When you aren’t devilishly distracted by trending horror films or busy celebrating all things macabre, you may take some time to glance at your crypt and realize as of late, your most prized spooky possessions are covered in a chilling layer of dust. While this effect undoubtedly pays tribute to your darkest desires, with spring in full spring, there’s no better time to make your valuables shine with a little scrubbing. Polish your pieces and find their perfect placement by reading our tips below.

Framed photographs and artwork

Whether you own a collection of nostalgic art prints, some gruesome framed posters, or an assortment of mounted trading cards, your horror artwork is a cherished possession. That being said, aside from thoroughly cleaning the glass from time to time, we have some other tidying tips that will help to purify the decay of your horror memorabilia.

  • Varnish the outer glass of your display pieces for added protection
  • Avoid displaying artwork in a room that could have smoke particles
  • Check periodically to see if bumpers are still in place (bumpers don’t just protect your walls, they also provide an air gap to offer ventilation and prevent moisture build-up)
  • Replace your hanging hardware if you’re frequently straightening the frame
  • Size up when framing your horror artwork (over time, the chemicals in prints may adhere to the glass causing warpage or a change in coloring)

Porcelain, pottery, or china

While our online horror store doesn’t carry a wide selection of breakable horror figures, that doesn’t mean that your display cabinet can’t use a cleaning this spring. After all, items such as horrornaments, masks, dolls, and even some horror figures can be delicately made and should be removed from your impressive exhibit before washing down the shelves and wiping the glass. The best way to remove dust from the tiny nooks of your collectibles is by using a microfiber cloth to polish all of their surfaces.

Plushies and toys

Are you the type of collector that possesses a vibrant selection of toy variety? Even though your horror plush and action figures don’t show dust particles like other types of memorabilia, it’s always a good idea to keep any exposed items looking fresh. The outer areas of horror figures that remain in their original packaging or within a display case can be wiped down with a soft, microfiber cloth, while well-loved plush collectibles can be pre-treated with a delicate-specific laundry detergent and then simply soaked and hand-washed before being left out to air dry.


If you own some books that occupy a spine-chilling bookcase filled with thoughtfully curated horror novels, spellbooks, or journals, then it might be time to clean the dust off the covers! While it’s a rather time-consuming task, you will be pleasantly surprised at how gratifying it is to pay special attention to your most cherished reads. Simply use a feather duster to wipe off the tops, bottoms, and sides, and if you relish the smell of an uncracked book, air out the pages before placing each one back in its place on the shelf.

How else do you prolong the life of your horror collectibles? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys