Summer days are long, but those crisp, autumn nights aren’t too far away. So, if you’re one of the many horror fans who get excited with the anticipation of the Halloween season ahead, we’ve rounded some date night ideas…with a spooky twist. Are you ready to tick some fright-filled activities off your summer checklist? Let’s go.


#1: See a horror movie at the drive-in theatre


Since you can enjoy films on the big screen indoors all year round, in the summertime, you should make it your top priority to see a movie from the comforts of your car. Offering flick-goers several conveniences that the typical theatre cannot provide—extra legroom, adventurous snacks, unique seating—drive-in movie theatres are nostalgic. Be sure to check the upcoming calendar to sneak in a horror film before colder weather sets in.


#2: Sculpt jack-o-lanterns in the sand


Your local pumpkin patch may need another month or so before orange starts to blanket the fields. That said, if you’re itching for Halloween-inspired activities, in the meantime, you can head on down to the beach and sculpt some jack-o-lanterns in the sand! While the spookiest time of day is the witching hour, sunset is best for those who need some daylight but would prefer to avoid the sun.


#3: Visit a haunted location


Every town has its little secrets and you would be surprised at the local legends and lore that exist after a simple Google search. Even places that have a newer history may still have some historical and haunted locations to entice a visit. We also recommend taking a stroll through your local cemetery and examining the headstones to top it off. 


#4: Go for a psychic reading


Both palm reading and tarot card sessions allow you to explore the otherworldly and unknown. It’s even a mystifying experience for those who aren’t familiar with the macabre. 


#5: Tell ghost stories around the fire


It wouldn’t be summer without an annual campout…and it wouldn’t be camping without some ghostly stories around the campfire. If your area doesn’t currently have a local fire ban, get out for the weekend and enjoy the spooky mountain air.


#6: Break out of an escape room


While not every escape room is horror-themed, many tend to have that spooky charm that satisfies the spirit of Halloween anticipation. Whether you love the challenge of solving riddles or the quality time with your friends, this activity is a great way to beat the summer heat.  


#7: Shop for new horror collectibles


Are you looking for a spooky activity that can be done from the convenience and comfort of home? Shopping for new horror collectibles does just that! Whether you need some year-round decor for your crypt or you would like to start purchasing your Halloween adornments early, we’re constantly adding new horror collectibles to our collection and we’re excited to share them with you!


What other spooky things are on your summer checklist? Drop a comment below to share with our audience. 

December 07, 2022 — Alex Wilks