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While our online horror shop is jam-packed with a wide assortment of grim collectibles, ReAction Figures are the perfect showpieces. Not only are these action figures spine-chilling, but they’re a work of art that embellish horror icons, villains, franchise favorites, and lesser-known genre heroes. With the ability to offer collectors something that’s truly unique and out-of-the-ordinary. Isn’t that what we all want in our collection these days?

With the average action figure sitting at only 3.75” tall, ReAction Figures are eerily detailed and feature accurate and meticulous characteristics that horror aficionados are passionate about—even though you’d think that a hand-held action figure this small would be missing some small details. 

With access to such a vast selection of ReAction Figures, these little keepsakes have skyrocketed in popularity, as many believe that these mementos are resurrecting the nostalgia experienced when the first action figures hit in the market in the ‘60s—except ReAction Figures are beloved and trendy among adult collectors as well. The packaging even offers sentimentality for those who enjoy the comic book look. ReAction figures truly are the ultimate addition to your horror collection.  

Who makes the ReAction Figure?

Founded in 2001, Super7® started designing and creating pop-culture and lifestyle-oriented toys and apparel. Based out of San Francisco, this company focuses on bringing the accessibility of hand-held action figures back to collectors…in our case, specifically those that best represent the horror genre. After all, when a product is amazing and the packaging is sensational, it belongs on our store’s shelves!

But where did the idea for this company come from? Owner and founder Brian Flynn first launched Super7® as a magazine that was focused on his obsession of collecting vintage Japanese toys. This later evolved into a popular retail brand that enveloped  action figures of all types as an extension of that passion.

5 reasons to love ReAction Figures

For the casual collector, the list of reasons to love ReAction Figures is endless:

  • They look great: Each action figure is vibrantly detailed.
  • The selection is vast: We carry over 70 action figures alone, and these are just ones that fit into our horror collection.
  • The price point is reasonable: $17.99 is a wicked deal and collectors have the option to buy at 15% during our many annual sales.
  • They don’t take up much space: At only 3.75”, ReAction Figures are the ultimate space-savers. You can even stack them together to create a cool effect on your display shelves.
  • You can’t beat the artwork: While each action figure is already detailed, the artwork on the packaging is out-of-this-world.  

  • Where can I buy a ReAction Figure?

    Not even the official Super7® website offers the same horror selection of ReAction Figures, so you might as well support our local, family-run business and purchase them right here at Nightmare Toys! We take pride in offering shoppers a wide variety of horror choices for action figures, with the option to choose a single character or take advantage of the specialty packs that feature added ones.