While popular horror flicks have taught us the dangers that are lurking in the deep woods, that shouldn’t deter you from enjoying your time around the campfire this summer. Listed below are some horror collectibles that are perfect for disguising your site, with others that simply work to make you feel more at home. Shop otherworldly must-haves that are both unnerving, inviting, and perfect for camping!

Horror candles

Whether the backcountry in your area has a summer ban on campfires or you enjoy the vibrant glow of flickering illumination at night, horror candles set a macabre mood that’s both sinister and comforting. Cozy up around the campsite and set aflame a horror-inspired candle. If you prefer pumpkin spice and everything nice, we recommend selecting one of the two Trick R’ Treat Studio candles, wrapped in spooktacular horror movie tins. However, if the scent isn’t what’s most important to you, choose from one of the many Monster Melt candles, which are large, wax figurines with grim horror visages.

Horror props

With animatronic, hangable, and lightweight, portable horror props for sale, you’ll have all the selection to pick something frighteningly unique. Spark joy by ordering and bringing along some horror collectibles to prop up throughout your campsite. Not only will they help to make your ghost storytelling even more spooky but they help to bring character and hopefully keep other ghouls from crossing into your personal space!

Horror linen

Linen is an umbrella term used to describe garments like beach towels, blankets, and pillows, and we’re pleased to announce that our horror linen selection is so vast you might as well consider them horror collectibles as well. When it comes to keeping comfy, horror style, nothing beats some spine-chilling threads that feature chilling horror icons or simply a devilishly dark design. Needless to say, when you’re away from your crypt for many moons, it’s important to keep warm, dry, and oh-so-spooky.

With so many horror collectibles to choose from, how will you decide what to bring along on your next camping trip?

December 09, 2022 — Nightmare Toys