Diehard fans have presumably watched all Predator installments a few times over and although this franchise is rife with questions, shrouding mystery on supernatural possibilities, the series continues to pump out science fiction sequences to slot into the never-ending, science fiction timeline. Nevertheless, with six films spanning over 30 years, it can be easy to get lost by some aspects of the greatest race of hunters, so, grip your Predator action figures tightly as we’re about to clear up some complicated elements of this popular film franchise.

What exactly is a Predator?

Also known as the Yautja or Hish-Qu-Ten, Predators are a race of extraterrestrial creatures that enjoy hunting for sport and come well-equipped with elaborate armor that’s designed to help them track their prey. While these supernatural warriors possess a strong desire to kill, they often bypass non-threatening victims and instead opt for ones with skilled strength so that each skull added to their human trophy collection comes with a twisted sense of honor. While they typically hunt in packs of three, Predators have the power to turn invisible during combat and their helmet is designed to see heat signatures that are far away from their visual spectrum.

Where do they come from?

While there isn’t a lot that’s known about the origin of Predators, since they possess a tribe mentality (hunting in packs), it’s believed that these creatures likely have a system of hierarchy and culture. So, even though we don’t know which planet or world they originated in, we do know that this species has a warrior class that hunts, suggesting that it’s for honor or even some sort of political power — removes the mask to show respect and self-destructs to eliminate the trace of a failed hunt.

The franchise’s take on what pyramids were for

The 2004 installment, Alien vs. Predator revealed that the Predator species arrived in ancient Egypt first and helped the people to construct the wondrous pyramids. Believing they were gods, in exchange, the people provided human sacrifices to the warrior species and used their bodies to grow implanted embryos of the subspecies, Xenomorphs — created by Predators as worthwhile prey. So, hungry for the hunt, every 100 years henceforth, Predators have returned to Earth to hunt and battle these beings. This installment, arguably, provides the largest glimpse into their culture, implying that humans who manage to slaughter a Predator are seen as heroic and are offered weapons as trophies for their successful kills.

Predators are evolving

The 2018 installment, The Predators, reveals that these intelligent warriors are quickly evolving to genetically enhanced hunters, which means that through the collection of human DNA and chromosomes from other animal species, they have successfully created Predator hybrids in hopes of starting a ground-level war.

Despite the franchise being placed on hold after the disappointment of the latest film, the series is still very alive and well, with numerous Predator action figures and relics making their way into keepsake collections.

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December 07, 2022 — Philip Martin