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Jason Voorhees Mask

Raise your claws if you claim to be the biggest, most gruesome Jason Voorhees or Friday the 13th devotee? Well, unless you own one or all of our horror hockey masks, you may just have to remove your grim title! Most horror fans can agree that the Jason hockey mask is one of the most infamous symbols of the entire genre, however, how many of you know why the mask is an emblem of the Friday the 13th franchise? Undoubtedly, Jason Voorhees is one of the most popular horror movie villains of all time and tons of frightful forums are filled with no-good reasons to explain the illustrious back story of the goalie mask. In fact, before he acquired the goaltending mask, he wore a burlap sack with a single eyehole over his face to hide the true extent deformity of his disfiguration. It was until Friday the 13th Part III that the backwoods maniac transitioned to his horror hockey mask, leading it to become a trademark icon for the Camp Crystal Lake murders. Granting all this, it was creator Sean Cunningham that came up with the concept of his horror hockey mask. He had actually done a whole bunch of hockey documentaries and was learning the editing craft when he thought that it would suit the demonic character well and make him more threatening. So, yes, something as simple as a protective, goaltending mask was able to become the classic horror collectible you know and love today! Own over 25 unique Jason hockey masks featuring noteworthy details from each part of the slasher franchise. So, regardless of which spell-binding horror hockey mask version is your most favored, you’re bound to find a replica that pays homage to the famed flick. The best part is that you can easily hang them as a display or store them in your Halloween box and dress up as a different Jason each year