Whether you know of a dark history of your current residence or there have been unexplainable and supernatural occurrences that are keeping you up at night, after watching numerous haunted house movies, it makes sense that your mind won’t jump to natural explanations. Since signs of the paranormal can range from creaky floorboards and flickering lights to ghost-like silhouettes, it’s important to look for these four signs that your home might be haunted. 

There’s a distinct smell with no source

Also known as “phantom scents”, a home that’s haunted often exhibits specific scents that cannot be found within the home. For example, a strong waft of a perfume scent that you don’t own or the smell of cigar smoke but no one smoking. 

Changes in temperature can come on suddenly

In haunted house movies, sudden temperature changes are usually exaggerated, however, if your home goes from warm to drafty, that could be a sign there is a haunting upon you.

Your phone battery is always low

Why is it when danger is lurking that your phone is conveniently ready to die? Whether your device is a bit outdated or you often forget to place it on the charger, spirits must be absorbing its energy because at this point it isn’t even holding a charge.

You hear mysterious noises

Every home, especially those that are older, can turn even the smallest noise into a bold echo when the ambiance is quiet and relaxed. However, what differentiates these noises from something supernatural is experiencing them and investigating the cause. For example, you could have a rodent problem, an animal on the roof, trees rustling from the wind, and your home settling into the soil. What’s abnormal? Someone running around upstairs when you live alone.

At the end of the day, haunted house movies have made us feel like living with restless spirits would be a bad thing, but for all you know, they may even help with the chores. Just be sure to set your boundaries, set your energy, and offer strong demands. Although if you can’t handle it, it would be best to get your home blessed right away.

If your home isn’t haunted enough, why not decorate it with these spooktacular props?

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November 11, 2022 — Jeff Lew