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Carry your favorite ghouls and goblins wherever you go with these adorably spooktastic horror keychains. From Burton's Beetlejuice to petrifying Pennywise to frightening Freddy, the choices are as diverse as they are adhorrible! Get one, or collect them all, or give them as gifts to the horror geek(s) in your life. Seriously, who can resist these cute and stylized little mini-figure horror keychains of cinema's beloved villains? Shop our fantastic collection of horror keychains today!

Always have your favorite horror characters right at your side whenever you leave home, with our amazing selection of horror keychains! Have a fondness for tough guys like Jason or Freddy? Or cute (but deadly) dolls like Chucky? You're sure to never forget your keys, when looking for one of these creepsters attached to one of your most vital possessions (keys, that is, 'cause we know the horror memorabilia also takes precedence)!Many selections are fashioned as mini POP! vinyl keychains, so they have the same awesome features that the larger collectibles do – that telltale construction and wide-eyed face. Whether you have just a couple of keys or a bunch, whatever you need for when you're not home, characters such as Ghostbusters' Slimer and StayPuft turn everyday essentials into something cool – you can even play with these figurines while killing time. Just bunch up FNAF's Pizza Sim Rockstar Foxy, Freddy, and PigPatch, and see how easy it is to make up little scenarios or recreate gaming scenes! Remember too that movie keyrings often do become prized collectibles because there are different versions of certain characters, as with the options for Pennywise, from IT Chapter 1 and 2. There's also the delight of a surprise reveal, if you choose a 3-D Figural from Gremlins: The New Batch (Phantom Gremlin? Mogwai Brownie?); Nightmare Before Christmas (Oogie Boogie? Chase Silver Sally?); or one of the Horror Series (Exorcist Regan with or without pea soup dribble, or bending backwards? The Nun? Lydia Deetz in her red wedding dress?)In addition to Funko POP! horror keychains, we also carry ones from the Trick or Treat Studios line. Check out the wonderfully detailed replicas of Leatherface, Michael Myers, and Iron Maiden's Eddie. They're like small pieces of horror art for key tags and keys!