Clowns, on the one hand, are seen as comic performers, entertaining children and adults alike at birthday parties with their funny antics and party tricks. On the other hand, though, the same outlandishly dressed characters, with their white-painted faces, distinctive makeup, and oversized wigs evoke dread and fear in so many of us.

In 2016, a petrifying creepy clown craze swept the U.S., Canada, Europe, and even parts of Asia, with pranksters dressed as scary clowns terrorizing unsuspecting people near parks and playgrounds. The phenomenon ultimately died down, but recently, following the release of It, the eponymous movie adaptation of Stephen King’s horror book featuring Pennywise, the sadistic, shape-shifting clown, it is experiencing a revival.

Sightings of menacing clowns have, once again, been reported across the country. In Greenville, South Carolina, police received numerous reports of creepy clown sightings, suspicious characters, dressed in clown attire trying to scare children by whispering and making strange noises in the woods.

In addition to creepy clown sightings, lone red balloons tied to storm drains and sewer grates popped up all over the world, in anticipation of the record-shattering horror blockbuster, the single red balloon being a symbol of Pennywise’s proximity to its victims.

While this may seem like social media and mass hysteria blowing things out of proportion, for many, this is no laughing matter. While there are a number of children and adults who have a reasonable apprehension of clowns, for those with coulrophobia, the clinical term for an irrational fear of clowns, this can be a particularly traumatizing experience, resulting in symptoms similar to those of a panic attack.

So, while we don’t condone scaring innocent people with nightmarish clown costumes on any ordinary day, we do think that such a getup is apt for our favorite spooky event of the year, Halloween! If you’ve been dying to impress your friends and family at this year’s Halloween party, we’ve got the perfect officially-licensed Pennywise clown costume for you, available in extra small, standard, and extra-large sizes. If you prefer a DIY costume, we’ve even got the makeup and wig for you.

Are you planning on dressing up as Pennywise this Halloween? Share your photos with us in the comments section below!


December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys