For those who may be unfamiliar, urban legends, also known as myths or tales, are a genre of folklore where stories are circulated, often those with horrifying elements. So, since we specialize in all things creepy and gruesome, we’ve summarized four of our favorite urban legends for you to indulge in your morning reading. After all, why not shop for some new horror collectibles and add another tale to your campfire library?

New Mexico’s La Mala Hora

Translated from Spanish, La mala hora means the evil hour, and since this southernmost state has great influence from Mexican culture, it makes sense that it’s intertwined within the region’s folklore.

La mala hora is a dark spirit that’s likely to be seen within a specific timeframe, hence the name the evil hour. It’s said that if you’re traveling late at night in New Mexico, you may find yourself face-to-face with this entity, shaped like a woman dressed all in black. Whether she appears at a crossroads or a fork in the road, her presence serves as a warning that someone will soon die.

New York’s Cropsey

While this state’s long history has led to the development of many urban legends, none in the last century are as creepy and pervasive as the tale of Cropsey. While a hook-handed killer is a staple campfire story that parents tell children to keep them well-behaved, this scary story has been a part of New York since the colonizers first came over on boats from the old world. However, like most tales retold, this one took on an entirely new outlook when children began to disappear across Staten Island in the late ‘70s to ‘80s. While a man was convicted of the murders and sentenced to 50 years in prison, some still believe Cropsey is the true killer.

North Carolina’s The Devil Tramping Ground

Since many locations around the world are said to be demonic, why shouldn’t there be a tramping ground for the devil in North Carolina? There’s an area known as Bear Creek, a region near Harper’s Crossroads where a perfect circle with a 40-foot diameter lies. This spot, according to local legend, is where the devil comes to pace, dreaming of the ways he will torment humanity. Items left in the circle will disappear overnight, animals avoid walking across it, and not even weeds will grow on the barren, desolate land.

Ohio’s Walhalla Road

There’s a lonely road that rests next to a bridge that’s the focal point of this last urban legend. In north Columbus lies Walhalla Road, the location of a tragic axing from the ‘50s. It’s said that the man mysteriously snapped and attacked his wife in the attic of their home. After realizing what he had done, he hung himself at the bridge next to Walhalla Road. Even decades later, many in the area have reportedly experienced paranormal incidents, including seeing the man reenact the murder or a body hanging from the bridge.

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December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys