Are you the type of horror fan who possesses a must-watch list filled with freaky flicks? If you do, we’re so glad to hear that you’re ghoulish like us. If not, you should certainly jump on board. After all, mindlessly watching TV is a great way to escape the summer heat. That said, in keeping with the theme of summer, listed below is a collection of horror movies to watch about road trips gone wrong. Enjoy!

Midnight Ride (1990):

This thriller is a road-trippers nightmare come true—a woman takes off on the road after her husband prioritizes his work over her. She decides to pick up a seemingly harmless hitchhiker and not far into the drive, her new passenger reveals his true, murderous colors. Her husband, who chased after her, must get to her before she reaches a dead end.

Say Yes (2001):

Be sure that you add this bloody South Korean film to your horror movies to watch list because it’s full of twists and turns. To celebrate a manuscript being published, Jung-Hyun and his wife Yoon-Hee decide to go on a weekend getaway. Unaware that they would make a regretful mistake—picking up a strange man, simply named M, in need of a ride—the couple quickly realize that the traveler means to harm them.

Reeker 2005

While lesser-known than others, this horror movie to watch a modern-day slasher. The first in a duology of films that remixes popular horror tropes to deliver unexpected endings, it’s a classic for those who come across it. When college students set out to attend a desert rave they are forced to hang back at a motel after experiencing car trouble. The group is then attacked by a mysterious killer who’s presence is signaled by a foul smell of decay.

Detour (2009):

Classified as a Norweigian survival horror, this suggestion follows a couple driving home to Norway when they’re advised to take a detour through the dark Swedish forest. Unlike some films that take time to build up the suspense, this one cuts right to the chase, exposing the couple to a family of local voyeurs with a depraved hobby.

Husk (2011)

The story follows friends driving through Nebraska after getting into an unexpected car wreck. The party must then wander across a nearby cornfield in search of help. Besieged by sentient scarecrows, the plot unfolds and is as eerie and gory as you can imagine.

How many horror movies are you adding to your watch list after reading the above descriptions? Drop a comment below to let us know.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys