than a treasure hunt, chances are you aren’t chasing the right relics. Be sure to invest in demonic products that you’re proud to put on display, and as long as you’re still having fun searching for these eerie-sistable keepsakes, then continue to grow your horror collection until it bursts at the seams. 

What other elements have you considered as you’ve built the ghastly backbone of your horror collection? Drop a comment below to share with other readers.

Get your hands on some fang-tastic horror pre-orders

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Some people anticipate the lineup of scary movies waiting to brace the big screen, while others relish in the re-telling of ghost stories around an otherworldly campfire’s flame, however, for those ghouls who’re gruesomely dedicated to the horror genre, you may find yourself screaming with devil-light once you see which chilling horror collectibles are now available for pre-order. After all, how can you enjoy the frightful fun of the summer season when your demonic spirit is disheartened by the sweltering heat? Well, you can chill your bones with some thrilling anticipation by crossing out your calendar and counting down the startling days until you can hold your terrifying horror collectible in your arms. There isn’t an ounce of witchcraft in this announcement, just a simple revelation from your pals at Nightmare Toys! 

Two otherworldly Conjuring Universe collectibles

Initially releasing to horror fans in October of 2016, the film, The Crooked Man, turns an age-old nursery rhyme into a haunting curse that sets the stage to awaken a demonic monster. The Crooked Man first debuted in the prequel, The Conjuring 2, as a malicious spirit but wildly gained popularity encouraging its own spinoff. Though the historic poem pertained to religious and political freedoms for Scotland, the ghastly horror collectible takes on an image all its own. Preorder your very own Crooked Man action figure (available starting September 29, 2019).

Another fiercely beloved character from The Conjuring Universe is Annabelle, the demonic, porcelain doll that’s based on an allegedly possessed, real-life Raggedy Ann toy. Featuring three horror films and numerous collector’s items inspired by the ghastly poltergeist, there’s no arguing that this Annabelle keepsake should be the newest repulsive addition to your horror collection. Grab yourself your very own Annabelle doll, featuring every sculpted detail inspired directly from the movie prop. Preorder the one-to-one scale replica Annabelle from Trick or Treat Studios (available starting December 30, 2019).

One creep-tastic Stephen King keepsake

Tame your cold, black heart with a Pennywise doll that mimics the menacing state and maniacal grin of the apparition from the recent reboot movie. Whether you’re a Stephen King fan, a demonic doll fan or simply getting anxious waiting for IT: Chapter 2, this devilish shape-shifter comes completely outfitted and ready for your diabolical display. Preorder this eerie-sistable relic (available starting December 30, 2019)

One burnt serial killer souvenir

You can never own enough Freddy Krueger inspired merchandise, it’s an unwritten rule of horror collecting! So, let us present you with another psychopath to evade your horror collection. Featuring his sinister smirk and iconic striped sweater with razer glove, this undead horror collectible is what dreams are made of. You better start re-working your display case for when you preorder this spine-chilling doll (available starting November 29, 2019)

Which horror collectible will you be adding to your wish-list? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

A behind the scenes look into the Child’s Play franchise

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Horror fans who crave a tasteful combination of chilling, slasher suspense and comedy absolutely adore everything about the Child’s Play franchise. This particular horror series takes a very original approach to the motives behind a stereotypical, creepy living dead doll. While the Good Guy Chucky Doll — a toy that’s possessed by the notorious serial killer Charles Lee Ray — looks innocent, he is indeed obsessed with cursing, sexual desires and figuring out how to transfer his soul into a living human body. It’s safe to say that this authentic storyline has fanatics constantly wondering what might happen next. Needless to say, while you’re already familiar with the voodoo-practicing, menacing murders and a whole lot of blood, there are still a lot of intriguing facts about the franchise that you probably didn’t know.

Chucky’s real name was inspired by serial killers

While we’re most familiar with the provocative, knife-wielding character, Chucky’s threatening persona as a doll is actually based on his psychopathic tendencies in his original human form. Charles Lee Ray, also known in the Child’s Play franchise as the Lakeshore Strangler is a fictional killer disciplined in the ancient art of voodoo rituals. Although the character is fictitious, his name was inspired by three infamous murders throughout history — Charles Manson, American cult leader, Lee Harvey Oswald, the sniper who shot John F. Kennedy and James Earl Ray, the man who assassinated Martin Luther King.

Chucky loses a hand in many of the films

SPOILER ALERT! Before Chucky “dies” in Child’s Play, Andy’s mother shoots his right hand off with a gun. During the second film, Child’s Play 2, Chucky is forced to rip his own hand off while escaping, later replacing it with a knife. How classic? And finally, during the third installment of the original Child’s Play franchise, Andy gets his chance to chop off Chucky’s hand. The best part is, this hand-chopping tradition is continued on in the sequel films.  

Bride of Chucky pays homage to classic horror films

If you look closely during the opening scene of Bride of Chucky, some horror Easter eggs have been left behind for the slasher film fans. Freddy Krueger’s razor-tipped glove, Michael Myers’ killer disguise, Jason Voorhees’ hockey-mask and Leatherface’s chainsaw is locked away in the police evidence depository.

A Child’s Play reboot and TV series are in the works

Production is currently underway on a Child’s Play reboot that aims to breathe a fresh take on the infamous horror franchise. While this contemporary reimagining is changing up the persona of the 1988 classic, it will still possess the same seat-jumping, horrifying blood bath that the original franchise is known for. The best part is that this modern-day film will be jam-packed with technological upgrades in order to entice a new generation.

Not to be confused with the upcoming Child’s Play TV series, which is keeping the classic undertones of the original horror franchise. Said to be honoring the storyline of Chucky’s menacing adventures, this creation has room to expand his character, explore the bloodthirsty playground and tell a little bit more of the backstory.

Are you excited for the new Child’s Play franchise installments? Tell us what’s on your mind in the comments section below.

Living Dead Dolls Fanatics, Pre-Order The Nun Now!

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living dead dolls

Horror geeks, pre-order the collectible that’s going to make one hell of an impression: the Living Dead Dolls The Nun! Set to arrive on August 1, 2018, it’ll be the perfect homage to “The Nun” movie, planned for a July 13th (Friday!) theater release.

It’s amazing how quickly this character has won over horror fans, from 2016’s “The Conjuring 2”, a creative interpretation of demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren’s investigation of the alleged Enfield Poltergeist case. Who wasn’t unsettled by that painting or the hallway scene, or then the post-credits scene in 2017’s “Annabelle: Creation?”

Interestingly enough, Valak the Demon Nun is a combination of a few factors: director James Wan conceived of the general idea towards the end of filming “Conjuring 2,” and then based her appearance on Lorraine Warren’s description of a dark figure she reportedly battled. However, there is some validity to the name, as Valac is noted as the Great President of Hell, and one of 72 demons mentioned in the 17th-century tome, The Lesser Key of Solomon. According to the book, this Valac/k shows itself as a cherubic boy who rides a two-headed dragon, and reveals hidden serpents and truths and shares strength and certain powers with summoners deemed worthy.

Claim Your Own Piece of Supernatural Spookiness in Advance

Regardless of origins, as with the other “Conjuring” inspired Living Dead Dolls Annabelle, it’s clear how The Nun fits so well within this toy brand’s family. It’s an artfully crafted, 10” tall, articulated figure, wearing the telltale habit and cross necklace. But then, you look at her face and see that slight suggestion of innocence and cuteness, with dark smudges and markings that aren’t dirt and scratches, but the characteristic semblance of something sinister. Plus, those piercing devilish eyes!

Add The Nun to Your Diabolical Collection

The Nun is also the perfect “sister” to two other Living Dead Dolls, “The Exorcist’s” possessed child Regan, and the Hell Priest himself, Pinhead. All of these are iconic representations of some of the best horror films and characters that incorporate themes of demonic activity, religious/spiritual undertones of good, evil, and the grey areas in between, and just plain old unforgettable scares!

Be among the first to show off this ghoulish gal!

And while there’s no word yet if The Nun will join POP!’s Regan, Annabelle, and Pinhead, keep checking our new products for the latest frightful goodies.

Gift Ideas for Living Dead Doll Fans

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Gift Ideas for Living Dead Doll Fans

Ah, the morbidly sweet contradiction of “living dead,” which reminds us of Romero’s treasured films and describes one of Rob Zombie’s best odes to ghoulish gals. For collectors of the dark and delightful, it also means Living Dead Dolls, the adorably twisted antithesis to toys that are just too bright and bubbly. Whether displayed in their coffin cases or posed on shelves and beds, they’re the perfect gift for horror geeks. Here’s a handy guide to these imps, along with ideas for how to present them.

Series 31 Don’t Turn out the Lights

The five darlings in Series 31 each represent what those shadows in a dark room may really be. All of them come with a death certificate that hints at what they do, such as Bea Neath (get it?), who resides under the bed, and Thump, who’s silent until pouncing on you with fangs and claws. An eternal kiss of gloom comes from eyeless The Dark, while Umbral and Kreek take advantage of noisy floorboards that we think are the house settling. Instead of paper or gift bags, wrap your selection in a pair of devilish leggings, or a spectral men’s tee, and top it all with a candy cane.

Series 33 and Series 34 Sets

Showing off theatre’s spooky side, the Series 33 Le Moulin Morgue set features five characters, each with their coffin and certificate, yet bundled together for quintuple the chills. Your gift recipient will be able to create quite a lovely stage scene, with the host and hostess of deathly cabaret, Maitre des Morts and Madame La Mort, and their three stand-out dancers: flame-haired haunted Larmes de Sang, raven-haired murdered Ella Von Terra, and bloodied Carotte Morts.

If your beloved prefers dusty dolls, there’s the Series 34 Devil’s Vein set, with five miners who met untimely deaths during their gold digging days. For presentation, pair a poison messenger bag with Ash Lee, Tommy Knocker, Soot, Canary, and Coalette, or use a coffin beach towel to enfold them or the aforementioned performers.

Bad Boys of Print and Screen

If you’re looking for pop culture, Living Dead Dolls has their take on Hellraiser’s high priest, Pinhead, and Derry’s frightastic Pennywise, accompanied by the respective Lament Configuration and red balloon. Leave unwrapped and let the packaging say it all, simply adorned with a 3-D keychain, or wicked little hair clips.

Which doll are you giving a new home to? Tell us in the comments section below!