While most people who hear the word Halloween think about candy and pumpkin carving, true horror fans have a second thought, and that’s of the popular franchise. Although the cult classic made by John Carpenter in the ‘70s is the official start of Michael Myers, his undead, quiet charm has spanned four decades, with a new trilogy that started in 2018 and is expected to finish later this year because of COVID-19 delays. Despite the fact that we actually love the new storyline, there are a few mistakes and plot hole gaps that have been floating around the internet. 


#1: Community issues


  • Many hardcore Halloween fans pointed out that the landscapes within this film in particular offer a different terrain than in the original. Set in Haddonfield, Illinois, the foliage should consist of elm, spruce, oak, and maple trees. However, instead, palm and cypress trees are soon, which would not be native to the state of Illinois. 
  • Another issue happens in the police car scene with the doctor. After being dragged out of the vehicle by Michael, Dr. Sartain falls to the ground and is stomped on, crushing his skull. However, by the time the police arrive on scene, the skull is recomposed when they inspect the body.
  • You’ve got to be quick to catch this one! In keeping with the spirit of quick viewing, Allyson and her friends are walking down the sidewalk discussing her grandma when they come across a yard of decorations that resemble a gravestone with the words, “RIP”. During the same scene there is an edit to a wider view, however, now there is a plastic skill positioned in front of a tree that wasn’t there before.
  • Ray is murdered outside Laurie’s home at the end of the film, after which Michael leaves the corpse. However, shortly after, Laurie discovers Ray’s boy in an upstairs closet, despite the fact that Michael wouldn’t have had a chance to move it there.
  • The “hidden” basement’s secret entrance opened much slower when Laurie did it earlier in the film. Although, it was quicker and quieter when Michael begins tearing up the floor. Also, the view from the basement shows the shadow of Michael’s footprints through the floor, alongside dust. While previously, the floor was depicted to be made out of square floor tiles and no gaps.

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#2: Factual mistakes with the plot


While none of the following plot holes affect the ending of the film, they exist and we feel the need to point them outs:


  • During the scene with the cemetery lady recalls a nearby cemetery where Bernie Mac and Muddy Waters are buried, it’s common knowledge that these two individuals are buried in two distinct Illinois cities that aren’t nearby.
  • Do you remember the scene where the bloggers visit the asylum? We noticed an issue with how patients are housed outdoors. Today, the use of chains and cement blocks to restrain patients in the courtyard would not be permitted due to the danger of self-harm. 
  • Another major factual issue takes place at the gas station. When Aaron is pumping gas, the pump isn’t even pumping, as can be seen by the blank display. After he finished, all of a sudden, the gallons and price are displayed.

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December 07, 2022 — Alex Wilks