Plan a Sensational, Spooky Christmas Party

As more people combine their love of horror with Christmas, spooky Christmas celebrations are becoming more popular than ever. But which is the best way to celebrate the December holidays if you’re a fright fan? A horror-themed Christmas party is fun and will give you lots of opportunities to express your spooky side.

So what’s all this about a spooky Merry Christmas? We shouldn’t be too surprised that it’s popular! There’s actually a longstanding tradition of scary fun for the Yuletide holiday (dating back hundreds of years), such as people getting together to tell ghost stories on Christmas. Long ago, Charles Dickens gave us the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future! And it’s up to us today to carry on the scary traditions.

Anyone can host a plain Christmas party. It’s more fun to have a spooky bash with everything you need to be the “death of the party!” A Halloween-themed Christmas is a real treat for the imagination! Here’s how to get yours going.

Spooky Christmas Party Decor

First, you’ll need a tree for the center of your festivities. Our Horrornaments trees will set the deathly tone for your party. While it looks perfect as is, you’ll want to deck it out with lots of frightening Horrornaments to bring a whole new level of spooky to your Halloween in Christmas gathering. 

After you put up your Horrornaments, stockings are a must-have. Get one for everyone in your house, even the pets! We have so many frightful patterns, even Chucky stockings. Hang them up with care in hopes that a funny skeleton named St. Nick will soon be there!

Complete your creepy Christmas decorations with our spooky candles. From the Frankenstein Monster and his Bride to The Wolfman, an alien, and a skull, you’ll have the most fun possible after dark.

Have a Spooky Christmas Costume Contest

The ultimate party event will be a spooky Christmas costume contest with a twist. No one comes dressed up; you get together a variety of frightening clothing and masks in a big box. When it’s time for the costume contest, have people close their eyes, reach into the box, and select three pieces of clothing. Then it’s up to each person to arrange their selections into a scary costume. Who will select the most horrible clothing? No peeking is allowed, and everyone is sure to come up with unusual costumes with Nightmare Toys’ selections of Michael Myers, Nightmare on Elm Street, Child’s Play, Jason, Chucky, and more hideous clothes and masks. 

Scary Christmas Movies and Music to Liven Up the Party

Music is a must at a spooky Christmas party. Not just any kind of music will do; you have to get the frightening vibe going, and our The Prowler double LP that features the original motion picture score is exactly what you need. And if that wasn’t enough, get the popcorn ready because your friends will be dying to watch a top fright movie like Malevolent 2, Play Dead, Shocking Dark, or one of our many other bloody classics! Lots of our scary movies are available in Blu-Ray to amp up your fear!

Spooky Christmas Games for Your Party

Now that you have your decorations, costumes, and music ready to go, it’s time to plan some scary games for your participants.

Food-themed games

  • Dunking for shrunken heads (apples carved to look like scary faces) is always a treat. Whoever pulls up the scariest one from the water gets a prize.


  • Staying on the food theme, have a putrid pie eating contest. Bake pies that taste terrible (mix yucky but safe flavors together), and to make this game more challenging, have participants wear a monster mask so it’s a lot harder to speed-eat! These masks—Michael Myers, Ghost Face, The Wolfman, and many more—will be the hit of your party.
  • Pin the tail on the donkey?! That’s not for creepy Christmas parties! Get a few of our Nasty Pizza Props to sail like frisbees into a big box. The person who sails the most pizzas into the box in the allotted time gets a real pizza with all the trimmings!

Classic games

  • We bet you’ve never played hot potato with a stuffed Ghost Face doll! Get one of our MDS Roto Plush Ghost Face dolls and have partiers toss him back and forth while playing scary music. When the music stops, whoever is holding the doll is out. Keep playing, and the last person left wins the doll for a prize!
  • Scary Bug Hunt: It’s just like an Easter egg hunt but with lifelike, sickening bugs instead of eggs! Hide the bugs throughout the house or outdoors, and have people look for them. Everyone can keep the bugs they find!
  • Musical chairs is more fun when you share the chair with a monster. Put this Darkman Westlake Mini Bust on a chair and play your scary music. Don’t be the one who has to sit with Darkman when the music stops!
  • Set up a face-painting table at your party. Get all the scary makeup you need and give everyone a spooky face for Christmas!
  • Story games are great for creative kids. Who can make up the scariest story inspired by one of Nightmare Toys’ frightening figures? Try Ghouliana from the famous Toony Terrors cartoons. Have partiers tell stories about her adventures to win a prize.
  • World Z League Zombie Shooting Game: Everyone wants to be a zombie hunter, and it’s scary fun when you play the World Z League Game. Get your teams together and knock out zombies with rubber bands! This is the easiest, scariest, and most fun zombie killer game around, and it’s a must-have for your spooky Christmas party. 

Wrap Up the Most Haunting Christmas Party Ever with Delicious Coffee and Snacks 

Wow, your spooky Christmas party will be the hit of the season, and everyone is sure to want to wrap things up with some delicious food and drinks. The adults may like some of our Dead Sled coffee, which comes in a variety of flavors, with some that feature an extra kick of caffeine. Or if tea is more your thing, we have lots of tea varieties to wet your whistle after a big day killing zombies, throwing ugly pizzas, telling ghost stories, and watching slasher classics. Bake some fun monster-themed cookies and serve some punch, and you have the perfect way to end your party.

Spooky Christmas traditions have been around for centuries. With your own spooky Christmas party, you can start a new tradition you’ll look forward to every year.


How do you have a spooky Christmas?

Decorate with spiders, skeletons, ghosts, black trees, and pumpkins while playing creepy music and telling scary stories.

What is the scary Santa tradition?

The scary Santa tradition centers around Krampus, a demon-like creature from European folklore that punishes naughty children during the Christmas season.

Why do we have ghost stories at Christmas?

Telling ghost stories at Christmas comes from old winter solstice traditions of spirits crossing over and folktales warning about the perils of the long, cold nights.

What is the one Halloween Christmas movie?

The Nightmare Before Christmas, with its clash of Halloween and Christmas imagery and themes, is considered the prime Halloween-Christmas crossover movie.

What Disney movie celebrates Halloween and Christmas?

It’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, directed by Henry Selick. Disney has it on its streaming service, Disney+.

Is Krampus a Christmas or Halloween movie?

Krampus is considered both a Christmas and Halloween movie since it draws on European legends of a "shadow" Santa who punishes kids but still takes place during the Christmas period.


December 22, 2023 — Goodness Azubuogu