You know how awesome it feels to wrap up in the perfect towel after a relaxing bath, shower, or swim. It’s even more delightful when the motif represents one of your favorite genre characters. These Factory Entertainment 100% cotton horror bath towels are 30” x 60” officially licensed movie products that look and feel great at home, the beach, or the pool!

Jason Voorhees

With his masked face piercing through in striking black and red, this Jason Voorhees towel is as much a piece of art as it is a bath and pool essential. Plus, with “Friday the 13th” splashed across, it’s darkly ideal for camping trips. Lather up with Jason Voorhees hockey mask soaps, to really put you in the Crystal Lake spirit!

Freddy Krueger

You may want to order two Freddy Krueger towels because this is such an amazing image that it would also look fantastic as a statement piece on the wall. Freddy’s silhouette looks sharp and menacing, against a yellow background, surrounded by blood-spattered words evoking the dream killer. “Nightmare on Elm Street” will always be a classic, so use this towel, along with a Freddy tapestry throw blanket and Freddy novelties to pay tribute to one of the most sinister icons in horror history!


This is one of those horror bath towels that’s just so darn cute, which is why it’s also so terrifically frightening! Echoing the DVD cover, huggable, adorable Gizmo stands before a Spike “Gremlins” shadow, and that’s just enough to show one of the best tropes in film: how something so innocent and cuddly can also become the source of fear. Course’ you don’t have to be that philosophical about great horror to appreciate this towel – it’s appealing to geeks of all levels and ages!

Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man

Is he a total monster, or the misunderstood bearer of squishy sweet treats? Either way, the

Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man towel feels soft against the skin and may just put you in the mood for S’mores and rocky road ice cream. So why not make that a ritual? Dry off, then make up a beverage or snack full of gooey marshmallows. Or wrap yourself up and stay in the towel, grab that other “Ghostbusters” imp, Slimer, and indulge in a horror flick binge!

Which of these horror bath towels is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section below.


December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys