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Nothing beats a day at the lake once the temperatures of summer decide to creep up on you. Needless to say, for lovers of the superstitious nature, this is just another opportunity to show off your other worldly possessions.

Whether you curl up and read a cult classic, play a dreadfully awesome macabre game with your friends or simply relish in your ghoulish desire by cloaking your spot with some frightening horror accessories, these horror must-haves will allow you to flaunt your thrilling personality.

Spine-chilling horror books to read

Horror books are dreadfully delightful for devote fans of necromancy and witchcraft. Not only are they filled with demonic diction and words of wizardry, but they speak to the dark souls that dwell inside of any book lover. Lose yourself in the enchanting entertainment of this “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark Hardcover Book” or learn to summon an alarming apparition with your very own copy of the “Army of Darkness Necronomicon Journal”.

Games to pass the time

Talk to a few scary spirits, take a gamble with some enchanting horror playing cards or just savor the petrifyingly paranormal experience that can come from a day spent at the lake.

Of corpse you want to wake the dead with your very own classic Ouija Board. Complete with letters, numbers and the various symbols needed to speak to apparitions that dwell beyond the grave, this spook-tacular horror board game is both mysterious and mystifying.

Scared of the consequences of awakening spirits? How about you test your shockingly sweet skills with some nifty playing cards featuring bloodthirsty zombies and the bizarre Beetlejuice.

Hauntingly awesome horror accessories

Get your hands on some gory goodies that will make your day at the lake a little more creepy and comforting.

Carry your lunch in a Kreepsville classic coffin purse. Busting with unnerving style, this grim bag comes complete with an eerie anatomical skull plastered on the front. Next, whip out your morbid goonies beach towel as a tribute to the vintage pirate film. Then, simply howl at the glares you’ll get when you place a bloodcurdling table cover on your picnic table for the perfect horrible atmosphere.

How do you show your love for all things horror outside of your crypt? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

December 07, 2022 — Nightmare Toys