The Walking Dead Season 10: Everything You Need To Know

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A storm was brewing at the end of season 9 and the remaining survivors found themselves wandering into The Whispers territory. So, as you find yourself wondering what will happen this season, it’s time to enjoy some riveting spoilers as you count down the days until the premiere.  

Which of your favorite cast members will be returning?

The Walking Dead would be nothing more than another bloodcurdling, apocalyptic zombie show if it wasn’t for the charming characters who continue to exemplify the ultimate dead-ication to their roles. That being said, here’s a list of the fighting protagonists that have managed to limit their contact with the dead and allow them to make an appearance in the upcoming season. 

  • Norman Reedus: Flooding the spotlight since season 1, fan-favorite, Daryl Dixon will continue to lead the franchise, even sporting his very own collection of The Walking Dead horror collectibles.
  • Melissa McBride: Queen Carol of the Kingdom managed to avoid decapitation in season 9’s bloodshed ending, making her another show original, alongside Daryl, to survive the outbreak and the fights since the start of the show. 
  • Danai Gurira: Season 10 will wave goodbye to Michonne, leaving her character to appear in only a handful of upcoming episodes. While her sword-swinging days are numbered, there may be a chance that the heroic zombie slayer could still appear in the set of three AMC original films that will continue the story after Rick Grimes capture.

Who else will be sharing the limelight?

  • Josh McDermitt (Eugene)
  • Christian Serratos (Rosita)
  • Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel)
  • Ross Marquand (Aaron) 
  • Khary Payton (Ezekiel)
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan)

And many more friends and foes. 

What plot details do we know?

You better hold on to your The Walking Dead horror collectibles as tight as you can because trailers and articles have teased the group, The Whisperers, as the menacing focal point of this upcoming season. This tribe of zombie skin wearing baddies is preparing for an unavoidable battle between the collected communities of the Hilltop, the Kingdom and Alexandria. Although our group of favored characters managed to successfully fight all dangerous hazards in the past, the reason that The Whispers are so threatening is that they’re using the army of the dead to back their mission. 

The latest season will also encounter a subtle time jump, a mere three months after the finale of season 9 and will aim to focus on original content, rather than following the source material from the famous comic books. 

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What’s your favorite horror sub-genre?

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While last month you may have torn your way through our eerie-sistable blog submission entitled, “What type of horror fan are you? this gruesome go-around we wanted to shed light on some hair-raising specters that may have enchantingly been missed. So, now that your eyes are peeled back into their sockets, join us on the haunt for your favorite horror sub-genre.    

While demonically possessed beings, unstable killers, supernatural realities, unexplained encounters caught on film and obscenely bloody gore may delight your demonic soul, remaining are a few other frightening, gruesome horror sub-genres that are equally as horror-ific and bizarre.

Unearthly Beings

This particular horror sub-genre focuses on the evolution of powerful monsters and the abolishment of the human race. So, if you love films that revolve around the widespread outbreak of a deadly virus, characters who transform into otherworldly beasts or the invasion of apocalyptic survival then you’re probably a fan of this widely popular sub-genre. After all, who couldn’t be obsessed with creatures like zombies, werewolves and vampires? That being said, Dawn of the Dead and The Walking Dead would be the perfect zombie-fired, cinematic terrors for the insanely obsessed.    

Urban Legend

Now, this horror sub-category is incredibly interesting considering how these types of horror movies always seem to claw their way into historical and cultural significances of urban legends. If you’re a person who knows the verifiable chronicle of Dracula’s ties to Romania, how the saga of Frankenstein came to be known or you simply look to the stars for supernatural lifeforms, chances are you’re a fan of urban legend horror. Whether it’s classical or mythological beings that incite a frenzy of emotions, this type of intoxication can only truly be satisfied when you watch haunting horror movies like 30 Days of Night and any installment from the Alien franchise.

Survival & Home Invasion

While this horror sub-genre does not possess the wild popularity of its latter cult followings, the survival and home invasion category of horror, without a doubt, deals with the most overwhelming dose of probability and reality. So, if you get excited at the thought of protecting yourself from a group of crazy burglars or relish in the idea of natural selection in the streets, then this horror sub-genre may be the favored one to rise to the ranks of your horror library. That being said, horror movies like The Strangers and any chapter from the Purge franchise or the Saw franchise are bound to have your heart pumping from pure excitement.

Which horror movie just found a place on your never-ending list of must-watch horror movies? Tell us in the comments section below.

The Walking Dead season 9: What can you expect from the new series?

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the walking dead

It’s been an incredibly long wait for all The Walking Dead fans that have been anticipating what will happen following the season finale battle between Rick and Negan. Will Carl’s dreams of a better world be upheld? How long will the Alexandrians and the Hilltop spare Negan’s life? Can Negan’s actions ever be redeemed? Will Maggie and Rick see eye-to-eye? There were so many questions that were left unanswered amidst the large battle, that October 7th cannot come soon enough for the aficionados of the popular TV series. Well, in order to help you get through the weekend we’ve dug around for some information on the upcoming season premiere.

Rick Grimes is leaving this season

Possibly one of the most tragic plot twists in The Walking Dead’s gruesome storyline, arguably even more shocking than when the Governor chopped off Hershel’s head, the notorious leader and one of the original members of the group, Rick Grimes has announced that he will be leaving the show this season. Apparently, the actor who plays Grimes, Andrew Lincoln, has been thinking about it for a while, as he believes that his departure will free up the storyline of the show. Whether Grimes will be killed off in style or simply break free from the group and become a nomad following the death Carl, is still one of the most enduring reasons that fans will continue to latch on to get their weekly zombie fix.

Season nine will jump forward in time

Directors have confirmed that season nine will experience an 18 month time jump, similar to the two-year time jump from the comic books. This leaves even more unanswered questions as to what events have occurred between the two seasons of the zombie thriller.

New characters and new threats will be introduced

A lot has happened since last year and that includes the addition of many new faces to The Walking Dead. Although some of the comic book characters have taken different forms and relationships for the TV series, quite a few of them are mirroring the look and personality of their animated counterparts. One thing’s for sure, Alpha’s group, The Whisperers – a group of survivors that wear human flesh masks to help them blend in with the dead – will pose as a the new threat to our beloved characters.

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No summer road trip is ever complete without a killer bobblehead

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Whether you relish the memorizing jiggle of their oversized heads on your dashboard, know someone who is an avid hobbyist or you’re simply looking for a unique gift idea, horror bobbleheads definitely have the power to bring joy from a simple nod.

Sometimes sitting in a car for endless hours can make you bored and sleepy. Needless to say, a disproportionately large headed figure mounted on a spring with its head bobbing up and down, always makes for an entertaining experience. What could make you love wobblers even more? How about a dancing caricature of your favorite dreadful villain?

The Walking Dead Negan Bobblehead  

Imagine the menacing face of Negan, leader of the Saviors, staring back at you while you drive across the countryside. Complete with his devilish grin and barbed wire baseball bat, Lucille, this horrible foe will not only remind you that he’s the boss, but he will also awaken the nightmares that you tucked away from your favorite thrilling zombie series. Also check,

Blade and Torch Bobblehead

You could be the master of your very own puppets with these spook-tacular Blade and Torch horror bobbleheads. The spirit of Dr. Hess would even be impressed with their choice in weaponry. Hand-painted with exquisite detail, the supernatural spy puppet and eerie executioner will have you addicted to collecting these must-have car accessories.

Alfred Hitchcock Bobblehead

Bobbleheads are known to depict cartoon-like replicas of famous people throughout history. Naturally, this detailed version of Alfred Hitchcock should be of no exception to the norm. As one of the most influential filmmakers of all time, the master of dispense and an iconic name in the horror genre, it’ll seem like Alfred Hitchcock is watching you from beyond the grave, shaking his head to your riveting tunes.

Which horror bobblehead will you be featuring on your dashboard for your summer road trip? Tell us in the comments section below!